Patti is a modern and elegant One-Page WordPress Theme, perfect for creative people, suitable for any type of business, built for any needs. Every single detail is carefully designed and crafted, in order to create a seamless and wonderful user experience.


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Patti has a versatile design, which makes it the salient choice for any kind of projects. It fits for web agencies, digital studios, freelancers and photographers, bloggers and everyone who wants to enfold their website visitors with a beautiful design and create a long-lasting impression.


Patti is very easy to set up and customize, being powered by the amazing Visual Composer backend-frontend page builder. As an addition, the composer comes with Templatera, a premium addon for easy page builder template management and perfect to enfold content for later use.






Additional Features


WPML Compatible – Patti has been officially declared a WPML Compatible WordPress theme. In other words, you can build multilingual websites the right way, with the WPML plugin and Patti.

Responsive from Head to Toe – Patti is built on a responsive framework which transforms the layout of your website and makes it look great starting with small screen devices, to the impressive fullscreen monitors, by changing its shape from 240px to 1120px. FullWidth elements also look amazing. It`s time to enfold your web presence with a mobile-proof solution which looks and runs seamlessly.

Drag&Drop Backend-Frontend Page Builder – Patti comes packed with the “Visual Composer” Premium WordPress Plugin($30 value) which allows you to create awesome landing pages for your website within minutes. As a bonus, we added the Templatera($10 value) addon, so you can quickly set pages and manage builder templates with ease. Visual Composer is the most salient feature of Patti, making it one of the best themes which is using the plugin.

Impressive Media Slideshows – Create responsive, SEO friendly and unique sliders for your landing pages by using the “Revolution Slider” Responsive WordPress Plugin($15 value), directly from a cozy admin panel packed with options for anything. Regular, Fullwidth or Fullscreen, image or video, the plugin can handle it! Enfold your prospects with the beautifully designed sliders prepared for Patti.

Easy Theme Setup – Prepare your website for the web within minutes by importing the demo data XML files packed with the theme. The package also includes slider and builder settings, ready to be imported into the system. It`s so fast like an avada kedavra spell!

Powerful Theme Options Panel – Patti comes with a solid, yet easy-to-use theme options panel from where you can set custom options for theme styling, typography, social media, etc.

Parallax Background Effects – Beautify your website and make it look more appealing by using full width backgrounds with parallax-like effects for any content section. They`re easily managed directly on the page, via the page builder. Start creating a long-lasting impression for your prospects. This is one of the salient aspects of Patti, a WordPress theme which will certainly bring good karma to a project.

Portfolio to the Next Level – Showcase your work with style! Patti makes use of a grid layout(more to come) which looks great on small mobile devices and big screen monitors. Patti is also packed with 5 different layouts for project pages.

Extended Options for Pages – Each page can be extended with a set of options. Set a custom layout: sidebar on left, sidebar on the right, full width page. Set the sidebar. Choose a header style and customize it for your needs. Define a background, being it image or color.

Sidebar Manager – Powered by the SMK Sidebar Generator by Smartik. Generate as many sidebars as you want, populate them with widgets and assign them to any page you wish. Simple like that!

Translation Ready – The theme is ready for translation into other languages. Packed with the theme are the .po files, which will help you localize the theme for another language. Patti is also compatible with WPML, so you can easily transform your website into a multilingual one.

Search Engine Optimized – Patti is built with best SEO practices in mind, so you can maximize the value of your content in front of search engines. It is also compatible and works perfectly with the most popular SEO Plugins(SEO by Yoast, All in One SEO Pack, etc.)

Typography based on Google Fonts – The theme is using the Google Web fonts service to deliver the font styles on the front-end. Customize the look of your website by choosing from more than 600 Google Fonts for content and headings, directly from the admin panel.

Blog Enhanced with Post Formats – The standard blogging functionality has been extended to fulfill anyone`s needs: Multiple blog page layouts(regular and masonry on 2 and 3 columns with/without sidebar) and Post Formats(Standard, Gallery, Video, Audio, Link, Quote). Transform your website into a veritable digital magazine, by using one of the masonry layouts and the power of post formats!

Child Theme Included – Edit theme files in the safest way possible by making use of the Patti Child Theme included into the package.

Video Tutorials – Setting up the theme is a breeze, but it gets a lot easier with the Video Tutorials series, specially prepared for Patti. Learn how to install the theme, build sections, landing pages and menus and make your website live in no time!

Support & Updates – Customer`s needs come first. That`s why we offer support and lifetime updates. Answering your questions, guiding and helping you is a top priority. Need a feature that`s not yet implemented? Just let us know and we`ll take care of that with an update!

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Very important before updating:

Make sure to backup any changes/additions that you made to theme files before updating. Also, check out the Theme Updating Guide for more information about the updating process. Lastly, make sure to backup your sliders before updating RevolutionSlider.

