The theme supports WordPress 4.0

PureVISION is a very powerful theme which suits both, users with no programming background as well as advanced developers. It will help you build your site in no time to your liking with minimal effort. It empowers you to set any color to elements such as backgrounds, links, text, menu links, etc. You can completely change the look and feel of your site in seconds. You can also choose from over 600 fonts, including Google Font Directory and Cufón fonts. This number will grow with time since many new fonts are being added to the Google fonts library. The theme also features 5 (five) Home page sliders for you to choose from.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been made a priority when designing the PureVISION theme. In the code hierarchy, the main content block is placed before the sidebar regardless of the sidebar position, so it is crawled first by search engines. Another very powerful SEO feature has been implemented regarding Heading (h1, h2, h3,…) tags in that on the Home page the ‘h1’ tag is assigned to the site name and the rest of pages/posts/archives etc., the main Title has been assigned an ‘h1’ tag.

Premium Fetures

PureVISION Template makes it easy to create a World class website with a unique style and clear focused message…

Watch PureVISION in Action

Five Home Page Sliders

You will be able to upload and reorder slider images in the theme’s options page.

  • Flashmo Grid Slider – Features beautiful transition effects. The slider can be configured entirely through the theme’s backend option’s page, no need to deal with any code or xml files. Very easy and convenient interface to control this beautiful slider.
  • Piecemaker Flash Slider – Customize every aspect of the slider through the theme’s options page, including being able to upload the slider images, re-order the slides (drag-and-drop), delete slides, choose from 40 different tween types, etc.
  • Piecemaker 2 Flash Slider – Similar to the Piecemaker slider with the exception that now you can add Flash and Video slides as well as unlimited number of transitions.
  • jQuery Cycle Slider Full Width Image – Slide controls available: pause, resume, jump to a specific slide. Choose from 28 transition effects that could be assigned independently to each slide. Slide link with the option to open in current or new window. Also remove the 3D shadow option is available.
  • jQuery Cycle Slider With an Image, Text and Button – Slide controls available: pause, resume, jump to a specific slide. Choose from 28 transition effects that could be assigned independently to each slide. Link button auto generated with the option to open the link in current or new window. Also remove the 3D shadow option is available.
  • An additional “No slider” option has been added with the ability to add custom text in the place of the slider

Choosing Your Fonts & Colors:

  • Over 600 fonts offered (more info)
  • Unlimited combinations of colors (more info)
  • Background Images – You could also upload background images on per section bases instead of solid background color if you wish. (more info)

Custom Widgets:

  • PureVISION: Recent Posts – Display the most recent posts with teaser text, author and date info (optional), you also have the option to offset the displayed recent posts from the most current one, use this to omit the first 2 or 3 latest posts for example. In addition to that the widget allows you to select a specific category and all its descendants respectively. Limit the number of words to show from each post. Auto generate thumbnails and optionally show thumbnail frame shadow.
  • PureVISION: Login Form – Displays a login in the sidebar. Users can login and logout directly from the sidebar without being redirected to the default WP login page.
  • PureVISION: Custom Category widget – allows you to display a single category and all of its descendant categories respectively. This comes in handy for sections of the website such as the Portfolio or Blog/News, where you might want to narrow the categories displayed in the sidebar for the current section to be more relevant.
  • PureVISION: Google Map – Copy and paste your Google map code to display a Google Map in the sidebar.
  • PureVISION: Subpages – Displays a current pages’ children pages. The parent is displayed as the title. This widget is handy if you have a lot of pages that would normally take up too much room in the sidebar, so you could use this widget to display a much shorter version of the menu in the sidebar showing just the descendant pages of the current page.

Home page Columns with Widget Areas

  • There are 8 (eight) expandable plus 1 (one) full-width fixed home page widget areas. The expandable widget areas are used as columns, 4 (four) per row. They are designed in a such a way to span the width of the page dynamically, e.g. if one column is deactivated, then the remaining columns will re-size to span the full width of the page, if let’s say only one column is active then it will span the full width of the page, etc.

Sidebar position

There are 12 (twelve) custom sidebars with positioning that could be set as left or right at any time from the theme’s Options page for each section (e.g. Blog, Contact page, Sitemap page, etc.) independently.

