Updated: Version 1.8.5 – 10 Jul 2017. See change log

Publisher is the useful and powerful WordPress magazine theme with great attention to details, incredible features, an intuitive user interface and everything else you need to create outstanding websites.

It does not matter if you want to create news website, online magazine or personal blog, Publisher offers limitless customization options, layouts and headers with an easy to use Admin Panel. Publisher is the perfect combination of a beautiful and professional design with tons of powerful features and a bulletproof code base.

Designed for Performance

All aspects and sections of Publisher was developed with high programming skills to load faster with using smaller server usages! Also publisher support Google AMP with exclusive plugin that we developed and bundled inside theme to load 4x faster in mobiles.

Fully responsive

Publisher is fully responsive and will look perfect regardless of whether you’re using a huge desktop or a small phone. Desktops, iPads, iPhones, Android phones, doesn’t matter. Publisher will look great.

Feature Rich

Publisher comes with a lot of options that enables you to change any section of your site without need to change the codes! Also Publisher comes with panels like Translation Panel that you can use it to translate it in you language or Font Manager Panel that you can upload you custom fonts and use them.

Short Features List

  • Google AMP Supported and validated.
  • Real Responsive Design with a lot advanced options for widgets and menu items to hide/show them in specific devices!
  • Retina Ready
  • Smart Responsive Google Adsense
  • Live Ajax Search
  • RTL Supported 100%: View RTL Demo
  • 9 Stylish Demo and more are coming soon.
    1. Default – Clean Magazine
    2. Clean Tech
    3. Clean Blog
    4. Clean Fashion
    5. Clean Sport
    6. Clean Design
    7. Clean Video
    8. Classic Blog
    9. Classic Magazine
  • 90+ Pre-made Homepages
  • 70+ Page Builder Blocks: Publisher is integrated with Visual Composer and added more than 80 blocks that you can built any layout you want!
  • 1 Click demo installer
  • 15+ exclusive plugin included and can be updated by one click from our plugin installer panel.
  • 8 Different Header Style and more coming soon
  • Advanced SEO Optimized: Rich snippets for breadcrumbs ,reviews and others are built-in. Further SEO enhancements available using Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Visual Composer plugin Included and integrated.
  • Slider Revolution plugin Included and integrated.
  • Better Weather plugin Included and integrated.
  • Advanced Category and Tag Options: Category/Tag custom logo, highlight color, listing, layout…
  • 16 + 1 Category Slider
  • 24 Post Listing Style
  • 20 Custom Widgets
  • All WordPress Post Formats
  • First WordPress theme with Gif thumbnail support..
  • 3 Type of review: Star, Percent and point.
  • Global Options For All Widgets, even WP default widgets or others!:
    • Options to Show/Hide Each Widget in different devices like phone or tablet.
    • Custom Icon For Each Widget
    • Custom Link For Widgets Titles
    • Custom heading and background color
  • Advanced and Simple use Theme Options Panel.
  • Hide/Show Most Elements
  • Sticky and Smart Sticky Navigation
  • 3 Page Layout Template
    • Full Width Page
    • 2 Column, Right Sidebar Layout.
    • 2 Column, Left Sidebar Layout.
  • Advanced Menu Options:
    • 7 Mega Menu Style: 1,2,3 and 4 column links, Horizontal links and featured posts mega menu + tabbed mega menu
    • 14 Sub menu/Mega menu appear effect + Random effect + none effect options
    • Menu Icons Option for each icon
    • Submenu/Mega menu background image and style options
    • Menu Badge show popup badge on top of items + options to customize colors
    • Responsive options to select show/hide each menu element in different devices
  • Social Icons in Header & Footer
  • Multilingual Support: WPML, qTranslate, Xili Language, WPGlobe and Polylang supported! .
  • Translation Panel with pre-translated options ( Currently translated to 24 popular languages!! ).
  • 1 Click Demo Installer.
  • Builtin Plugin installer and updater.
  • Builtin panel to rebuild all thumbnails.
  • Font Manager Panel: You can upload your custom fonts and select them for specific locations. there is no limitation for number of fonts.
  • Customize Size Width in px or %
  • Full Rich Snippet Support.
  • GUI Shortcode Generator: all the commonly used shortcodes available via a visual interface.
  • Advanced Ads Support: Comes width our Better Ads Manager plugin that ads advanced Ads feature to your site with support of Google Adsense ( Responsive also ) and AdBlocker detectors.
  • Life Time Free Updates.
  • Support Multiple page post.
  • Exclusive field for Featured image credit..
  • Posts Source and Via fields..
  • Smart Sticky Menu: Publisher equipped with beautiful mega menus. you can either use simple drop down menus, or use one of 6 styles of mega menu.
  • Sticky Sidebars” The Sidebar moves automatically when you scroll down page and it will be visible always! also you can disable this feature.
  • Advanced typography Options.
  • High Speed Code: Publisher performs as a beautifully as it looks with consistent, bloat-free code and a solid framework.
  • WAI-ARIA Supported: Publisher includes WAI-ARIA roles through all of our templates, ensuring your site conforms to the latest accessibility standards set forth by the W3C.
  • Font Awesome Icons: Get creative with Font Awesome icon support. Publisher includes an unique icon select tool that you can search and find Font Awesome icons simply with typing and selecting from categories.
  • Clean Code.
  • WooCommerce supported.
  • bbPress supported.
  • Custom Post Types & Taxonomies: We added some options to use custom post types inside theme without need to coding!
  • life Time Free Updates: Publisher is always up to date. We always listed our customers needs & reports and each week we added many new features and fixes!
  • Works with WP 3.0+
  • WordPress Multi-Site (WPMU) Tested and Approved
  • Auto-Updates: Don’t waste anymore time updating! Publisher can update itself automatically.
  • Extensive Documentation.

