When it comes to online business marketing success, few are able to sustainably create brand recognition that will last for the long term. This requires a dedication to developing a large and consistent customer base and ongoing loyalty from customers that will keep the business in the family of loyal customers for generations to come. Marketing is profitable only with the sustained success of learning the needs of both consumers and businesses, and the ability to plan long-term strategies that can accommodate any economic environment. In today’s economy, marketing must evolve with customers if the long-term sustainability of the business model is to be assured.

“Marketing” and “advertising” are usually thought of together. But in truth, marketing refers to more than just using advertising to attract new consumers. Marketing incorporates a variety of strategies that are used to bring new people into the stores, or the websites, of a business. It also includes the different ways such as creating a product that is attractive to potential buyers, that can be marketing to target groups, and that will stand out among the crowd of other similar products. Marketing is not the same as advertising, at least in the United States. Advertising reflects what is wanted by consumers; marketing seeks to achieve a wider audience through more targeted communications.

So what are these four Ps for marketing? Ps. (1) Targeted communication – As the words suggest, this is the process of communicating information about your products and services to those most likely to purchase them. This also covers traditional marketing efforts like creating TV and radio ads, sending brochures and business cards, and even mailings. The targeted communication helps you to reach your market.

(2) Fast Fact – As mentioned above, marketing includes the use of traditional advertising methods like TV and radio ads, brochures and business cards. But internet marketing is another way to get your information to a larger audience quickly. For example, you can post information on blogs, forums, and websites that will get your information out quickly. Fast fact refers to this kind of internet marketing.

(3) Proximity – Marketing is not the same as advertising. Advertising is done so close to the consumer, whereas marketing is done a long way away from the consumer. A billboard advertisement, for example, is done so far away that nobody ever has a chance to see it. Internet marketers are able to reach consumers who are surfing the net, searching for information, at work, or when they are relaxing at home. So proximity is a big factor when it comes to marketing success.

(4) Market Research – Marketing is an ongoing process of discovering what works and what does not. Marketers conduct market research in many different ways to find out what products and services are selling and what doesn’t. This research is essential because it tells them which advertising campaigns are more likely to succeed, and it also helps them determine what kinds of products and services to develop for future campaigns. Without market research, marketers may choose the wrong advertising method, which can prove to be very costly. Sometimes even hiring a professional service can help with this process of market research.