  • In the code hierarchy, the main content block is always placed before the sidebar regardless of the sidebar position, so it is crawled first by search engines.

Contact page

  • Pre-formatted Business Contact Fields – that could be entered directly from the theme’s Options page. This feature can be enabled/disabled from the Option’s page as well. The Business Contact Fields provide a way to better display additional contact information such as Company Name, Address, Phone, etc.
  • E-mail form:
    • Phone number validation (North America format) that could be enabled/disabled from the theme’s Options page (disabled by default).
    • Unobtrusive form validation (works with JavaScript ON or OFF)
  • The contact form offers ReCAPTCHA for extra security

Portfolio section

Unlimited Portfolio sections/pages.

  • You can choose from four layouts: one, two, three and four column
  • Auto generate portfolio thumbnails
  • You can add description to each portfolio item
  • Specify the number of items per page
  • Automatic pagination
  • Option to include/exclude date, post metadata and comments from the portfolio item’s individual post
  • Custom sidebar with widgets and sidebar position control for the portfolio item’s individual post
  • Galleries (no text, just image thumbnails)


Refer to the Typography page for examples.

960 Grid system

This theme has been designed with the help of the 960-grid system – more info here

Unobtrusive Menu

Works if JavaScript is disabled. Multi-level deep support. You can enable menu’s auto arrows. Those are the arrows indicating a submenu. Also enable/disable drop shadows to the sub-menus.

Page Templates:

  • “Portfolio page 1 Column” template
  • “Portfolio page 2 Column” template
  • “Portfolio page 3 Column” template
  • “Portfolio page 4 Column” template
  • Blog page template
  • Contact page template
  • Full-width page template (no sidebar)
  • Sitemap page template
  • Default Template
  • Page Template 2
  • Page Template 3
  • Page Template 4
  • Archives


Multilingual Site
This theme is Internationalized (translation ready) – the theme has been updated to support translations in more than one language. We have included a (.pot file included to have the theme localized)
Included Translations with the theme:

Search Results Page

Highlighted searched term in search results.


Refer to the Shortcodes page for examples.

Documentation & Support

The theme comes with extensive documentation. Free support is offered through an external forum.
Should you have any support related questions please post them to the theme’s support forum.

In my effort to provide you with better support I’ve setup an independent Forum where all comments are searchable, you can upload images and insert code with code-highlighting, etc.

You can subscribe to the Support Forum HERE.

Support for the “PureVISION” theme includes:

  • Responding to questions or problems regarding the theme and its features
  • Fixing bugs and reported issues
  • Providing updates to ensure compatibility with latest WordPress and other required softwares