Change Log. See Complete List

Version 1.8.5 – 10 Jul 2017 – WP v4.8 Compatibility & Major SEO Fixes

- Important Note: We have an new SEO expert in our team and we did a lot of SEO fixes and improvement in this version also from next version we will do more.

- Added: Website added to structured data to show your site name in google result.
- Added: WooCommerce v3 gallery support added to Publisher.

- Added: AMP "Above The Fold" plugin compatibility added.
- Added: AMP new option to exclude URL (and URL pattern) from AMP URL converter. You can use it to exclude subdirectories.

- Improved: Breadcrumbs Structured data fixed. Google Shows breadcrumb in search result perfectly!
- Improved: Structured Data improved to be 100% valid in Google Roles.
- Improved: AMP pages SEO improved.
- Improved: AMP validator improved. It's even smarter!

- Fixed: TinyMCE Editor style for WP v4.8 fixed.
- Fixed: TinyMCE shortcodes fixed for WP v4.8 update.
- Fixed: Minor RTL style issue in tablets. Thanks @Sahafi
- Fixed: Comments navigation not showing.
- Fixed: Both post type change not works for search.
- Fixed: Override menu not works for "Shop" and other WooCommerce main pages.
- Fixed: Social share FB app info notice will be removed after filing needed data.
- Fixed: Duplicate plugin and theme update notice issue.
- Fixed: Failed to load stylesheet in editor fixed. Thanks @Karl
- Fixed: a lot of code fixes.
- Fixed: DFP ads wrong alignment fixed.
- Fixed: Ads Admin Labels changed to bypass adblockers!
- Fixed: DFP ads wrong dimension fixed.
- Fixed: AMP ads RTL style fixed.
- Fixed: AMP minor warning fixed.

Version 1.8.4 – 17 May 2017

- Added: Options to show/hide "Subtitle" in all listings + multiple position to show ;)
- Added: Publisher theme and plugins update notice added to admin pages.
- Added: Advanced option to define paragraph tags for inline related ads.
- Added: Title field added to playlist widgets.
- Added: Builtin smart functionality added to warn you warn about outdated files that are overrided in child theme.
- Added: Facebook App config added for social share counter to fix FB API limit rating.
- Added: Center align added to Inline Related Posts.

- Improved: Ads and related posts injector rewrited for better detecting content parts.
- Improved: Ads smart admin label improved.
- Improved: Admin style improved.
- Improved: Typography settings usability improved.
- Improved: Compatibility with "Fast Carousel" plugin added.
- Improved: Gallery slider file cam be overrided in child theme.
- Improved: WooCommerce v3 compatibility improved.
- Improved: Admin smart notice to warn compatibility steps of "WP Fastest Cache" plugin.

- Fixed: AdBlockers are detecting BetterAds.
- Fixed: Ads are not showing in ajax related posts.
- Fixed: Facebook and Google+ widgets width issue fixed.
- Fixed: 404 page not showing properly. Thanks @ayurtimes
- Fixed: Header padding option not works.
- Fixed: Wrong name for listing in page listings fixed.
- Fixed: "Custom Permalinks" support added to BetterAMP.
- Fixed: "link" tags will be removed from BetterAMP pages body section.
- Fixed: Structured data validation issue with custom image logo (BetterAMP).
- Fixed: "Convert Plug" plugin validation issue fixed.
- Fixed: Modern Grid 7 date format not woks.

