Sistina is a clean and modern Woo Commerce theme, designed with a fresh flat style and with a great responsive and retina-ready design.

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This WordPress template include a lot of premium features for a value of 220$, like
the Wishlist and the compare products features, the product enquiry form (to use the theme like a catalog, without the cart) and the great ajax layered
filter. We also included a popup feature that usually has a value of 77$. So, believe me: With Sistina you get a lot of unbelievable features.

Some features of Sistina are:

  • Wishlist feature
  • Ajax layered filter
  • Compare feature
  • Zoom effect in the product detail page
  • Popup plugin included to show offers and news
  • Megamenu with images support; List/grid view in the products page
  • 2 custom checkout pages (a nice tabbed checkout page)
  • “Catalog mode” to use the theme like a catalog, without the cart option and with a “product enquiry form”
  • Filterable faqs
  • Shortcode manager with 300+ shortcodes
  • …and so on!

Sample images

Please note, the Demo file does not include the original images (only a dummy placeholders).

The sample images viewed in the live preview are for demo purposes only and are not included with your purchase.


We provide support only through our support desk. Register yourself in our site, then active your theme in this page.

After this here you can find a “themes” section that contains the url of the sample data that you can download, a list of videotutorials availables and you can also open a ticket to get support.


4dscs: I just wanted to send along a big “Thank You” for not only creating such an amazing theme but also for the fantastic support you have provided – especially Nicola and Corrado. My client is absolutely thrilled with her new site (which we just launched on the first of November) and I really enjoyed working with your theme. 5+ stars!

ccacefersec2: I just want to say that your customer service and web developers are awesome!!! Quick respond! thank you! Will def keep buying your themes!

SHOP Features

  • Compatible with WooComerce plugin
  • Multiple payment options and Supports Tax
  • User accounts and order tracking
  • YITH Ajax layered filter
  • List and Grid view in the shop page
  • 2 thumbnails layouts
  • Shipping Options
  • Coupons option
  • Downloadable/digital products support
  • Product sliders – best sellers, featured, top rating, on sale, recents – and product categories slider
  • Shortcodes for featured products, recent products, best sellers and general products (you can set how many items to show, the type of order and so on)
  • Compare feature
  • Wishlist feature
  • Share product feature to show the product page on your social channels
  • Detail page of the product with:
    • Multiple images for your product with slider and Zoom Effect
    • Related products, ratings and description tab
    • A “product enquiry” tab with a contact form: user can contact you to ask about products
    • Custom tabs: add custom content in the product page
    • Unlimited product variations option like size, colors and so on
  • Megamenu features with the ‘Shopping by Price, Categories and Brand’ function (very useful features and used in all e-commerce sites!) and images support.
  • 2 custom checkout pages (a nice javascript tabbed checkout page
  • “Catalog mode” to turn off the cart and use the theme like a catalog
  • Popup to show offers, special sales, news and so on!
  • Full WPML support with a widget in the header to show different languages
  • “Welcome XXX” feature in the header when the user is logged
  • Javascript Cart tab
  • much more..

SEO Optimized

On each page and on each product page you can improve your SEO by adding custom title, description, keywords and so on. Also, in the theme options panel you can set the
general keywords for your site. Also, on each page you can use the h1, h2, h3 structure and improve also the usability of your site with the breadcrumbs feature.

Shortcode Manager

  • 300+ shortcodes: button, tabs, tables, sliders, widgets and so on;
  • Product sliders – best sellers, featured, top rating, on sale, recents – and product categories slider
  • Shortcodes for featured products, recent products, best sellers and general products (you can set how many items to show, the type of order and so on)
  • Shortcode manager: add elements on each page with just one click, without copy and paste html/css code.

Choose Your Fonts & Colors

  • Over 500 Google fonts – the google fonts list will be automatically updated;
  • Set font and size for titles, slogan, body text and more;
  • Unlimited combinations of colors;
  • 50+ custom backgrounds + bg images uploader: set a different background for all pages and posts;
  • Header upload: upload a different header image for each page.

