• Radio Station Support (mp3 Streaming – Shoutcast – Wavestreaming)
  • Secured against WordPress XSS vulnerability
  • WP 4.5 READY

Music WordPress Theme for music producers, djs and label owners. The perfect solution for any Musician and Music based business. 24 Color Skins + Visual Page Builder + Color Pickers. Compatible up to WordPress 4.2

This theme features the latest version of Revolution Slider: no security risks!

Layout WP music wordpress theme
Album Release and Songs music wordpress theme

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Musicians, Music label, Music Band and Dj music wordpress theme
music wordpress theme
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Layout WP music wordpress theme
Music WordPress Theme custom colors

That’s Why People Loves SLAM!

Best Music WordPress Theme 2014

Totally customizable with the new QantumThemes Admin Pannel


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What’s cool? Auto Import from Beatport and Mixcloud!

“SLAM! Music WordPress Theme” let you can create a stunning new website in minutes!

Please discover here how to get the Beatport API key, and start now using your new “SLAM! Music WordPress Theme”


Specifically developed on the real needs of label owners and music producersand is the perfect tool to transform WordPress into the website for any music label or producer.

Please, take your time and explore all the amazing features that you?ll have with “SLAM! Music WordPress Theme”.

Designed for the music business:

  • Powerful audio player with playlist Discover more
  • EXCLUSIVE: Continuous play across pages and between playlist
  • Custom post types: ReleaseArtistPodcast with AMAZING FEATURES
  • Super easy to use and populate! (No skills needed)
  • EXCLUSIVE: Mixcloud podcasts auto importer!
  • Exclusive templates for any post type
  • Filterable animated podcasts archive
  • Auto embedding player for Mixcloud, Soundcloud and Youtube
  • Social Networks ready to increase your popularity
  • Powerful setup page with QantumPro Admin Panel
  • 24 Dark and Light Skins ready for any brand colour scheme
  • 4 Color Pickers to fast-customization
  • Custom Background Image uploader
  • Jquery Fulscreen Background option
  • Logo uploader up to 940 px width
  • Custom CSS input: customize it as fast as the light!
  • Custom FAVICON uploader

Customizable home page

  • 4 Customizable Modules
  • Amazing new releases carousel
  • Totally customizable
  • 3 sidebars module to widgetize your home

Cutting Edge design

  • Based on Twitter Bootstrap framework (HTML5 + CSS3)
  • Totally Responsive and well-looking on any device
  • Responsive slider with auto switch from NIVO to Bootstrap
  • Cross Browser from IE7 to Chrome and mobile browsers
  • 5 Custom post-type templates to highlight any detail
  • Amazing Animations made with  jquery and CSS3
  • Auto lightbox images zoom
  • Widgetizable footer

Font Face integration

  • Stop limiting your font choice between a few bounce of fonts!
  • Create free your font-face and just upload it to activate!
  • Choose between over 800 fonts!

Social Networks Ready

  • ULTRA CUSTOMIZABLE Facebook Fanbox Widget
  • ULTRA CUSTOMIZABLE Twitter Feeds Widget
  • Easily add LikeTweet and +1 Buttons
  • Optional automatic embedding of Facebook SDK
  • Auto embedding of Google+ script
  • Over 24 Social Icons in header and Artist?s pages

 Stuff for nerds

  • Tidy and well commented source code, easy to scale and customize
  • WP admin bar visibility switch
  • Google Analytics ready
  • Developed with SEO in mind

Music WordPress Theme: Special for Musicians, Djs, Bands and Music Label

The music in the center of this Music WordPress Theme. That’s why is definitly a “music wordpress theme”. We started developing from your needs: let the people hear your music!
In this music wordpress theme there are different specific post types dedicated to the music: releases, where you can put unlimited tracks with mp3 preview, artists, directly linked to releases, and podcasts, with a super easy way to add podcasts from Mixcloud and Soundcloud.
We wanted you to be free to put your music in your website as easy as 1 2 3!
That’s why we gave you the possibility to import music directly from Beatport and Mixcloud! Just insert the ID of your release or podcast ans… BAAAM, the new page is created, the new music is imported with any tag or image!
Wordpress is the best CMD to do the best perfect music wordpress theme and we wanted to do it for you.
If you run your own label or either you are a producer or dj, you will be able without any programming skill to put your music on your website without uploading huge files or bothering with old copy and paste of embed codes!