Version 1.8.3 – 3 May 2017

- Fixed: Issues in printing ads.
- Fixed: minor issue about using shortcode in BetterAds banners.
- Fixed: Lightbox not works for images with query string.
- Fixed: Custom Sidebars new update style fix added.
- Fixed: Buttons style issue.

Version 1.8.2 – 1 May 2017

- Added: Option to disable ads in Posts, pages, cats, tags and all other post types and taxonomies.
- Added: Override options for cats, tags, posts, pages and all other post types and taxonomies.
- Added: Option to change post views to fake number ;)
- Added: Option to replace 404 Page with custom page.
- Added: Option to change share url type (pretty permalink or shortlink)
- Added: New filter for counting post views added (Guests + Subscriber Users)
- Added: BetterAMP support added to Better Post Views
- Added: Custom CSS class & ID added to social counter VC add-ons.
- Added: Responsive field options added to social counter VC add-ons.

- Improved: Fixed: 404 Page responsive style. Thanks @maxhitech
- Improved: Minor performance improvements.
- Improved: Chat post type style improved.
- Improved: Improved to not count empty paragraph for Inline ads and posts.
- Improved: Inline Ads and related posts content injector rewrited again for better HTML detecting (even wrong HTML codes)

- Fixed: Google DFP ads appear and disappear in sticky sidebars. Thanks @djtt
- Fixed: Videos not showing properly in 16:9 aspect ratio. Thanks @sistemaplus
- Fixed: Author options only will not shown for subscriber users.
- Fixed: Incorrect share number for post shares count.
- Fixed: Share counts not showing properly.
- Fixed: Inline related posts are showing in Feed.
- Fixed: Inline related posts conflict with Infinity related posts. Thanks @Cuneydinho
- Fixed: Pullqoute shortcode style issue. Thanks @frankmf
- Fixed: Ads are showing in RSS. Thanks @Issa
- Fixed: Facebook comments Automattic AMP compatibility added.
- Fixed: Facebook multiple comments compatibility improved.
- Fixed: Facebook comments not works in ajax related posts. Thanks @Antonio
- Fixed: Disqus multiple comments compatibility.
- Fixed: Disqus comments breaks AMP pages.
- Fixed: AMP post inline ads not working properly.
- Fixed: AMP PHP Warning. Thanks @isrgrajan
- Fixed: A lot of code fixes.
- Fixed: Comments word break removed. Thanks @jsingh
- Fixed: Lazy loading for embed shortcode.
- Fixed: Widgets color options not working some times! Thanks @ frankmf
- Fixed: 'Upload Custom Font' button in font manager not showing!

- Devs: "better-ads/universal-ad-sizes" filter added to change BetterAds universal ad size list. Thanks @interk

Version 1.8.1 – 25 Apr 2017

- Added: External banner image link input added.
- Added: BetterAMP: "WordPress Fastest Cache" premium plugin compatibility added.
- Added: WooCommerce v3 compatibility added.
- Added: Menu text color option added to each menu item.

- Improved: Ads smart label texts changed to be translatable.
- Improved: is_better_amp() works before template_redirect action.
- Improved: Buttons style improved. Thanks @djtt
- Improved: "Menu Highlight Color" to support horizontal mega menus.

- Fixed: Inline related posts will not shown if there is no posts. Thanks @Sahafi
- Fixed: More Stories will not shown if there is no posts. Thanks @Sahafi
- Fixed: Blank page in banner creating page.
- Fixed: Ads smart label RTL style fixed.
- Fixed: Related posts override not works for post metabox.
- Fixed: Breadcrumb not shows categories when page supports category! Thanks @razzackbakh
- Fixed: JS error shows in Instagram, Flickr and Dribbble slider styles. Thanks @REF1972
- Fixed: PHP warning. Thanks @Sahafi
- Fixed: Modern grid showing loading when there is no featured image.

Version 1.8.0 – 20 Apr 2017

- Added: Smart Lazy Loading added.
         Will loads images when needed also will loads smallest size of image for block
         that used.
         Smart Lazy Loading = Smaller page size = quick page load

- Added: Multiple comment platforms support: WordPress + Facebook + Disqus in same time.
         You can sort and activate platforms you need.

- Added: Post view ranking option added.
         You can create unlimited post view rankings with custom icon, color and rate
         for each rank.

- Added: Post share ranking option added.
         You can create unlimited post share rankings with custom icon, color and rate
         for each rank.

- Added: Off-Canvas Menu/panel added.
         Options to show logo and branding, menu, search, copyright text and social counter icons in panel
         with 2 location in left and right.

- Added: "More Stories" panel added to posts with 7 listing and detailed options.
         Visitors can see related posts for current post after X pixel scroll in
         left or right.
         Custom Keyword algorithm added to more stories = Posts with custom keyword = search.