General Features

Unlimited Sliders with 5 Different responsive Slider Types (a Premium Revolutions slider included for a Value of 15$)

You can have a different slider for each page and choose from 5 different slider types:

  • Flexi slider (basic layout): a simple and responsive slideshow to display images;
  • Rotating Slider: a nice faded slider where you can set how many panel to display
  • Elastic Slider: original responsive slider;
  • Awkward slideshow: amazing slider, with thumbnails and tooltips!
  • Revolution slider: a original premium slider.
  • Layout boxed or stretched style
  • Extensive Admin Panel
  • Child theme support
  • 1170 pixel layout based on the Bootstrap Grid
  • 15 custom widgets
  • Fully customizable 404 error page
  • Custom login page
  • Maintenence mode feature
  • Sitemap page
  • Custom post type for testimonials (4 layouts)
  • Filterable FAQ page
  • Services page
  • About page
  • Unlimited accordion (toggle) slider
  • Unlimited vertical tabs to show shortcodes, content and products
  • Unlimited sidebars
  • Unlimited animated banners
  • Post formats for video, audio, quote and gallery
  • Unlimited contact forms with javascript error control
  • 4 Blog layouts + thread comments

Corporate features

Unlimited Portfolio with 4 portfolio layouts

  • 4 different layouts for portfolio: two columns, three columns, four columns, “pinterest style”
  • 4 blog layouts
  • Post formats: video, audio and gallery

Screencast Theme Support

Customize your theme easily with our video tutorials.

Sample Data

Import our sample data and make your WordPress look like our demo with just one click!


  • Icons: Basic set icons and Nixus icon set
  • Navigation icons: Picons icon set, purchased with regular license and included in the theme with the permission of the icon’s author.
  • Images: the mages used in our theme are used only in the live preview. We don’t include the images of the demo in the theme package.
  • 500 Buttons essential: http://wrapbootstrap.com/theme/button-essentials-button-pack-WB00T81AK, purchased a multiple applications license.
  • Contact form and buttons icons: http://fortawesome.github.com/Font-Awesome/
  • Awkward slideshow: http://www.awkwardgroup.com/sandbox/awkward-showcase-a-jquery-plugin/
  • Elastic slider, thanks to Codropos: http://tympanus.net/codrops/2011/11/21/elastic-image-slideshow-with-thumbnail-preview/
  • Revolution slider: http://codecanyon.net/item/etalage/180719
  • Flexi Slider http://www.woothemes.com/flexslider/http://codecanyon.net/item/jquery-dynamic-grid-xml-gallery/2590664
  • Google Fonts: Webfonts with Google fonts
  • jCarousel by Sorgalla.com: http://sorgalla.com/jcarousel/
  • Rotating slider: http://tympanus.net/codrops/2011/04/28/rotating-image-slider//
  • Elastislider by Tympanus: http://tympanus.net/codrops/2011/09/12/elastislide-responsive-carousel/
  • Animated banner by Tympanus: http://tympanus.net/Tutorials/CreativeCSS3AnimationMenus/


    Version 1.9.1 – Released Jun 17, 2016

    • Added: WooCommerce 2.6.x support
    • Updated: Revolution Slider to version

    Version 1.9.0 – Released May 02, 2016

    • Added: WordPress 4.5 support
    • Added: PHP7 support
    • Fixed: YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier issue with YITH WooCommerce Badge Management
    • Updated: Revolution Slider to 5.2.5 version

    Version 1.8.6 – Released Apr 04, 2016

    • Added: WooCommerce 2.5.5 support
    • Fixed: ‘woocommerce_product_supports’ hook
    • Fixed: Custom attribute issue with variation
    • Fixed: Redirect checkout with wishlist issue
    • Removed: Deprecated fuction

    Version 1.8.5 – Released Feb 10, 2016

    • Added: WooCommerce 2.5.2 support
    • Added: Option “Send Email to product vendor” for YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor

    Version 1.8.4 – Released Jan 19, 2016

    • Added: WordPress 4.4.1 support
    • Added: WooCommerce 2.5.0
    • Update: Revolution Slider to 5.1.6 version
    • Fixed: Default tagline separator

    Version 1.8.3 – Released Nov 25, 2015

    • Added: WooCommerce 2.4.10 support
    • Added: Title tag support
    • Added: Support to WordPress favicon system( Site Identity )
    • Updated: Revolution Slider to 5.1.3 version
    • Fixed: Product Countdown widget compatibility

