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Slide One is the most awesome one page theme. It makes your online presence more stunning with Super Cool Parallax background and Ajax post loading. You can set Logo, Background, Menu colors, Social Icon color individually for each pages. You can use our built-in translator to translate each elements or if you have your own ’.mo’ file,
Slide One support that also :) Moreover, you can change almost every elements color easily via admin panel. Page items are managed very easily via our awesome tool, ‘Page Builder’. Admin panel in this theme is a real feature rich. You can also choose over 350 fonts or if you want to use your own, we provide a cufon uploader. You can also translate each elements to your language via this admin panel.

Localization Supported (We already prepare .pot file, you just need to translate it to .mo files)

SEO Since V1.20, We reconstructed about how to use title. We use heading tag(H1,H2,H3,…) for title which is good practice for search engine site. Also, ‘alt’ tag for images is supported. This is also help search engine to analyst your site easily.

Page Manager

Page Builder

Color Elements

Setting Up as Homepage

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Theme Features

  • .pot file for localization available
  • Unlimited Color
  • 6 Footer Layouts
  • 350+ Fonts Available
  • Drag Drop Page Builder
  • Drag Drop Slider Manager
  • Built-in Translator
  • Built-in Shortcodes
  • Font Uploader
  • Logo Uploader
  • Background Uploader
  • 15 Pre-Defined Background Patterns
  • Thumbnail Options
    • Static Image
    • Slider
    • Video
    • Light Box Option
  • Price Table
  • Social Share for Posts
  • Social Link on Header
  • 3 Image Sliders
    • Nivo slider
    • Anything Slider
    • Flex Slider
  • Video Tutorial for Setting Up as Demo Site
  • No Images included, most image’s licenses are purchased at http://www.fotolia.com/

    Need Support?

    First of all, Thanks so much for purchased our items :) We’re really appreciated it and hope you enjoy it! If you need support, all support will be conducted through this website > http://support.goodlayers.com . We usually get back to you within 14hours. (except holiday seasons which might take longer).

    Update List

    ==v1.09== 21/12/2015
    wp4.4 compat
        include/plugin/custom-widget folder
    ==v1.08== 29/06/2015
    - update pretty photo (xss)
    - Improve stability / Plugin compatible
    ==v1.07== 16/06/2013
    - fix comment formatting
    - update image resize function
    - fix twitter
    ==v1.06== 14/12/2012
    - vimeo https
    - header.php file
        add feature image to facebook thumbnail
    - move analytics to header
    - fix the admin font size compatibility with wp 3.5
    ==v1.05== 06/06/2012
    * Fixed Footer z-index
    * Fixed Background on mobile(Remove parallax on mobile)
    * Fixed ipad menu
    * Fixed Flush rewrite rules
    ++++Modified files from v1.04++++
    + slideone/style.css
    + slideone/include/plugin/page-item.php.php
    + slideone/include/plugin/shortcode-generator.php
    + slideone/javascript/gdl-scripts.js
    + slideone/javascript/gdl-parallax.js
    + slideone/include/portfolio-option.php
    + slideone/include/price-option.php
    + slideone/include/testimonial-option.php
    + slideone/include/function-regist.php
    + slideone/javascript/jquery.anchor.js
    ==v1.04== 26/03/2012
    * Fixed dropcap
    * Fixed Nivoslider
    * Fixed custom font uploader
    * Updated new PrettyPhoto
    ++++Modified files from v1.03++++
    + slideone/include/plugin/page-item.php
    + slideone/include/plugin/font-loader.php
    + slideone/gdl-ajax.js
    + slideone/stylesheet/ie-fix/pie.php
    + slideone/stylesheet/ie-fix/pie.htc
    + slideone/stylesheet/ie-style.css
    + slideone/header.php
    + slideone/javascript/jquery.prettyphoto.js
    + slideone/include/plugin/utility.php
    + slideone/javascript/gdl-parallax.js
    ==v1.03== 22/02/2012
    * Improve accordion and toggle 
    * Improve .Pot file
    * Improve twitter feed alignment
    * Fixed Youtu.be
    * Fixed Pretty photo slider
    * Fixed portfolio pagination
    * Added ability to disable tags in portfolio post type
    ++++Modified files from v1.02++++
    + slideone/javascript/gdl_scripts.js
    + slideone/include/plugin/ultity.php
    + slideone/include/plugin/misc.php
    + slideone/include/plugin/page-item.php.php
    + slideone/include/languages/slideone.pot
    + slideone/include/function-regist.php
    + slideone/style.css
    + slideone/header.php
    + slideone/style-custom.php
    ==v1.02== 02/02/2012
    * Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
    ** H1,H2,H3… for titles
    ** alt tag for images supported
    * Fixed Nivo Slider Cufon caption for IE8
    ++++Modified files from v1.01++++
    + slideone/javascript/jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js
    + slideone/include/plugin/page-item.php.php
    + slideone/include/plugin/shortcode-generator.php
    + slideone/include/plugin/page-management.php
    + slideone/style.css
    ==v1.01== 01/02/2012
    * Added 404 page
    * Added icon color mode in footer
    * Fixed iPhone/iPad display 
    ++++Modified files from v1.00++++
    + slideone/javascript/cufon-replace.php
    + slideone/javascript/jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js
    + slideone/javascript/gdl-scripts.js
    + slideone/include/include-script.php
    + slideone/include/goodlayers-option.php
    + slideone/style-custom.php
    + slideone/style.css
    + slideone/404.php
    + slideone/images/icon/dark/find-17px.png
    + slideone/images/icon/dark/footer-close.png
    + slideone/images/icon/dark/footer-open.png
    + slideone/images/icon/light/footer-close.png
    + slideone/images/icon/light/footer-open.png
    ==v1.00== 31/01/2012
    * initial released 

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