- Added: "Inline Related Posts" added.
         Multiple inline related posts
         Middle of content or after X paragraph inline related posts
         14 listing style for inline related posts
         Options to override/disable inline related posts in each post.
         Option to search and show posts with custom keyword in post content!

- Added: Custom Keyword search added to related posts. (search in posts for related posts)

- Added: Ads Override section added.
         You can override ads for all post types (default and custom CPT) and category, tag
         and all custom taxonomies from panel.
         BetterAds = Ads manager from future!

- Added: Google DFP ads support added.
- Added: Google DFP ads in AMP support added.
- Added: Smart labels to ads manager. Shows ad location state.
         Ads Manager is very easy to use now!

- Added: 5 new ad location added.
- Added: Ad Location: Middle of post content ad location.
- Added: Ad Location: AMP middle of post content ad location.
- Added: Ad Location: Top of post. Useful to show ads after header and before post only in post page.
- Added: Ad Location: Left and right side of logo in header 1, 4 & 7.
- Added: Ad Location: Between featured image and post title.

- Added: 5 new social counter style added.

- Added: "Telegram" to social counter.
- Added: "Line" to social counter.
- Added: "Viber" to social counter.
- Added: "AppStore" to social counter.
- Added: "Google Play" to social counter.
- Added: "BlackBerry BBM" to social counter.

- Added: Option to override block listing options for each shortcode and widget.
         You can customize block settings for specific block or widget.
         High level of customization.

- Added: "X hour ago" time format option for all listing blocks.
- Added: Option to show/hide post views in all listing blocks.
- Added: Option to show/hide post shares in all listing blocks.
- Added: Option to change category badge to Tag or other taxonomies
         added to all block listings.
- Added: Option to change category badge to Tag or other taxonomies
         added to post top badges.
- Added: Custom CSS Class & ID option added to all listings and widgets.
- Added: Author filter field added to all widgets and block listings.
- Added: Option to show/hide sticky posts in all widgets and block listings.
- Added: Option to show only posts with featured image in widgets and block listings.
- Added: Block options for Slider1, 2 and 3 added.
- Added: Show/Hide "Read more" button added to all mix listings.
- Added: Show/Hide Excerpt added to all Mix Listings.

- Added: Search result page redesigned.
         Search form + related categories + related tags added to search result page.

- Added: "Continue Reading" button added to mobile devices.
         Small section of posts content will be shown in mobile devices to
         create space for post ad to be shown.
         Makes more space for your ads to bw shown in mobile devices.

- Added: New "Structured Data" feature added to introduce website completely
         to search engines in the best way (JSON-LD).
- Added: New SEO options added.
- Added: Advanced option to enable/disable social meta tags.
- Added: Advanced option to enable/disable JSON-LD.
- Added: Complete "Review" support added to "Structured Data".
- Added: Complete "Video" and "Audio" support added to "Structured Data".
- Added: Complete "Product" support added to "Structured Data".
- Added: Complete "Comments" support added to "Structured Data".
- Added: Complete "Breadcrumbs" support added to "Structured Data".

- Added: 10 new text listing added for category archive pages.
- Added: Thumbnail caption will shown in post.
- Added: Posts featured image will be shown in admin page before title.
- Added: Option to filter topbar Newstiker for specific categories.
- Added: Option to change 7 sub cat limitation in header of category archive page.
- Added: Reset button for panel advanced tab added.
- Added: Option to change loaded posts count for "Infinity Ajax Related Posts" 
- Added: Option to change featured image click action (lightbox, new tab, not clickable)

 - Added: AMP Static homepage support added.
          You can chose a page to be shown for AMP homepage.

- Added: Menu highlight color option added to menu fields.
- Added: Option to show/hide post excerpt in single pages.
- Added: 2 excerpt location for post excerpt in single.
- Added: Typography option for post excerpt in single.
- Added: Option to post settings for hiding post featured image.
         works in all post templates.
- Added: Shortcode support added to footer descriptions(copyright).
- Added: Option to show only subcategories in category archive section (not sibling cats).

- Added: Option to change widgets title text color (in each widgets fields)
- Added: Color option added to Text listings typography fields.
- Added: Live menu (mega menu) helper added.
- Added: Option to change BG color (and hover color) of read more button.

- Added: AMP "Structured Data" support added.
- Added: AMP complete YoastSEO compatibility added. No need to "Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP".