    Version 1.8.2 – Released Oct 28, 2015

    • Added: WooCommerce 2.4.8 support
    • Added: YITH Essential Kit for WooCommerce #1 support
    • Updated: Revolution Slider to 5.1 version
    • Fixed: Double menu issue (note after update you may delete style.css inside cache folder and resave the theme option if issue persist )

    Version 1.8.1 – Released Aug 31, 2015

    • Fixed: Style plugin Ajax Search Free
    • Fixed: Woocommerce 2.3 templates path
    • Fixed: Notice when save theme options
    • Fixed: Add to cart variable template action
    • Fixed: Multistep checkout ship to billing
    • Updated: Child Theme enqueue style

    Version 1.8.0 – Released Aug 21, 2015

    • Added: WordPress 4.3 compatibility
    • Added: WooCommerce 2.4.5 support
    • Added: Revolution Slider (Note you could need to resave your existing sliders)
    • Fixed: Readded YITH WooCommerce Colors and Label Variation embededd
    • Removed: Wpml deprecated function

    Version 1.7.2 – Released Jun 22, 2015

    • Added: Woocommerce 2.3.11 support
    • Added: Revolution Slider 4.6.93
    • Added: YITH WooCommerce Colors and Label Variations
    • Fixed: Improved shop shortcodes performance
    • Fixed: YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search layout issue
    • Fixed: ‘woocommerce_stock_html’ filter arg issue
    • Fixed: plugins activations on premium themes
    • Fixed: framework bugfix

    Version 1.7.1 – Released Apr 23, 2015

    • Added: Woocommerce 2.3.8 support
    • Added: Revolution Slider 4.6.9
    • Fixed: Wp security issue

    Version 1.7.0 – Released Feb 13, 2015

    • Added: Woocommerce 2.3.3 support
    • Added: Yith Woocommerce Wishlist 2.0 support
    • Removed “core/yit/Metabox.php” file

    Version 1.6.7 – Released Jan 14, 2015

    • Added: WordPress 4.1 support
    • Added: Woocommerce 2.2.10 support
    • Added: Revolution Slider 4.6.5 support
    • Added: Multiple choice categories for “Products Tabs” and “Products Slider” shortcodes
    • Added: Linkedin to “share” shortcode
    • Fixed: Single product show tab “product inquiry” by default
    • Fixed: Widget dropdown option doesn’t work with all widgets

    Version 1.6.6 – Released Nov 11, 2014

    • Added: Woocommerce 2.2.8 support
    • Added: Revolution Slider 4.6.3 support
    • Added: Favicon mobile devices option
    • Fixed: Contact Form field required issue
    • Fixed: Image.php issue with W3 Total Cache plugin
    • Fixed: og:meta tags with seo description
    • Fixed: wordpress seo plugin support
    • Fixed: Button’ s colors settings on theme-option
    • Fixed: Child theme images missed
    • Fixed: Shortcode Social linkedin icon missed
    • Fixed: ‘Home Row’ sidebar duplicated when is set as left or right sidebar
    • Fixed: Box Shadow theme option color doesn’t work
    • Fixed: Product actions on classic layout
    • Fixed: custom.css, style.css and reset_boostrap.css issue with ssl

    Version 1.6.5 – Released Oct 13, 2014

    • Added: Woocommerce 2.2.6 support

    Version 1.6.4 – Released Oct 03, 2014

    • Fixed: YIW links problem

    Version 1.6.3 – Released Sep 26, 2014

    • Fixed: “The settings of this image size have been disabled because its values are being overwritten by a filter.” because of new WooCommerce 2.2.x

    Version 1.6.2 – Released Sep 17, 2014

    • Added: Woocommerce 2.2.3 support

    Version 1.6.1 – Released Sep 2, 2014

    • Updated: Revolution Slider to version 4.6.0. This version resolve important vulnerabilities issues.

