Pinpoint is the next generation of WordPress themes. Clean, modern, and superbly slick. Featuring the incredible Swift Page Builder, you can now create content the way you want, with ease. Trust us when we say that you’re going to love using Pinpoint for your next WordPress project.

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Incredible Page Builder

Swift Page Builder

Awesomely Responsive


Extensive Theme Options

Theme Options

Feature-rich Meta Options

Meta Options

Unlimited Colour Options – Change on the fly!

Color Customizer

Full Typography Options

Typography Options


  • WordPress 3.5 Compatible.
  • Fully Responsive design (option to disable if not needed).
  • Features the incredible drag & drop Swift Page Builder, which offers endless possibilities of content creation and organisation.
  • Works beautifully on iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices & tablets.
  • Extensive meta options which provide incredible customisation options.
  • Uses WordPress Live Color Customizer to view colour changes on the fly offering unlimited color customization.
  • Accent Colour options – match your branding and style with ease.
  • Features touch swipe sliders which are a joy to use on touchscreen devices.
  • WordPress 3.0 Multi level dropdown menu support
  • Choice of left/right/both sidebars on pages/posts.
  • 100% WPML Compatible.
  • Contact Form 7 Integration.
  • Translation/Localization ready – includes .mo & .po files.
  • Demo Content provided.
  • SEO optimised content.
  • Semantic, clean, valid HTML5 & CSS3.
  • Shortcode Content Generator with 19 shortcodes.
  • 2 different page layouts, boxed or full width.
  • 4 header logo configurations, left logo, right logo, center logo, or full width logo.
  • 8 footer widget column configurations.
  • Breadcrumbs support included.
  • 600+ Google Web Fonts, new fonts are automatically available as Google add more!
  • Choose fonts for menu/heading separately, Google or web standard.
  • Provide font sizing/line-height for body and h1-h6 fonts.
  • Optional breadcrumb navigation.
  • Custom Flickr/Twitter/Video widgets included.
  • Pagination integrated.
  • Add Google Analytics easily, box provided.
  • Logo uploader.
  • Custom Login Logo uploader.
  • Favicon uploader.
  • Custom background uploader.
  • 99 Preset backgrounds.
  • Automatic theme updates through the WordPress admin.
  • Fully Layered PSD files included.
  • Helpful, instructive documentation.

SEO Optimization

Pinpoint has been developed with the best SEO practices in mind. It features semantic & valid HTML which makes it easy for search engines to index the content of your site. The theme has been structured to ensure that important content always has precedent over less important content, and heading tags have been used in accordance with guidelines.


Pinpoint theme flexible, easy to use, and absolutey fantastic! We’ve manipulated it heavily to suit our needs and can safely say thanks to this theme our ad revenue has increased, and our sum-1-million visitors are happy with it.

Just a note on how wonderful this theme is! If you are thinking of purchasing, I’d say do it! The flexibility is awesome and the possibilities are endless.
I also want to thank SwiftIdeas for the EXCELLENT support with setting things up and answering questions that I had. If you are looking for theme WITH support, this is it!
– tomdekok

WAUW – you guys ROCK! I think this is the most versatile, well-presented, good looking WP-theme I’ve ever seen on this site. Very, very well done.
– andy77

I’ve purchased many themes from here searching for the perfect one only to be disappointed, thankfully after wasting a fair amount of money I have found a theme that not only looks good but is also unbelievably flexible and easy to use. To top it all off the support from Ed is amazing, infact i’m not sure how he gets anything else done. If you a thinking about getting this theme i’d definitely recommend it.
– abovecreative

I just wanted to take a minute and express my thanks for the incredible support I have received so far from the SwiftIdeas team. Seriously, these guys are second to none. I’ve purchased a countless number of themes on here, and have yet to come across one as elegant, easy to use, and well supported as this one.
– bschwart

Nice one guys!! I bought it yesterday and I’m really impressed about the customization possibilities. Pretty amazing theme, highly recommend it!
Thanks so much for creating this theme!
– pmontelongo

Gorgeous, just gorgeous I love this theme. The nicest theme I ever worked with and I have worked with hundreds of them. Thanks for beautiful work, keep it up!
– Ringdal

Have to say this is the most comprehensive and stunning theme on the internet. Such a great site.
– andyparton

Example Work Credit

Ionut Zamfir
Kreativa Studio
Bellecour 3D


Version 1.7.1 (16th April 2016)
    - WordPress 4.5 compatibility
    - Updated Revolution Slider to v5.2.4.1
    - Improved plugin update delivery, now does not need a theme update to get latest versions of premium plugins
    - Improved meta box functionality
Version 1.6 (30th January 2014)
- Added WP3.8 styling fixes for custom post types, login logo, and page builder
- Fixed issue with tweets after updating oAuth plugin

- style.css
- functions.php
- /includes/custom-post-types/
Version 1.5.5 (28th September 2013)
- Improved Google Map Address functionality
- Fixed image loading issue in IE9/10
- Fixed loading issue on IE8
- Fixed slider arrow issue
- Fixed alt tag on portfolio detail image
- Improved script functionality to only load respond.min script to only load on IE
- Removed WooSlider plugin, due to their license terms changing

- functions.php
- style.css
- single-portfolio.php
- /js/functions.js
- /js/jquery.isotope.min.js
- /includes/page-builder/composer/lib/shortcodes/media.php
Version 1.5.4 (9th August 2013)
    - Added support for WordPress 3.6
Version 1.5 (26th April 2013)
    - Added included child theme
    - Added Yoast breadcrumb support
    - Added font weight support for Google Web Fonts
    - Added Roboto & Roboto Condensed Google Web Fonts
    - Added RSS Social Icon
    - Improved theme options font selector for better usability
    - Fixed issue with love it pro widget
    - Fixed issue with archive/category styling
    - Fixed toggle page builder asset width output
    - Fixed issue with the sub menu hover colour
    - Fixed bug with portfolio pagination on front page
    - Fixed dual sidebar archive styling
    - Fixed footer column output for styles 6/7
    - Fixed blank editor issue within Page Builder
    - Fixed retina styling media query