- Added: Full TypeKit fonts support added. 2450+ new font can be used in panel!!
- Added: "Better Studio Font Icon" added Icon Selector field and modal.
- Added: Next/Prev rel added to paginated comments links.
- Added: Option to change pagination position for paginated posts.
- Added: Top slider support added to none-static homepages.
         (21 slider style + Revolution slider support)
- Added: Offset field added to Related posts, Inline related posts and More storey.
         (use it to show unique posts in all sections)
- Added: Custom query option added to homepage slider. Thanks @promicabana
- Added: BetterAMP - "Ultimate Tweaker" plugin compatibility added. Thanks @Antonio

- Added: BetterAds inline add injector rewrited from scratch for better paragraph detection.
         It will detects tables, uls and all other big part of contents.

- Improved: Post share buttons responsive style improved.
- Improved: Responsive style improved.
- Improved: Breadcrumb responsive style fixed and improved.
- Improved: Mega menus will work only in first level of menu.
- Improved: Panel "Blocks and listings" usability improved.
- Improved: "Listing" fields changed to modal for easy to use and searchable.
- Improved: "Layout" fields changed to modal for easy to use and searchable.
- Improved: "Post Template" fields changed to modal for easy to use and searchable.
- Improved: "Category Slider" fields changed to modal for easy to use and searchable.
- Improved: Topbar options usability improved (smarter fields).
- Improved: Menu fields improved to be more easy to use.
- Improved: Huge bunch of admin panels usability improvements
- Improved: Posts subtitle changed to H2 tag.
- Improved: Block tabs performance improved.
- Improved: BS Booster improved.
- Improved: Related posts metabox moved to tab for simpler customization.
- Improved: Gallery will shows not cropped image in thumbnail section when
            full image size was selected.
- Improved: Menu bg color will change tabbed mega menu bg color to 20% darker color of selected color.
- Improved: Favicon will be shown in admin pages.
- Improved: Pages title tag changed to H1. Thanks @iyke20024
- Improved: Menu fields usability improved.
- Improved: Line, Viber, BackBerry share logo changed to high quality version.
- Improved: Ads metabox improved to be more easy to use.
- Improved: BetterAds codes improved. 30% of codes rewrite from scratch to make it easy
            for coming updates = Quicker updates.
- Improved: Aligned post ads will be center in small screens.
- Improved: BetterAMP:  shortcode compatibility improved.
- Improved: BetterAMP: Facebook and Vimeo embeds compatibility improved.
- Improved: BetterAMP: Android title bar color will be same as BetterAMP
            theme color. Thanks @Antonio
- Improved: BetterAMP: BetterAds min supported version changed to 1.9
- Improved: Disqus comments file can be overrided in child theme.
- Improved: Comments counts count will be aggregated with FB + WP comments
            in multiple comments.
- Improved: Facebook comments template file can be override in child theme.
- Improved: Usability of Social counter for Visual Composer.
- Improved: Social Counter links changed to HTTPS
- Improved: Popup modal filters changed to radio button = easy to filter.
- Improved: Minified version of PrettyPhoto added.
- Improved: Breadcrumb improved to show custom post types archive.
- Improved: Thumbnail custom alt will be printed in homepage.
- Improved: User avatar changed to show smallest image size.

- Fixed: BetterAMP will keep elements inline styles.
         It will creates custom class and adds style code into
         page style section automatically.

- Fixed: All validation warnings and errors of "Structured Data" fixed.
- Fixed: Minor issue in videos aspect ratio.
- Fixed: VC Buttons style issue.
- Fixed: Ajax related posts not changes URL in special HTTPS sites. Thanks @gemzid
- Fixed: Search form minor fixes.
- Fixed: Revolution Slider conflict fixed.
- Fixed: Search page custom posts count was not works.
- Fixed: Post template 11 not works with default featured image!
- Fixed: "APS Arena Products" plugin compatibility.
- Fixed: Modern Grid 3 (auto) margin bottom space issue in Clean Tech.
- Fixed: Modern Grid 3 (auto) margin bottom space issue in Clean Design.
- Fixed: Custom Sidebars plugin RTL fixed.
- Fixed: "Google Adsense" problem in "WP Speed of Light" plugin fixed.
- Fixed: BetterAds RTL style fixed.
- Fixed: WooCommerce lightbox not works in mobile.
- Fixed: BetterAds will not remove last post inline ad.
- Fixed: Ajax related posts share link.
- Fixed: bbPress user pages are not showing in breadcrumb!
- Fixed: "The plugin does not have a valid header" error in plugin installer.
- Fixed: Endless loading in some pages when breadcrumb is active.
- Fixed: Some social share images are not showing.
- Fixed: BetterAMP: Incorrect homepage title when YoastSEO is active.
- Fixed: BetterAMP: Style sanitizer improved to make 100% Google validated codes.
- Fixed: BetterAMP: "WP Speed of Light" plugin compatibility.
- Fixed: BetterAMP: PHP old versions fatal error.
- Fixed: BetterAMP: AMP-IFRAME sanitizer improved to force protocol attribute.
- Fixed: BetterAMP: Social share links protocol changed to HTTPS
- Fixed: BetterAMP: Sanitizer value_url fixed to not print empty src!
- Fixed: BetterAMP: Facebook Comments Plugin compatibility.
         Extra codes (js and markups) will be removed.
- Fixed: BetterAMP: WooCommerce templates are overriding out of AMP! Thanks @ptsadmin
- Fixed: Extra "Facebook Comments" JS file removed.
- Fixed: FB comments codes was shown in AMP
- Fixed: Post Views W3 Total Cache minifier issue fixed.
- Fixed: Publisher listings Heading and BG color not works.
- Fixed: Sticky posts removed from related posts.
- Fixed: Modern Grid listings settings will broken in ajax pagination.
- Fixed: Readable times wasn't sync with GMT settings.
- Fixed: extra "#prettyPhoto/0/" in URL when lightbox is open. Thanks @Karl