Versions Changelog

* added Google Maps API key field in Qantum Panel -> General
* added instagram link to artists (need to use picture icon instead of instagram icon, not supported by framework)

v. 3.3.8

  • labelpro-scripts.js:1176,1134, 1157 changed http with ‘window.location.protocol

v 3.3.7 [2016 08 30]

  • added youtube icon for artist profile
  • fix for wp 4.6 for page preview

v 3.3.6 [2016 06 09]

  • jQuery compatibility fix for WP 4.5.2 in labelpro-scripts-original.js (a[….])

v 3.3.5 [2016 04 20]

  • functions.php:265 added if(!function_exists(‘qw_projects_custom_number_of_posts’)){
  • removed google maps from create_scripts.php:13
  • added support for radio.co stream url (cannot be added to the playlist but the main radio button will work perfectly)
  • carousel_events.php changed loop: now accepting “hide past events” from qantum panel
  • bootstrap.qantum.css:550 added max-width:90% for CF7
  • fixed Visual Composer grids not appearing after ajax page load
  • fixed single podcast margin top
  • fixed single podcast player margin bottom
  • fixed category theme’s excerpt in frontend_functions.php:123
  • added random order in widget podcast
  • google fonts: list included in fontlist.php (no external file dependency)
  • fixed artists pagination issue when order is set in functions.php line 282
  • updated js function playAnyMp3Here() in labelpro-scripts.php to fix music fx in the player
  • major overall player improvements in the code labelpro-scripts.js
  • wp 4.5 compatibility fixes
  • Updated Revolution Slider
  • Updated Visual Composer


  • Posts widget: the posts archive URL is now manual, you need to create a Blog page and put the URL in the widget setting

v 3.3.4

  • in main.js added jQuery(”#artistTabs”).on(“click”,”a”,function(){NewYoutubeResize(); });
  • meta_box.php added if(!function_exists(‘custom_meta_box_field’)) {
  • updated visual composer to 4.7.4

v 3.3.3

  • event single structure now in single-event.php
  • disabled built in ajax page load, we leave external plugin

v 3.3.2

  • updated date formatting in events widget (widget.php)
  • google-fonts.php, labelpro-scripts.js:1196, general-script.js:7 replaced http:// with // open protocol to support https
    NOTE: [maybe have to change even line 759 jQuery.getJSON(‘http://soundcloud. )]
  • REPLACED $ WITH jQuery IN frontend_functions.php:601,602

v 3.3.0 [2015.08.29] MAJOR UPDATE!

  • added function qw_projects_custom_number_of_posts to functions.php
    ATTENTION: Now you can change the post per page of the post in reading settings
    without affecting the events, releases, artists, and podcast archives.
    The number of post per page are set in the functions.php
  • part-archiveartist.php, part-archiverelease.php, part-archivepodcast.php, part-archiveevent.php deleted custom query.
    All archive queries are customized in functions.php with pre_get_post
  • updated some css in bootstrap.qantum.css
  • added pagination to home page in loop-index.php
  • added number of results per every archive page in QantumPanel, Layout Options
  • updated default settings in Advanced Ajax Page Load, now check for twttr and FB
  • added Podcast tab in artist bio page, automatically grab podcast with same author name as the artist
  • labelpro-scripts.js:697 added if(typeof(timeoutHandle) !== “undefined”){
  • events widget: added option to hide past events
  • added option to hide past events in events archives. Option is in QantumPanel: layout tab
  • Added radio station playlist support
  • Added Event carousel (optional choice for Releases carousel. Cannot use both!)
  • Added option for big radio play button in header
  • changed class maincontent with qw-maincontent across all theme for Revolution Slider compatibility
  • advancer Slider Revolution
  • Fixed Slider Revolution issue with Advanced Ajax page load
  • Several javascript improvements
  • Advanced Ajax Page Load updated (special qantumthemes version)
  • New header.php header-unboxed.php and header-boxed.php
  • replaced rev_slider shortcode with special one for ajax inclusion in functions.php
  • several WP4.3 fixes
  • Security fixes