Version 1.9.5 – Updated: 03.05.2016
  • Fixed : WordPress 4.5 Compatibility update
Version 1.9.4 – Updated: 16.06.2015
  • Updated : prettyPhoto XSS fix (v3.1.6)
  • Updated : WPML Compatibility tweaks
  • Updated : Code clean up
Version 1.9.3 – Updated: 05.09.2014
  • Fixed : (WordPress 4.0) “Recent Comments” widget speech bubble graphic duplication
Version 1.9.2 – Updated: 12.07.2014
  • Updated : compatibility with latest update of “Get the Image” plugin (v1.0.0)
  • Updated : TimThumb script update
  • Updated : “PureVISION Shortcode Insert Button” plugin (v1.1.3)
  • Updated : flickrRSS plugin (v5.3.1)
Version 1.9.1 – Updated: 12.12.2013
  • Added : 137 new Google fonts
  • Added : Pagination to author page
  • Added : An option to remove the sidebar in the theme’s Contact Page
  • Added : Front end only Romanian Translation – credits to Robert Ivan (demoiselle.ro)
  • Updated : Optimized all the Cycle sliders’ scripts
  • Updated : TimThumb script update
  • Updated : reCAPTCHA script
  • Fixed : Bug with “U-Design: Custom Categories” widget dropdown option
  • Fixed : Cufón font selection saving issue when Google fonts are disabled in the theme’s “Font Settings” section
  • Fixed : ‘Comfortaa’ font issue when selected as Google Font
  • Fixed : WPML compatability with the theme’s Portfolio pages
  • Fixed : Image Frame Shadow
Version 1.9.0 – Updated: 17.07.2012
  • Added : Option for Percentage Based Column Layouts (“General Options”)
  • Added : Option to remove the sidebar from Portfolio Single Post View pages
Version 1.8.1 – Updated: 09.07.2012
  • Updated : Important Security update
  • Updated : Update Notifier script
Version 1.8.0 – Updated: 01.04.2012
  • Added : 199 new Google fonts
  • Added : Ability to enable comments section in Full-width page template
  • Added : Ability to use shortcodes in the footer “Copyright Message” area
  • Added : Image Gallery on Portfolio Page to order the images so that they follow the order set by the integer fields in the Insert / Upload Media Gallery dialog
  • Added : An option to disable TimThumb script for cropping images (added under “General Options”)
  • Added : Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 sliders images’ “alt” tags can now be specified for each slide
  • Updated : TimThumb script update
  • Updated : “PureVISION Shortcode Insert Button” plugin
  • Updated : Footer area increased the width of the area for the “Back to Top” link
  • Updated : Google Analytics code moved the documents “head” as per the new Google requirements
  • Fixed : Layout issues with the latest Google Chrome release
  • Fixed : Redirect in “pureVISION: Login Form” widget
  • Fixed : Google fonts for SSL
  • Fixed : Accordion Styling when used in Sidebar
  • Fixed : Cufón font selection saving issue when Google fonts are disabled in the theme’s “Font Settings” section
Version 1.7.0 – Updated: 29.11.2011
  • Added : An option to Portfolio section to not link adjacent items in a category as gallery
  • Added : An option to include all the images attached to a single post to the Portfolio
  • Added : 32 new Google fonts
  • Added : Author page (author.php)
  • Updated : Changed the post’s author link to now link to the author’s page
  • Updated : Native WP Gallery thumbs formatting
  • Updated : Dutch translation
  • Updated : Italian translation
  • Updated : Monthly archive date format in the title, removed the comma between the month and year
  • Updated : Piecemaker 2 default text adjustment
  • Updated : The theme’s Documentation
  • Updated : Timthumb script update
  • Fixed : Main menu z-index
  • Fixed : Force long unbroken strings to fold on new line in Comments
  • Fixed : Display issue with Tabs in IE7
  • Fixed : Small layout problem with image thumb in “PureVISION: Recent Posts” widget when “Featured Image” is used
  • Fixed : Remove shortcodes from search results
  • Fixed : Cycle 2 slider text area unordered lists not taking the specified font size
Version 1.6.0 – Updated: 14.10.2011
  • Added : Option to customize the post image size and alignment that is shown on the Blog and Archive pages and optionally to use the “Featured Image” for that
  • Added : Option to display the Post Image on the Single Post View page
  • Added : Option to remove the sidebar from Blog, Archive and Single Post View pages independently, basically to have them as full-width pages
  • Added : Option under the “Custom Colors -> One Continuous Background Image” to have the background image fixed position (not scrollable) and also to allow background images from other sections to be shown over that background image as well, good for layered layouts
  • Added : Option to remove the border line located under the menu (Option added to the theme’s “General Options” section)