==== v1.8.0 RC 2 Change Log
- Fixed: Better Ads Manager PHP warnings.
- Fixed: All styles widget background css codes fixed.
- Fixed: Inline related posts style fixed when is full width and
         after floated item. Thanks @Antonio
- Fixed: Widgets style fixed when have BG color. Thanks @Antonio
- Fixed: Disqus comments count style in multiple comment system. Thanks @Aboli
- Fixed: Post template 7 style fixed. Thanks @Karl
- Fixed: Login modal bottom style issue fixed. Thanks @Karl
- Fixed: Post views and share first level changed to be active by default. Thanks @Karl
- Fixed: All post templates style fixed for not featured image option. Thanks @Antonio
- Fixed: Footer Instagram hover animation. Thanks @Antonio
- Fixed: Menu badges style in Off-canvas panel.
- Fixed: Can't use function return value in write context PHP error.
- Fixed: CSS was generated for widget when background color is empty. Thanks @Antonio
- Fixed: Images not showing in AMP. Thanks @Karl @Issa @Antonio @Islim
- Improved: Images and iFrame Lazy loading improved.
- Improved: Alt added to off-canvas logo image

==== v1.8.0 RC 3 Change Log
- Added: Top slider support added to none-static homepages. 
         (21 slider style + Revolution slider support)
- Added: Offset field added to Related posts, Inline related posts and More story.
         (use it to show unique posts in all sections)
- Changed: Views are hidden for listings by default.
- Improved: Sticky posts style in blog listing improved.
- Fixed: 3 Column layout not works. Thanks @Issa
- Fixed: A lot of php warnings.
- Fixed: Settings override issue on author page. Thanks @Karl
- Fixed: Third Party plugins minifier compatibility improved (minify without error!)
- Fixed: PHP error about menu when WPML is active.
- Fixed: Plugins can not work standalone because of BS Booster fixed.

==== v1.8.0 RC 4 Change Log
- Fixed: Share ranking not works inside post. Thanks @Karl
- Fixed: Off-canvas TinyMCE editor not works properly.

==== v1.8.0 RC 5 Change Log
- Added: Custom query option added to homepage slider. Thanks @promicabana
- Improved: Inline related posts style fixed.
- Fixed: Inline related posts is shown in third party AMP plugins. Thanks @promicabana
- Fixed: Icon and color of share in listings. Thanks @Karl
- Fixed: Shares are not showing in listings. Thanks @Karl
- Fixed: Width changer not works properly. Thanks @Issa @Antonio @sistemaplus

==== v1.8.0 RC 6 Change Log
- Added: BetterAMP - "Ultimate Tweaker" plugin compatibility added. Thanks @Antonio
- Fixed: Featured image is showing in posts when it was disabled.
- Fixed: URL not changing in Ajax related posts" because of new ajax posts count option.

==== v1.8.0 RC 7 Change Log
- Fixed: Visual Composer blocks issue in RC6
- Fixed: 3 Column layouts in mobile (768<DEVICE<1000)
- Fixed: Inline related posts heading tag changed to H5. Thanks @Issa
- Fixed: Facebook comments not works in ajax related posts. Thanks @Antonio
- Fixed: Disqus comment count should not work in multiple comments. Thanks @Issa
- Fixed: Multiple comments not works in Infinity related posts (sometimes!). Thanks @Issa
- Fixed: User avatar not shown sometimes.

==== v1.8.0 RC 8 Change Log
- Fixed: Incorrect tag for text listing 3 & 4

Version 1.7.7 – 1 Mar 2017

- Added: Builtin "Google Tag Manager" support added.
- Added: Video/Audio Featured support added to AMP.
- Added: AMP Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Vine and Instagram support added.

