Throne is a responsive WordPress theme for personal blogs, magazines or marketing websites with a professional design. It is highly customizable to match your personal taste, and can easily be converted into a multi-purpose theme to suit a wide range of needs.

Throne - Personal Blog/Magazine WordPress Theme

Throne features list

  • Unique Layout – Display your posts in the top featured section, combined with the classic post listing below, with over 50 different layout combinations in total.
  • Flexible Header – Throne comes with several header layouts. From the simple header with navigation, all through the news style header with banner ads and mega menus.
  • Diverse Categories – Assign a different layout to each category. It’s a great way to make your category pages unique and dynamic.
  • Post Formats Support – Throne supports video, audio, image, quote, gallery and link post formats. Common WordPress embedding features like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are supported as well.
  • Responsive Design – Your content will scale seamlessly on all of today’s modern devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones
  • Branding – Throne provides options for unlimited fonts and color combinations, as well as dedicated sections to upload your logo and icons
  • Social Sharing Integrated – Throne provides full social sharing integration for your blog posts. Simply choose and reorder the social networks you wish to use.
  • Custom Widgets – Alongside the standard WordPress widgets, Throne features several custom widgets that further extend its functionality.
  • Shortcodes – Add complex elements to your content easily with 12 flexible shortcodes – columns, highlights, dropcaps, buttons, pull quotes, progress bars and social icons, to name just a few.
  • Unlimited Sidebars – You can create as many sidebars as you need and connect them to specific posts or pages. The footer area is also widgetized!
  • Built-in Theme Translator – Easily modify or translate any text on your website through the theme options panel.
  • One Click Updates – You can connect your website with the Envato official API to be notified about upcoming updates through your Admin Dashboard. Every time a Throne update is released, you can update with a single click, just like you would for any other theme hosted on the official WordPress repository.
  • Setup guide – Learn step-by-step, how to setup Throne and all of its options, quickly and easily with our comprehensive documentation.
  • One-click demo content import – Demo content is included, so you get a website similar to our demo, ready to start tweaking!


= 1.7.1 =

* Fixed: Problem with load more and infinite scroll on Layouts C and D
* Fixed: Couple of minor styling issues
= 1.7 =

* Added: Options for Load More and Infinite Scroll pagination ( Theme Options -> General)
* Added: Authors Page Template which lists all blog authors
* Added: Option to choose Featured Layout for Pages, and override that option on specific page ( Theme Options -> Page Templates )
* Added: Option to enable content image(s) open in pop-up ( Theme Options -> General )
* Improved: Excerpt character limitation now works better for languages with special characters
* Fixed: Some minor bugs and styling issues in various browsers as well as in responsive mode
= 1.6.1 =
* Improved: RTL stylings
* Fixed: Video post format not displaying title (in 1.6)
* Fixed: Layout C and D styling bugs on specific resolutions
= 1.6 =
* Added: Full "Related posts" functionality for single posts (Theme Options -> Single Post)
* Fixed: Some minor bugs and styling issues which are reported by users in various browsers as well as in responsive mode
= 1.5.1 =
* Fixed: Throne widgets throwing notices in WordPress 4.3 if WP_DEBUG mode is enabled
= 1.5 =

* Added: Support for Entry Views WordPress Plugin, now you can display number of views for your posts as well as order posts by number of views on home page
* Added: Option to display reading time for your posts meta data (Theme Options -> Main Layouts)
* Added: Option to select multiple categories (Throne Posts Widget)
* Added: Option to filter posts by tags (Throne Posts Widget)
* Added: Option to pick posts manually (Throne Posts Widget)
= 1.4.1 =

* Added: Security update - Redux options panel and TGM plugin installer (as suggested by Envato), now you are 100% safe
* Added: New demo importer for easier setup
* Added: New support for title tag (since WP 4.1) for better compatibility with plugins
* Fixed: Live preview not working in some cases
* Fixed: Some minor bugs and styling issues which are reported by users in various browsers as well as in responsive mode
= 1.4 =
* Added: Option to set number of posts per page for each layout (Theme Options -> Main Layouts)
* Added: Option to make share buttons always visible (Theme Options -> Main Layouts)
* Added: Option to display content images in pop-up (Theme Options -> Single Post)
* Added: Another (fallback) option to manually pick posts/pages on home page (Theme Options -> Home Page)
* Added: Support for Google structured data (updated and hcard fields issues fixed)
* Added: Caption display for image/gallery in pop-up mode
* Added: Options to display meta data (Throne Posts Widget)
* Improved: Support to display videos on SSL websites as well (Throne Video Widget)
* Fixed: Issue with Optimize Press WordPress plugin
* Fixed: Minor CSS fixes and improvements for reported issues
* Fixed: Manual posts picker in theme options not working properly in wp 4.1
= 1.3 = 
* Added: Throne Adsense Widget - option to expand widget width to fit 300px wide ads
* Added: Throne Posts widget - option to filter posts by time period
* Added: Header Styling - option to upload logo for devices which support retina displays
* Added: Header Styling - option to upload another logo for sticky header only
* Added: Header Styling - option to specify after how many px of scrolling sticky header appears
* Added: Header Styling - option to add custom url to your logo/website title
* Added: Content Styling - option to change color for archive titles (category title, tag title, etc...)
* Added: Single Post - option to on/off tags
* Added: Single Post - option to display caption for featured images
* Added: Single Post - option to on/off lightbox(pop-up) for galleries and image post format
* Added: Page template - option to on/off featured image
* Added: Page Template - option to hide comments
* Added: Home Page - option to on/off main post listing (if you wan to show featured area only)
* Added: Translation strings for comments form
* Added: Support for Internet Explorer 8
* Improved: Layout A - display featured images with post format icons for all post formats if content option is set to "excerpt" 
* Improved: Sidebars - theme options will now recognize all other custom created sidebars added by other sidebar generator plugins you may want to use
* Improved: All widgets fully supports new customizer in WP 3.9+
* Improved: Access of google webfonts file due to permission problems on some specific server configurations
* Improved: Responsive menu - navigation will close when you click anywhere outside of it
* Fixed: Problem with reading .po and .mo files properly when used for manual translation
* Fixed: Minor CSS fixes and improvements for reported issues
= 1.2 = 
* Added: Option to manage home page main posts listing the same way as for featured area (filter by categories, tags, manually pick posts, etc...)
* Added: Option to position "welcome area" above or below featured area
* Added: Support to display pages inside featured area on home page (in manual pick mode)
* Added: Support for paginated content on pages using <!--nextpage--> tag
* Added: Support for manual excerpts in posts
* Fixed: Problem with loading Google Fonts on websites using SSL
* Fixed: Issue with native fonts in Theme Options
* Fixed: Display past comments if comments are closed for particular post
* Fixed: Minor CSS fixes and improvements for reported issues
= 1.1 = 
* Added: Option to limit/unlimit characters in Posts Widget
* Added: Option to display "ago" word before time/date
* Added: Option to hide featured area on home page pagination
* Added: Option to hide welcome area on home page pagination
* Improved: Responsive navigation/menu
* Fixed: Wrong accent color on archive titles
* Fixed: Missing URLs in Posts Widget
* Fixed: Missing image for pinterest share
* Fixed: Several reported CSS issues in both standard and responsive mode
= 1.0 =
* Initial release 

Sources and credits





Images used on the demo website are either purchased from ShutterStock or downloaded from Unsplash, and they are all credited to their respective creators/owners. These images are not included in the theme package.


Some example patterns on the demo website come from Subtle Patterns

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