    - /includes/plugins/love-it-pro/
    - /css/custom-styles.css.php
    - /css/layout.css
    - /includes/page-builder/
    - /includes/options/
    - /includes/shortcodes.php
    - /images/
    - archive.php
    - category.php
    - footer.php
    - header.php
    - style.css
Version 1.4 (18th March 2013)
    - Added archive/category layout options to the options panel
    - Added portfolio archive template and options
    - Added width options to page builder carousels
    - Added new option to link types "Link to URL (new window)" 
    - Added support for WooCommerce v2.0
    - Changed WP Admin Bar links for Options/Customiser to only show for admin users
    - Updated revslider.zip to latest build (2.3.3)


    - functions.php
    - style.css
    - /includes/plugins/revslider.zip
    - archive.php
    - category.php
    - /includes/page-builder/
    - /includes/post-formats/
    - /includes/sf-options.php
    - taxonomy-portfolio-category.php (ADDED)
Version 1.3 (10th February 2013)
    - Added option for password protected page
    - Added extra social share support
    - Improved Google Font Option select
    - Improved Google Font loading on front-end which prevents jump
    - Updated Revolution Slider plugin to latest version
    - Fixed sliders plugin styling
    - Fixed incorrect team carousel heading sizes
    - Fixed issue with impact text
    - Fixed issue with categories for post types
    - Fixed issue that sometimes occurred with pagination
    - Fixed calendar widget styling
    - Fixed issue with multiple maps on one page
    - Fixed shortcodes issue
    - Fixed aux inputs on iPhone
    - Fixed theme options to stay on same tab you save on
    - Fixed issue with blog post detail image


    - /includes/page-builder/
    - /includes/plugins/revslider.zip
    - /includes/sf_shortcodes/
    - /includes/options/
    - /includes/sf-options.php
    - /js/functions.js.php
    - /css/custom-styles.css.php
    - /css/layout.css
    - functions.php
    - style.css
    - layout.css
    - single.php
    - header.php
Version 1.2 (24th January 2013)
    - ADDED WooCommerce support!
    - ADDED Theme Options for line-height / font-size of headings / body text
    - ADDED Labelled Pricing Table shortcode
    - ADDED width controls to page builder carousels
    - ADDED nav hover colour, sub menu hover colour to customiser
    - ADDED customiser colour options for contact form 
    - ADDED Rev Slider support for blog posts
    - ADDED image size drop down for single image page builder page asset
    - IMPROVED the page builder assets dropdown, now alphabetical order
    - FIXED bug with single post types
    - FIXED category/archive pagination styling
    - FIXED bug where list items weren't styled within text blocks
    - FIXED twitter "ago" text translation strings
    - FIXED issue with content page builder elements 
    - FIXED a display issue with the tabs page builder element
    - FIXED aux input placeholders in IE
    - FIXED an issue with the portfolio post page


    - /includes/sf-options.php
    - /includes/sf-customizer-options.php
    - /includes/page-builder/
    - /includes/sf_shortcodes/
    - /includes/shortcodes.php
    - /includes/widgets/widget-twitter.php
    - /includes/options/
    - /css/custom-styles.css.php
    - /js/functions.js.php
    - style.css
    - single.php
    - single-team.php
    - single-portfolio.php
    - category.php
    - archive.php
    - index.php
    - functions.php
    - woocommerce.php (ADDED)
Version 1.1 (16th January 2013)
    - ADDED Flexslider Slider plugin ($29 value!)
    - ADDED Posts Carousel asset
    - ADDED Testimonial Carousel asset
    - ADDED Google+ option to Team Members
    - ADDED Retina images for theme's static image - now all retina
    - ADDED Theme Option to enable advanced Rev Slider size options
    - ADDED Theme Options .txt files for example sites
    - IMPROVED page builder asset indication, now shows asset type name
    - IMPROVED Impact Text asset with option to have no button in the impact text, improved editor for impact text (added impact text to editor style dropdown)
    - IMPROVED standard pricing table styling
    - FIXED show/hide bios on Team carousel asset
    - FIXED team detail navigation
    - FIXED pricing table button config
    - FIXED issue with default page template
    - FIXED issue with Google Fonts code output on front-end
    - FIXED logo/header items alignment on mobile devices
    - FIXED Pinpoint Options link in WP Admin Bar


    - /js/functions.js.php
    - /includes/page-builder/
    - functions.php
    - single.php
    - single-portfolio.php
    - single-team.php
    - shortcodes.php
    - /includes/meta-boxes.php
    - /sf_shortcodes/sf.shortcode.embed.js
    - page.php
    - style.css
    - /css/layout.css
    - /css/editor-style.css (ADDED)
    - /includes/plugins/slider-plugin/ (ADDED)
    - /images/showcase-nav@2x.png (ADDED)
    - /images/slider-thumb-controls@2x.png (ADDED)
    - /images/filter-down-arrow@2x.png (ADDED)
    - /images/filter-down-up@2x.png (ADDED)
    - /images/showcase-nav@2x.png (ADDED)
    - /images/slider-thumb-controls@2x.png (ADDED)
    - /images/plus-icon@2x.png (ADDED)
    - /images/button-arrow@2x.png (ADDED)
    - /images/button-arrow2@2x.png (ADDED)
Version 1.0 (10th January 2013)
    - Inital Release

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