Version 1.7.6 – 27 Feb 2017

- Added: Image size field added to Better Gallery.
- Added: Pagination on paginated static homepage will work.
- Added: 'Better WordPress Minify' plugin Compatibility.

Version 1.7.5 – 21 Feb 2017 – Performance update.

** Please make sure you updated all plugins and cleared your site and browser cache. **

- Added: BS Booster: Minify and combine CSS/JS file of Publisher and plugins you used.
         - 40% smaller CSS file.
         - 35% smaller JS file.
         - Only 1 request for CSS & JS
         - Header generated CSS code moved to file.
         - Fixes minify JS errors in cache plugins.

- Added: AMP Option to show/hide share in pages.
- Added: AMP Smart style printing. 200% smaller CSS file
- Added: Custom CSS code field for admin pages added.
- Added: Option to select "Created", "Updated" or "Both" for post date.
- Added: HTML code support added to subtitle field.
- Added: Gulp.js file added to Publisher and all plugins.
- Added: Reviews support added to BetterAMP.

Version 1.7.4 – 15 Feb 2017

- Added: "Last updated" time added to posts page.
- Added: RSS added to social counter.

Version – 13 Feb 2017

- Added: Language translation field added to Likebox.

Version 1.7.3 – 12 Feb 2017

- Added: AMP Ad support added to "Better Ads" 
- Added AMP Ad Location 1: After header (in all pages)
- Added AMP Ad Location 2: Before post title
- Added AMP Ad Location 3: After post title
- Added AMP Ad Location 4: Above post content
- Added AMP Ad Location 5: Post content ads (After X Paragraph)
- Added AMP Ad Location 6: Below post content
- Added AMP Ad Location 7: After comments in posts
- Added AMP Ad Location 8: Footer (in all pages)
- Added AMP Ad Location 9: After title in archive pages
- Added AMP Ad Location 10: After X posts in archive pages

- Added: New level of AMP page validator added.
  This validator includes all Google AMP rules and will make your site
  content validated with 99% warranty! 
  400+ AMP roles will be checked and fixed automatically - No need to pay for validating your site

- Added: WooCommerce support added to BetterAMP 
         (Shop, Product, Shop Categories, Shop tags and Cart page)
- Added: Attachment page support added to BetterAMP.
- Added: Custom CSS field added to BetterAMP.

- Added: Breadcrumb added.
- Added: Option to show/hide breadcrumb in posts and pages added
- Added: Option to show/hide post categories in breadcrumb added.
- Added: Option to show/hide post date in breadcrumb added.
- Added: Order and Orderby options added to sort images in attachment page.
- Added: Option to disable subtitle in option panel.
- Added: New text for "Login to reply" added for post comments, Thanks @karl

Version – 31 Jan 2017

- Added: Google Adsense "data-ad-format" support added. Thanks @WildRazor
- Added: Google Adsense Horizontal, Vertical and Rectangle ads support added.

Version 1.7.2 – 30 Jan 2017

- Added: Custom class for posts inside loops added. ( Enables you to customize post style in blocks )
- Added: Option to select counter for Vimeo ( Followers, Videos or Both!)
- Added: Advanced option to disable menu "More" feature.
- Added: 'publisher/headers/list' for adding custom header style from child themes (Devs).
- Added: 'better-playlist/cache-time' filter added for changing playlists cache time (Devs).

Version 1.7.1 – 21 Jan 2017

- Added: RTL Demo importer (Clean Tech) added.
- Added: RTL Demo importer (Pure Magazine) added.
- Added: 100% RTL support added to all admin pages.
- Added: Social Counter widgets RTL support added.
- Added: Viber share button added (only for mobile)
- Added: Line share button added (only for mobile)
- Added: BlackBerry BBM share button added (only for mobile)
- Added: Indonesian translation added.
- Added: Option to show/hide Publisher adminbar menu (Publisher Panel -> Advanced)
- Added: Background image and color option added for pages and posts.
- Added: Option to changed header background color and image of each page.

Plugins updated:
- Better Social Counter v1.6.3

Version 1.7.0 – 13 Jan 2017 – Very Big Update

/** Better AMP **/ live demo: http://demo.betterstudio.com/publisher/amp-demo/

Note: Please note you should regenerate thumbnails again also you should clear permalinks by saving it again!.