  • Added : Option to disable the theme’s update notification
  • Added : The option to have the “Feedback” button fixed (to not scroll with the page)
  • Added : Automatic insertion of ‘rel’ attribute for prettyPhoto to all images, *.mov, *.swf, YouTube and iFrame links in the content
  • Added : In the “Blog page” template, display the page’s content if provided, before the Blog posts
  • Added : 21 new Google fonts
  • Updated : Italian translation
  • Fixed : Shortcode empty paragraph insertion which causes problems with column alignment
  • Fixed : Piecemaker 2 slider, “No JavaScript” image replacement width and height issue
  • Fixed : Portfolio item title attribute being truncated by prettyPhoto in longer strings
Version 1.5.1 – Updated: 11.09.2011
  • Added : 31 new Google fonts
  • Added : Update notifier. You will be alerted whenever there are new theme updates
  • Added : Latest version to date of prettyPhoto script (v3.1.3) as an alternative to WP-prettyPhoto plugin. Option added under theme’s “General Options”
  • Added : The option to add/remove the string “Archive for the ’…’ Category” from the category archive title. This options is located in the theme’s “Blog Section”
  • Added : An option to show/hide thumbnails in “PureVISION: Recent Posts” widget
  • Updated : “PureVISION Shortcode Insert Button” plugin with option to show/hide thumbnails in [purevision_recent_posts]
  • Updated : When “No Slider” option and no title is provided to collapse the space otherwise designated for the title
  • Updated : Timthumb script security update
  • Updated : jQuery Form Validation scripts used in the Contact page template form
  • Updated : Optimize script loading (cleaned up unnecessary script loading)
  • Fixed : qTranslate related issue with Portfolio section
Version 1.5.0 – Updated: 06.08.2011
  • Added : Option (under Custom Colors section) that allows you to add one large background image across all sections
  • Added : 44 new Google fonts
  • Added : “portfolio_item_link_target” custom field for portfolio link items to go along with “portfolio_item_link”
  • Added : Front end only Catalan translations (credits to pinxe, http://themeforest.net/user/pinxe)
  • Added : WPML xml file to enable theme options translation
  • Added : An option under theme’s “General Options” to enable the use of ‘style.css’ for adding custom CSS from “Appearance -> Edit” section. Also needed for child theme
  • Updated : Timthumb script security update
  • Updated : Moved the “Help” section to the top in the theme’s options page
  • Updated : Italian translation with the newest strings translated
  • Updated : “PureVISION: Recent Posts” widget to append ”…” at the end of the post excerpt
  • Fixed : Resolved an issue with the “Tabs” shortcode and floating elements used as tab content
  • Fixed : WP Query reset was added to the ‘sitemap.php’
  • Fixed : Formatting with subscript and superscript related to the css reset
  • Version 1.4.1 – Updated: 20.06.2011
    • Updated : Replaced the H3 with H2 tag for post titles on archive pages to be consistent with Blog page
    • Updated : Made the single view post title H1 tag
    • Updated : Sitemap page templates’ strings are included for translation now
    • Updated : Italian translation
    Version 1.4.0 – Updated: 13.06.2011
    • Added: Background Images under the “Custom Colors” section ? You may upload background images on per section bases instead of solid background color if you wish
    • Added: New Custom Buttons with shortcodes, that enable you to change their appearance in the shortcode
    • Added: The new shortcodes for the ‘[custom_button]’ and ‘[clear]’ to the “PureVISION Shortcode Insert Button” plugin
    • Added : 19 New Google Fonts
    • Added : Portfolio custom field ‘portfolio_item_link’ which allows to link directly from the thumbnail to another page or site rather than display a preview item
    • Updated : Changed cursor behaviour to ‘default’ for top navigation menu items that are not links
    • Updated: improved the auto-generated portfolio thumbs’ image quality
    • Updated: Timthumb script
    • Updated : Optimized some functions involved in the dynamic widget areas on the Home and Bottom areas
    • Fixed : ‘full_width’ widget class in ‘index.php’ and ‘footer.php’ locations
    • Fixed: made the ‘portfolio_item_description’ custom field compatible for translation
    • Fixed: Related to “PureVISION: Recent Posts” widget shortcode. When multiple or nested loops returning the wrong query object post id. This fix resets the main loop data after a nested loop so that some global variables hold the correct values again.
    Version 1.3.1 – Updated: 13.05.2011
    • Added : Additional 30 new Google fonts were added