v 3.2.5 [2015.08.25] // WordPress 4.3 Ready

  • main.js:93 added if(typeof(jQuery.qwRevCss.html()) != “undefined”){
  • bootstrap.qantum.css added .wp-audio-shortcode {visibility:visible !important;}
  • release-type.php:47 added order page attribute to releases
  • part-archiverelease.php added double query order: ‘orderby’ => array( ‘menu_order’ => ‘ASC’ , ‘post_date’ => ‘DESC’,)
  • added tempalte single-event.php which is a copy of page.php. Metas are now hidden for events.
  • meta_box.php:734: added if($field[‘type’] == ‘repeatable’) $new = array_values($new);
  • removed ‘orderby’=>’menu_order’, in part-archiveartist.php due to generation of duplicated entries
  • Fixed widget classes for WP 4.3
  • removed wp_htmledit_pre from adminindex.php (is deprecated but was useless anyway here)
  • Updated Revolution Slider and wpBakery visual composer

v 3.2.4 [2015.07.12]

  • main.js line 80 fixed bug if not using revslider: if(typeof(jQuery.qwRevCss) != “undefined”){
  • Added labels taxonomy to releases
  • Added support for https mixcloud url embedding in labelpro-scripts.js

v 3.2.3 [2015.06.25]

  • fixed menu bug in mobile closing menu when clicking to open sub items
  • mp3 button is hidden in home carousel and release page if there is no mp3 file uploaded
  • fixed google plus reload code in main.js
  • custom-types/qt-events/events.php new Facebook comments integration (requires SDK active in qantum panel)
  • part-podcast.php now mp3 podcasts will play with native WordPress player from the single page
  • fixed Facebook Gallery bug for new Facebook API
  • events.php fixed buttons issue for new php version
  • removed p.Photo
  • added Instagram icon in header
  • functions.php added flush_rewrite_rules after setup
  • optimized release, podcast, events and artist post type custom fields for better performance
  • new metaboxes framework integration with new media library (safer, easier, faster!)
  • new playlist design (full screen)
  • playlist works now in mobile
  • playlist tracks link to the release page
  • higher menu height
  • improved tracks layout in single release page
  • bigger player ring
  • removed class “qw-archive-imagelink” from image of single release page
  • fixed css for tags

v 3.2.2 [2015.04.28]

  • Added One Click Demo Content Installer!
  • Fixed the WordPress vulnerability for add_query_arg
  • Added woocommerce class to all pages to solve AAPL compatibility
  • updated TGM plugin activation
  • Updated bundle plugins Revolution Slider, Visual Page Composer and Advanced Ajax Page Load
  • Added child theme
  • Added visible music player in mobile
  • hidden player volume in mobile
  • Menu is now closing with mobile version when changing page
  • fixed AAPL preloader styles
  • fixed AAPL settings
  • Added support forum
  • fixed first installation bug for child themes in verify_theme_settings.php (require (get_template_directory().’/admin/option_fields.php’);)
  • fixed url path for fontawesome when used with child theme
  • fixed tgm path for child themes

v 3.1.9 [2015.01.26]

  • fixed podcast footer repeating with ajax load
  • fixed home page releases link in mobile
  • Added Activation Key functions for free external plugins
  • New version of Qantumthemes Free beatport Importer
  • Updated Visual Composer to latest version
  • Updated Revolution Slider to latest version
  • Added plugin to enable revolutionslider via ajax, and added rev_slider_ajax shortcode. Added function in the main.js after ajax page load
  • Added reload script in main.js for the new ajax revolution slider
  • Added player autoplay functions
  • Added purchase verification option in Qantum Panel (optional, for extra features)
  • WordPress 4.1 Compatible
  • PHP 5.5 compatible

v 3.1.8 [2014.09.24]

  • fixed html in index.php page-homepage.php and loop-index.php (mooved )
  • fixed menu in iphone devices (labelpro-scripts.js)
  • fixed scroll point for podcasts (part-archivepodcast.php, loop-archivepodcast.php and part-archivepodcasthome.php)
  • Fixed Mixloud import function to skip imported podcast in a more efficient way
  • carousel.php fixed mobile click bug

v 3.1.7 [2014.09.12]

  • Updated Wp Bakery Visual Composer to 4.3.4
  • Updated Revolution Slider to 4.6
  • Updated Beatport Importer
  • fixed new beatport sample url, now importing mp3 to avoid sucking bandwidth to BP servers. Added copyright disclaimer.
  • main.js modified for enabling scripts contained in the pages loaded via ajax
  • labelpro-scripts.js edited to fix old beatport links
  • Added code in the Advanced Ajax Page Loader to execute the scripts in the ajax loaded page

v 3.1.6 [2014.09.12]