    Version 1.6 – August 09, 2014

    • Fixed: _sendEmail function known bugs
    • Fixed: New google maps urls
    • Fixed: Bug on ‘show_products’ pagination
    • Fixed: Font size min limit on theme option
    • Fixed: Incorrect closing tag on nl_NL translation file cause redirect to external link
    • Fixed: Notice in empty categories
    • Fixed: Incorrect image size for og:image tag, that prevent facebook to show the image when the post is shared
    • Fixed: Missed og:description tag
    • Fixed: Inconsistencies between cart-total.php theme version and original wc file
    • Fixed: Username is required during checkout and multistep active
    • Fixed: Incorrect excerpt on single blog if the layout is set to small image
    • Fixed: Position conflict on admin menu with Contact Form when the CF7 is active. Added filter yit_contact_form_menu_position for other plugin conflicts
    • Fixed: Featured product image missed on lightbox gallery
    • Fixed: Font class generate notice during load options font
    • Fixed: Yith Ajax Navigation loose toggle button after filter
    • Fixed: Product slider Margin Left during slide
    • Fixed: Rich Snippet date format and Breadcrumb
    • Fixed: Tabs Title translation
    • Fixed: variable.php deprecated woocommerce function
    • Fixed: Incorrect margin on multistep checkout page
    • Fixed: Hidden Wp Admin Bar on frontend when the option is active
    • Fixed: Incorrect floating for product category shortcode on hover state
    • Fixed: Double spinner for number input element on firefox
    • Fixed: Image menu-shadow not found on console. No longer exists on wordpress
    • Fixed: Woocommerce Settings Shipping to billing
    • Fixed: Template look wrong after user change shipping option in cart
    • Fixed: Wpml, in Text Image and Text icon widget body text was not translated
    • Fixed: Wpml Added Label after “add to cart” was not translated
    • Fixed: Wpml Cta fields are now translated
    • Added: Support for WooCommerce 2.1.12
    • Added: Recaptcha to Contact Forms
    • Added: Redirect to checkout after add to cart option on Shop General
    • Added: Option to show or hide wp admin bar for customers
    • Added: Plugin Visibility Option compatibility
    • Added: Welcome User name take from user info or billing information
    • Updated: Revolution slider to version 4.5.95

    Version 1.5.0 – April 17th, 2014

    • Added: Support to WP 3.9
    • Added: Support to WooCommerce 2.1.7
    • Fixed: Style on grouped products
    • Fixed: File not found error because missing review icon
    • Fixed: Strings not translatable

    Version 1.4.1 – March 21th, 2014

    • Added: Support to WooCommerce 2.1.5
    • Updated: Revolution Slider 4.3
    • Fixed: Term Conditions in Woocommerce 2.1.3
    • Fixed: Required checkbox in contact page
    • Fixed: Wrong vertical direction of carousel on Magnifier
    • Fixed: Grouped Products in 2.1.x
    • Fixed: Bug in thumbnails gallery under main product image
    • Fixed: Product Slider Order by Price
    • Fixed: Image catalog options disappeared from 2.1.x versions of woocommerce plugin

    Version 1.4.0 – February 18th, 2014

    • Added: Support to WooCommerce 2.1.x
    • Fixed: Megamenu external custom images
    • Fixed: Thumbnail Slider
    • Fixed: Custom Post Type sorting
    • Fixed: 404 error in admin lightbox for shortcodes

    Version 1.3.0 – December 31th, 2013

    • Added: Compatibility to WordPress 3.8
    • Added: support to FB Connect free plugin and integrated with the theme
    • Added: Youtube & Vimeo social icon
    • Added: View Cart Button in Mini Cart
    • Updated: Revolution Slider Vers. 4.1.1
    • Updated: Languages files
    • Fixed: Performance improved
    • Fixed: Search filters when using multiple post types
    • Fixed: Slider and header fixed image are used correctly on pages
    • Fixed: Mobile Menu on Android/Iphone
    • Fixed: Shortcodes product_categories and product_categories_slider order options
    • Fixed: Woocommerce Error on failed login
    • Remove: Yahoo Video Shortcodes

    Version 1.2.1 – November 25th, 2013

    • Added: Filter yit_is_retina_active
    • Added: Filter yit_upsell_title_text
    • Added: Partial italian translation by aaduasio
    • Fixed: Removed woocommerce language domain in some files
    • Fixed: Firefox error with the top cart product thumbnail
    • Fixed: Cart icon on products with hover was moving wrongly on Chrome
    • Fixed: Language files supported also in the child theme
    • Fixed: double widget arrow
    • Fixed: Possible error with French and other translations
    • Fixed: Slider support for shop categories pages
    • Fixed: Copyright text break words correctly
    • Fixed: Login dropdown box hidden on mobiles


