A Flexible App & Cloud Software Theme

Pursuit is more than just a business theme. This is a premium WordPress theme for App and SaaS companies, startups, and businesses with a specific focus on lead generation, product and service showcasing as well as all the important features you need to make your business successful.


  • Beautiful responsive design
  • Easy to use Page Builder
  • Robust Theme Options Panel
  • Full parallax support
  • Touch optimized sliders
  • Beautiful CSS animations
  • Easily create unlimited forms (optional plugin).
  • 25+ shortcodes based on Bootstrap
  • Built-in Google fonts. 500+ Web Fonts Support
  • Boxed or Wide layout option
  • Sticky header for quick navigation (optional)
  • Unlimited Sidebars and Widget Areas (Widget Logic)
  • Easy content import

Technical Specs


Version 1.2.5 – Jul 5, 2016

Updates & Fixes

  • Adding support for Google Maps API Key

Version 1.2.4 – Jun 15, 2016

Updates & Fixes

  • Added max-width for logos on small screen sizes
  • Added styling to make buttons wrap when needed
  • Corrected styling bug with 1 column pricing table highlighted
  • Fixed font weight not being output from Theme Options
  • Fixed bug with library search, not filtering properly

Version 1.2.3 – Apr 12, 2016

New Features

  • New option for blog pages to show only specific categories
  • New option to have category pages appear in Masonry style
  • Now includes the latest version of Master Slider

Updates & Fixes

  • Corrected issue where meta boxes can come unchecked after import
  • Added classes to make it easier to selectively hide post meta info

Version 1.2.2 – Mar 9, 2016

New Features

  • Now includes the latest version of Master Slider (v2.28.3)

Updates & Fixes

  • Fixed bug where sticky nav is overlapped by transparent header on scroll up
  • Corrected bug where menu font typography setting has no effect
  • Fixed tab wrap shortcode bug where some tabs repeated
  • Corrected localization for ‘Required fields’ text in comments area
  • Support for depreciated preg_replace in newer version of PHP

Version 1.2.1 – Jan 12, 2016

New Features

  • Now includes the latest version of Glyphicons (v1.9.2)
  • Now includes the latest version of Master Slider

Updates & Fixes

  • Improved child theme ; corrected issue with mobile menu
  • Corrected issue with tabs scrolling upon click
  • Corrected bug with pagination when blog page template used as front page

Version 1.2 – Oct 24, 2015

New Features

  • Support for Master Slider Pro including video backgrounds – now comes bundled!

Updates & Fixes

  • Updated Google Font include to allow for http or https
  • Corrected issue where boxed mode can be too wide on 320px screen size
  • Improved support for Yoast SEO including images in XML sitemaps
  • Improved support for external Angular links
  • Corrected bug that can cause prev/next buttons on lightbox to be reversed

Version 1.1.7 – Sept 2, 2015

Updates & Fixes

  • Fixed missing option for button in page header
  • Corrected issue with missing alt tag on images in some meta boxes
  • Corrected issue with certain Tour images overlapping / not resizing properly

Version 1.1.6 – June 9, 2015

Updates & Fixes

  • Fixed blog video format issue causing options to not be visible
  • Improved support for Yoast SEO plugin – many custom fields now included in analysis
  • Corrected issue with lightbox displaying some uncommon characters incorrectly
  • Fixed animation JS bug triggered when button in off state
  • Fixed missing target element from button option on slider settings
  • Fixed bug that can cause Team section to not float correctly on certain screen sizes

Version 1.1.5 – April 29, 2015

Updates & Fixes

  • Added missing OptionTree files causing warning in WP admin area

Version 1.1.4 – April 28, 2015

Updates & Fixes

  • Removed any potential XSS security issues with `add_query_arg` by escaping it
  • Updated bundled Option Tree Plugin (XSS fix)
  • Updated bundled TGM-Plugin-Activation Plugin (XSS fix)
  • Improved support for WP 4.2
  • Corrected bug with header section buttons and new window target

Version 1.1.3 – Mar 13, 2015

New Features

  • Support for Formidable v2

Updates & Fixes

  • Corrected bug with circle icon blocks
  • Corrected bug with accordion shortcode
  • Improved activation process
  • Improved demo import process

Version 1.1.2 – Feb 20, 2015

Updates & Fixes

  • Fixed bug with button dropdown shortcode
  • Fixed bug with light-text appearance in modal
  • Fixed accordion anchor link bug
  • Fixed compatibility issues with one page links
  • Fixed bug with transparent header on certain non-mobile touch devices

Version 1.1.1 – Dec 10, 2014

New Features

  • Support for Glyphicons v1.9 – now over 1000 icons total!
  • Added support for smooth scroll on anchor links in content

Updates & Fixes

  • Fixed bug with Navigation Top Margin
  • Fixed bug with modals
  • Documentation improvements

Version 1.1 – Nov 14, 2014

New Feature

  • One-Page Site Support with Smooth Scrolling

Version 1.0.2 – Nov 9, 2014

Updates & Fixes

  • Fixed bug with animations on mobile

Version 1.0.1 – Nov 6, 2014

Updates & Fixes

  • Fixed bug where sticky header appears on mobile
  • Added ScrollUp on mobile

Version 1.0 – Nov 4, 2014

Initial Release
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