  • edited file part-archivereease.php to fix artists archives with no image
  • main.js modified for enabling scripts contained in the pages loaded via ajax

v 3.1.5

  • Changed setcookie function in Beatport Importer to fit WP 4.0 (, time() + YEAR_IN_SECONDS, SITECOOKIEPATH, null, $secure )

v 3.1

  • fix google maps api on pagereload (changed main.js)
  • fix artist widget if no artist have genre (changed artist-widget.php)
  • fixed release page when soundcloud link is added also with ajax page load (changed part-release.php, main.js)

SLAM! is the 3.2.2 version of “Music Label Pro – Responsive Music WordPress Theme”

v 3.0: Hey, this is a major update!

  • Name changed from “ThemeForest – Music Label Pro – Responsive Music WordPress Theme” to “SLAM! Music Band, Musician and Dj WordPress Theme”
  • 1200px layout
  • Added Revolution Slider and fullwidth revolution slider possibility for unboxed layout
  • Added WP Backery Visual Page Composer
  • Added post widget post with slideshow and category filter
  • Added mobile alternative for release carousel in home
  • fullwidth slideshow
  • better woocommerce css
  • removed round corners
  • added background opacity in options panel
  • modified styles / background panels
  • Accorped all external javascripts in labelpro-scripts.js
  • removed anystretch, replaced with background-cover (no more support for IE8, better performance)
  • removed qantum modal replaced by new modal
  • Slider Revolution is a custom version, in revslider_output.class.php the function fireSlider has been added to allow ajax page load. Can work only with this theme
  • Improved event list layout, with event details
  • Footer text color fix
  • Updated Facebook Gallery
  • Replaced colorbox with Swipebox v1.2.9
  • Added Google Font
  • New admin Panel

v 2.8.3

  • fixed artist image zoom
  • fixed background image color for qtslideshow in pages
  • Added new homepage module: podcasts
  • Added youtube proportion resize
  • Fixed excerpt text and added link in frontend_functions.php
  • Corrected server glitch for month name in events archive in the loop-archiveevent.php file, line 38 $mname = strftime(“%b”, $time-1);
  • Main.js added max height for soundcloud oembed http://soundcloud.com/oembed?maxheight=140
  • woocommerce.php added dark background to the page
  • QT slideshow added height responsiveness
  • Fixed limit on Beatport Import tracks number by addind ‘perPage’ => 100 in _common.php
  • CSS: Better font size for the artist release list in the artist page (bootstrap.qantum.css -> ul.qw-artist-release-list li)
  • CSS: Removed minimum video height for the youtube videos in the artist page (.qw-detail-medialink)
  • Fixed Facebook Comments on Events page
  • Added Comments Closed custom text

v 2.8.2

  • Updated Beatport Importer

v 2.8.1

  • Updated Beatport Importer

v 2.8

  • edit events.php added check if ($post) : 252
  • NEW IMPORTER: now the new V3 API importer is again importing the samples url

v 2.7 2013 10 12

  • Nivo slideshow html post_per_page limit bypassed (includes/nivoslider.php)
  • Fixed qtslideshow links on images
  • Fixed css for main contents paragraphs in the main css file, added clear:both
  • Added new beatport release importer using beatport v2 api
  • Improved fisrt installation process: fixed menu links
  • Removed borders for the new Facebook fanbox widget

v 2.6 2013 09 30

  • Added “exclude from playlist” feature to each track
  • Removed font from “demo panel” due to incompatibility with some servers
  • Changed the die statement in echo in adminindex.php to avoid site crash in case of permission change or core changes

v 2.5 2013 09 27

  • small css fixes

v 2.4.0

  • code fixes in js/main.js

v 2.3.0

  • Now working with the new Beatport API

v 2.2.0

  • Fixed buy buttons background color for some skins
  • Fixed a “ghost” cart button issue
  • deleted the style “overflow:hidden” for paragraph on the main content
  • Added some styles for the woocommerce widget
  • Added compatibility for GoDaddy hosting issue on importing beatport releases
  • added the option to autoslide the bootstrap slider
  • added support for the new soundcloud https protocol