- BetterAMP Developed completely from scratch to fix all previous validation issues also to add complete WordPress support.
- Added: Pages, Categories, Tags, Taxonomies, Search support to AMP added.
- Added: 2 listing (large and small) added for AMP archive pages.
- Added: AMP sidebar with navigation and site logo added.
- Added: Search functionality added to AMP
- Added: Footer navigation added to AMP
- Added: Social share + share count added to AMP
- Added: Comments section added to AMP post
- Added: Google Analytics added to AMP.
- Added: AMP customizer panel added to change everything from WP Customizer.
- Added: Option to exclude pages from AMP added.
- Added: Slider for homepage added for AMP
- Added: Translation Panel added to AMP.
- Added: AMP Compatibility for "W3 total cache", "WP Super Cache" and "WP Rocket" added.
- Improved: AMP redesigned completely.
- Fixed: All AMP validation issues fixed.

/** 3 Column & Layouts **/

- Added: 3 column layout added ( content column + 2 sidebar ).
- Added: 6 combination of 3 columns added to use them in pages.
- Added: 3 column layouts support added to all pages (category, tag, forum, shop…)
- Added: 3 column layouts support added to all post templates.
- Added: 5 new "3 Column Homepage" added to all styles (50 homepages totally!)
- Added: New 2 column layout width changer by drag added.
- Added: New 3 column layout width changer by drag added.
- Added: Option to change space between columns added.

/** Other NEW Features **/

- Added: New font selector modal added to enable you to select fonts quickly with instant preview of fonts.
- Added: Google Early Access Fonts Added.
- Added: Option to add custom font from panel added.
- Added: Option to change theme style from option panel (option to change style without importing demo).
- Added: New Page Templates page added to enable you use pre-made homepages and other pages easily.
- Added: 5 new contact us template added to each demo (50 new contact us totally) 
- Added: Query conditions changer added for all listing blocks to change "AND", "OR" relation between cats and tags.
- Added: Shared count added to social share count.
- Added: Reddit share button + share count added.
- Added: StumbleUpon share button + share count added.
- Added: Digg share button added.
- Added: VK share button added.
- Added: Next/Prev posts box added to posts.
- Added: Author Avatar added to post meta.
- Added: Taxonomies can be shown in blocks as tab!
- Added: Stretched header layout added.
- Added: Ads PSD template file added.
- Added: Option to Show/Hide excerpt in category and all archive pages.
- Added: Option to show target for post "Via" links.
- Added: Option to show target for post "Source" links.
- Added: Option to show/hide the "More From Author" link in related posts section.
- Added: Subtitle added for posts and complete compatibility with popular "WP Subtitle" plugins is added.
- Added: Option to change links color in posts.
- Added: Option to change links hover color in posts.
- Added: Option to show/hide subcategories in category archive title.
- Added: Text listing 3 block added.
- Added: Text listing 4 block added.
- Added: RTL image for Panel preview images added.
- Added: Widget for Text listing 1-4 added.
- Added: Widget for Text listing 1-3 added.
- Added: Widget for Modern Grid 3 added.
- Added: Widget for Modern Grid 4 added.
- Added: Widget for Mix 7 added.
- Added: Widget for Mix 8 added.
- Added: Widget for Mix 9 added.
- Added: Widget for Mix 10 added.
- Added: Instagram Widget "2 Column - First Big" style added.
- Added: Instagram Widget "3 Column - First Big" style added.
- Added: Option to hide header in page.
- Added: Option to hide footer in page.
- Added: Category top posts "Style 17" added.
- Added: Category top posts "Style 18" added.
- Added: Category top posts "Style 19" added.
- Added: Category top posts "Style 20" added.
- Added: Category top posts "Style 21" added.
- Added: Icon option added to "Dribbble" VC widget.
- Added: Icon option added to "About" VC widget.
- Added: Icon option added to "Instagram" VC widget.
- Added: Contact Form 7 plugin 100% compatibility added.
- Added: License restriction added for demo and page templates.
- Added: Advanced support of post types (you can set post meta box for custom post type an all metabox fields will work for that post type.)
- Added: Advanced support of taxonomies( You can set category and tags metabox to any custom taxonomy and all options will works for that)
- Added: "publisher-theme/localized-items" filter added to filter JavaScript localize items.
- Added: ["Lightbox"]["not_classes"] field added to Publisher JS localized that enables you to disable LightBox for links that haves a specific class.
- Added: Compatibility with "WP Reviews" plugin added. If you are using "WP Reviews" then you can deactivate the "Better Reviews" plugin.
- Added: Option to order posts by "Title" added to all listing blocks.
- Added: 'widget-have-bg' class for widgets with custom BG Color added.
- Added: 'widget-have-title-color' class for widgets with custom title color added.
- Added: 'widget-have-title-bg-color' class for widgets with custom title BG color added.
- Added: Option to change Excerpt box to default style. 
- Added: Options to change H1-H6 font color. 

See more change log here

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