    • Added: Ability to add link in the thumbnails
    • Added: FlexSlider ControlNav Option
    • Added: Filter yit_welcome_username
    • Added: Dutch translation by Arvid de Jong
    • Added: German translation by zon3y
    • Added: Partial spanish translation by percywllc
    • Added: Email share on single product page now support subject and <
    • li>content automatically

  • Added: Linkedin social icon
  • Added: credit_card shortcode in the Shortcode Manager
  • Added: Classes for-logged-in and for-logged-out supported in the
  • main

  • menu to hide items for logged in/out users
  • Added: sku variable in contact forms
  • Added: Filter yit_main_nav_depth
  • Added: ‘yit_share_email’ filter in single-product socials
  • Added: Filters on heading options
  • Added: ‘yit_cart_widget_label’ filter in YIT_Widget_Cart
  • Added: Option to change the single product page price typography
  • Fixed: Style and position of Cross-Sells products in the cart page
  • Fixed: Container width on resize on firefox
  • Fixed: Missing alt attribute in the images
  • Fixed: Vertical align wishlist and compare button with Firefox
  • Fixed: Image bug in [image] lightbox shortcode
  • Fixed: Bug Show Products “Best Sellers”
  • Fixed: getimagesize() warning error
  • Fixed: Toggle shortcode style when inside tabs shortcode
  • Fixed: “Enquiry” to “Inquiry”
  • Fixed: Sort by price in Show Products shortcode
  • Fixed: Product title in the cart dropdown
  • Fixed: Custom CSS fonts working with SSL
  • Fixed: General buttons colors options
  • Fixed: Payment method title in the checkout hidden when the payment
  • is

  • not needed
  • Fixed: Cart sidebar hidden if there’s not the shipping calculator
  • and

  • the coupons form
  • Fixed: “Get Notify” translation
  • Fixed: alt and title attributes for the images when generated by
  • the

  • theme
  • Fixed: green button “added” on the shop page
  • Fixed: On/Off options was not working in the Shortcode Manager
  • Fixed: External “Add to Cart” button text is no longer handled by
  • the

  • theme option
  • Fixed: Megamenu in the skin 2
  • Fixed: Text position in the search button
  • Fixed: CPT Unlimited show items in descending order
  • Fixed: Languages files loading from the child theme
  • Fixed: Product image hover switcher
  • Fixed: WooCommerce responsive style
  • Fixed: Single product price removed correctly if the option is OFF
  • Fixed: WPML String Translation support. Added some strings to the
  • XML

  • file
  • Fixed: Widgets list icon position
  • Fixed: Featured Products widget
  • Fixed: Wrong product columns when there’s a features tab in the
  • same

  • page
  • Fixed: Comments/Reviews title icon wrong when the title is on two
  • lines

  • Fixed: Blog titles and archives titles when using pinterest style
  • Fixed: Checkout classic shows a ”<- Payment method” button
  • Fixed: Product title maximum width
  • Removed: Header sidebar
  • Removed: Header cart icon option
  • 1.1.0 – August 8th, 2013

    • Added: Open Graph enable button
    • Added: Category link and Read More button
    • Added: Partial Ukrainian translations
    • Added: Google map URL checked with REG EXP
    • Updated: Revolution to 3.0.8 Version (compatibility with 3.6 of WP)
    • Updated: Language files
    • Fixed: Blog pinterest style on categories and tags page
    • Fixed: Header cart content after WooCommerce 2.0.13 upgrade
    • Fixed: Notifier cache
    • Fixed: OGP title now use the correct title also if you use SEO options
    • Fixed: images_slider attribute direction works also if setted to “vertical”
    • Fixed: testimonials with sidebar
    • Fixed: thumbnails slider
    • Fixed: some options in Blog Settings
    • Fixed: Last tweets widget, error on multiple lines
    • Fixed: Footer newsletter form method
    • Fixed: images generated correctly when on SSL
    • Fixed: Wrong jQuery selector on catalogue
    • Fixed: Shipping box width in the cart
    • Fixed: General buttons colors options
    • Fixed: Tabs shortcode/single product options
    • Fixed: Removed wrong title in Theme Options > Shop > Colors
    • Fixed: Top search button text removed
    • Fixed: Menu overflow hidden on Desktop
    • Fixed: Thumbnails slider minimum width

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