v 2.1.9

  • fixed shortcodes missing file for icons


  • Support For Woocommerce
  • New beatport importer AJAX
  • New post type: events, with map geolocation support and buy ticket links, plus facebook comments
  • New lightbox gallery
  • New “Coming Soon” page customizable, that grant website access only to administrators
  • Added 175 selected fontface fonts
  • New font selector with preview!
  • Added smooth scrolling to page
  • Added Fontawesome icons
  • Added possibility to put soundcloud or youtube link as track preview in releases page, with auto embed of the player
  • Added target=”blank” to social icons
  • Added layout option: put social icons on the right of the logo (Header layout balance option)
  • Added “save” button on top of qantum panel pages
  • Improved Qantum Panel admin interface
  • Added artist archives for genre: taxonomy-artistgenre.php
  • Added possibility to hide breadcrumb (Qantum panel -> layout)
  • Playlist EP number customizable (Qantum panel -> Music player options)
  • Possibility to hide the player
  • Added instructions for semitransparent backgrounds in the colors options panel
  • Added pagination to index posts list
  • Added default image for podcast with link to direct mp3 url
  • Added single page Fullwidth template
  • Added support for new https soundcloud URL for auto embed
  • Added demo panel to test customization
  • added the new auto youtube embed with Iframe
  • Added the new SoundCloud HTML5 player with Iframe
  • Added responsiveness to youtube embed video
  • Added nice menu icons to Qantum Admin for a better usability
  • Added two slots for custom page content in the home page
  • Added artist order and specific artist filter in artists widget
  • Added the new mixcloud embedding iframe code with a toggle button to display the playlist
  • Added single release buy link
  • Customizable colors for the music player

Bug fixes:

  • Featured image padding fix
  • Fixed shortcodes icons and tabs in post editor button
  • curl replaced native wordpress functions
  • Replaced Cufon with fontface fonts in admin
  • moved jscolors to theme initialization function (mytheme_add_init) in adminindex.php
  • replaced function hook with admin_enqueue_scripts in adminindex.php
  • better adminindex code formatting
  • Fixed server limitation bug for font face selections
  • added bebas-newe default font
  • removed categories from artists and podcasts (which caused a permalink error on some wp installations)
  • cleared RSS standard url: now the icon will never appear
  • fixed Facebook hover fx
  • removed tags from importMixcloudNow.php
  • Fixed first track of playlist
  • fixed mobile submenu glitch in iPad
  • fixed list formatting in posts and pages
  • added htmlentities to content text into admin panel
  • Footer: encoding html now allows to put links in the footer text
  • Updated the Facebook like button for the new policy (is no more wrapped into a div)

v. 1.2.5

  • fixed a bug born in v. 1.2.3 ar result of post type “release” bug fix

v. 1.2.3

  • fixed minor bug: delete background on QantumPro Admin Panel (replaced != with ==)
  • changed the name of jquery.cookie.js in frontend and backend because of some servers restrictions

v. 1.2.2 stable

  • added if(is_object($term)){ to loop-archivepodcast.php and loop-archiverelease.php to solve (Trying to get property of non-object in)
  • php warning fix in part-archivepodcast.php and part-archiverelease.php (added if(is_object($termfilter)){)
  • fixed custom taxonomy conflicts from genres and filters

v. 1.2.1

  • 2013 02 04 version changelog *

Minor changes

  • created alternative to file_get_contents with curl fot hosting not allowing it
    Qantumthemes Labelpro V.1.2
  • 2013 02 03 version changelog *
  • Added genre taxonomy to releases
  • Created new templates: taxonomy-genre.php and taxonomy-filter.php (used when clicking on custom taxonomies links at the bottom of those post types (release and podcast)

Bux fixes:

  • Fixed minor bug on adminindex, which causes php error in a very rare case in the backend when contrastant values are passed through admin panel
  • Added Facebook Like Language Selection in Facebook options

Disclaimer: every trademark in this page belong to the respective owner. This product is not in any way affiliate to Beatport, Mixcloud or Soundcloud. There are only some small functions based on the free API to make the work easier.

Beatport api is available on api.beatport.com


Radio streaming in Chrome v. 55+ requires Shoutcast V.2 and valid direct MP3 stream. Contact us if you want us to test your streaming URL before purchasing at info[at]qantumthemes.com.
More info: https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=669800
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