    • Added : Four additional page templates with their own widgetized sidebars and an option for left/right positioning
    • Added : Image preloader for the Menu images/hover images
    • Updated: “Search” widget style adjustment
    • Updated: Dutch Translation – front and backend (credits to Indigo Webstudio, www.indigowebstudio.nl)
    • Updated: timthumb script
    • Fixed: Category/Archive widgets now display the post counts on the same line as the category/achive names
    Version 1.3.0 – Updated: 10.04.2011
    • Added : A Plugin “PureVISION Shortcode Insert Button”. This plugin improves the user experience by adding a button to the Post/Page editor allowing for the easy insertion of ANY PureVISION Shortcode straight from the editor UI.
    • Added : Accordion Toggle with shortcode and a PSD file
    • Added : 17 New Google Fonts
    • Updated : WPML v2.2.2 compatibility update
    • Updated : Revised Italian Translations
    • Fixed : Removed the 100px limit on “Slogan Position from the Top” option under the “General Options” section
    Version 1.2.3 – Updated: 16.03.2011
    • Added : A shortcode to be able to include the “pureVISION: Recent Posts” widget anywhere
    • Added : The capability to resize the “pureVISION: Recent Posts” widget thumbnails on per instance bases
    • Added : Front end only Dutch translation (credits to J.Q. Isidore, www.sketchesofeuphoria.nl)
    • Added : WPML support
    • Fixed : Google Font style sheet reference in the ‘functions.php’ file
    Version 1.2.2 – Updated: 06.03.2011
    • Added : 9 new Google Fonts
    • Added : The capability to resize the “pureVISION: Recent Posts” widget thumbnails
    • Added : Author information (optional) to the postmetabox
    • Added : Front end only Spanish translations (credits to argos)
    • Updated : Incleased the Top Area phone number text field size from 70 to 300 characters
    • Fixed : Contact form validation strings translations
    • Fixed : Feedback button not showing up in IE7
    Version 1.2.1 – Updated: 21.02.2011
    • Fixed : Issue related to Piecemaker “No Shadow” options affecting Piecemaker 2 slider
    • Fixed : Bottom Area “Recent Comments” widget <li>…</li> background image (line) issue
    • Updated : “Categories” string in all portfolio pages has been added for translations
    Version 1.2.0 – Updated: 16.02.2011
    • Added : Bottom and Footer Area colors can now be customized through the theme’s “Custom Colors” section
    • Added : The Search box in the top area is now optional
    • Added : Buttons’ shortcodes can now take as attribute the link ‘target’ property
    • Added : ‘clean’ theme for ReCAPTCHA
    • Updated : Some minor Search formatting tweaks
    • Fixed : Issue related to home page linking detected ONLY if you have the site homepage different from the directory where WordPress is installed
    Version 1.1.4 – Updated: 14.02.2011
    • Fixed : PHP 4 Related error related to the “PureVISION: Subpages” widget
    • Updated : Cufon update for file ‘cufon-yui.js’ version 1.09i, which is the same as 1.09 but IE9-compatible
    Version 1.1.3 – Updated: 11.02.2011
    • Added : Made the Top Area and Header/Slider Background Highlight Optional. Can be Enabled/Disabled from the ‘Custom Colors’ area
    • Fixed : “PureVISION: Google Map” widget not showing up in the sidebar when cufon is disabled
    • Fixed : JavaScript related error in IE related to the color picker, preventing the theme’s options page from working properly (IE only)
    • Fixed : Google Fonts related minor bug with a warning message involving array_unique() that has been reported by some users.
    Version 1.1.2 – Updated: 08.02.2011
    • Added : Italian Translation of the theme – Italian translation courtesy Diego Meozzi – Cartabianca Publishing (www.cartabianca.com)
    • Fixed : Portfolio section problem with generating a preview image from an image inserted in the content of the post
    • Fixed : Improved security of the contact from (Contact page template)
    • Fixed : When cufon is not used (disabled), IE and Chrome browser error stating that Cufon is undefined
    • Fixed : Padding issue in IE7 with the sidebar titles when the font family is not cufon
    Version 1.1.1 – Updated: 03.02.2011
    • Fixed : Top Navigation Menu problem with hover/active state display in some situations
    Version 1.1.0 – Updated: 02.02.2011
    • Added : Tabs shortcode
    • Added : ‘tabs.psd’ accompanying the tabs shortcode
    • Added : An optional attribute to the ‘pullquote’ shortcode to switch the color of the quote graphic to light for use against darker backgrounds
    • Added : ‘pull-quote.psd’ containing both light and dark color styles
    • Added : ‘page_peel.psd’


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