V2.8 – 27 December, 2016

Updated plugins to latest versions
Added option to navigate between projects from the same category
Added zoom option for google map element
Added foursquare and houzz social networks
Minified a series of files
Minor CSS/JS/PHP adjustments    

V2.7 – 26 July, 2016

Updated plugins to latest versions
Updated WooCommerce templates for v2.6+
Updated the FontAwesome icons library
Updated Aqua Resizer function for https support
Added API option for Google Map element
Added alt tags to portfolio image galleries
Fixed an issue with blog navigation
Fixed an issue with svg logo on scroll
Minor CSS/JS/PHP adjustments    

V2.6.2 – 24 April, 2016

Updated plugins to latest versions

V2.6.1 – 16 April, 2016

Updated plugins to latest versions(Visual Composer, Templatera) to ensure that the theme is fully working with WordPress 4.5

V2.6 – 04 April, 2016

Updated plugins to latest versions (including Ultimate Addons for VC).
Updated WooCommerce templates
Fixed an issue with the Blog Grid element and WPML
Minor CSS/JS/PHP adjustments    

V2.5 – 12 February, 2016

Updated plugins to latest versions
Updated WooCommerce templates for v2.5.0
Added 500px to social networks
Improved blog markup for Google structured data
Fixed separator alignment issue
Minor CSS/JS/PHP adjustments    

V2.4 – 08 January, 2016

Prepared the theme for WordPress 4.4
Updated plugins to latest versions
Updated the FontAwesome icons library
Fixed a blog page bug
Minor CSS/JS/PHP adjustments    

V2.3 – 06 October, 2015

Updated plugins to latest versions
Minor Adjustments

V2.2.1 – 06 September, 2015

Updated plugins to latest versions
Fixed a navigation bug
Fixed a services bug

V2.2 – 23 August, 2015

Prepared the theme for WordPress 4.3
Updated plugins to latest versions
Updated Redux Framework to latest version
Updated the FontAwesome icons library
Updated WooCommerce Templates
Fixed a responsive navigation issue
Added Fullscreen Row option to the page builder
Added Tripadvisor to social networks
Minor CSS/JS/PHP adjustments    

V2.1.1 – 29 July, 2015

Fixed text formatting issues caused by the security escape

V2.1 – 29 July, 2015

Updated plugins to latest versions
Fixed scrolloffset navigation bug
Updated VC shortcodes for Visual Composer v4.6+
Improved theme security by improving escaping 
Minor CSS/JS/PHP adjustments

V2.0 – 24 June, 2015

New plugin: "Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer" plugin included in the theme
New feature: Fullscreen menu
Added an option for displaying the portfolio projects fullwidth
Added an option for displaying a small thumbnail on blog posts
Added an option for displaying content above or below blog posts on blog pages
Added an option for displaying the site tagline near logo
Added an option for using logo in .SVG format
Added an option for enabling/disabling hashtags in URL for navigation
Added an option for lazyloading the portfolio slider images
Added an option for reordering the projects in the grid
Improved on-page SEO by revising the Headings
Improved WooCommerce shop styling
Updated Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, DeliciousShortcodes plugins to latest versions
Updated the PrettyPhoto lightbox plugin to v3.1.6 to keep it safe from any security vulnerability
Updated the theme options framework
Small PHP/HTML/CSS/JS adjsustments and bug fixes

V1.9 – 01 May, 2015

Improved theme security
Updated Visual Composer, Revolution slider and Envato Toolkit plugins to latest versions
Updated the theme options framework
Small PHP/HTML/CSS/JS adjsustments and bug fixes

V1.8 – 27 March, 2015

Updated Visual Composer to latest version
Updated the theme options framework
Updated OwlCarousel JS Library
Added an option for disabling lightbox in the Portfolio Slider element
Added Slideshare to social block
Small PHP/HTML/CSS/JS adjsustments and bug fixes

V1.7 – 05 February, 2015

Updated plugins to latest versions
Updated the theme options framework
Added new options in the theme options panel for: alternative logo on scroll, parallax effect switch, smooth scrolling switch, WordPress admin bar switch, navigation scroll offset.
Updated the FontAwesome icon library
Added Yelp to social block
Small PHP/HTML/CSS/JS adjustments and bug fixes

V1.6 – 22 December, 2014

Ensured compatibility with WordPress 4.1+
Updated plugins to latest versions
Updated the theme options framework
Added new options in page builder for Row(parallax inertia), Clients Slider(items on row, speed), Testimonials Slider(speed) and Portfolio Slider(speed).
Fixed a small bug related to the portfolio grid, which appeared on window resize.
Small PHP/HTML/CSS/JS adjsustments and bug fixes

V1.5.2 – 13 September, 2014

Fixed a small bug which was throwing fatal errors for some servers, blocking access to WordPress dashboard; 
Updated new image size dimensions for portfolio grid in template-portfolio.php

V1.5.1 – 12 September, 2014

Fixed a small menu item bug, related to the Theme Options->Portfolio->Link URL for the portfolio `Back` button icon

V1.5 – 12 September, 2014

Updated Plugins to latest versions(Visual Composer to v4.3.4, RevolutionSlider to v4.6, Templatera to v1.0.5 and DeliciousShortcodes to v1.3)
Updated FontAwesome Icon Font library to v4.2.0
New Feature: Lazy Load techniques for a faster website loading time
New Feature: Responsive layout switch between Media Queries and Fluid Grid
New Feature: Added support for WooCommerce 
New Portfolio theme options
New page builder element: Team Members Slider
Small PHP/HTML/CSS/JS adjustments and bug fixes

V1.4.1 – 23 July, 2014

Removed white space from the menu on responsive layout
Fixed the LinkedIn function for the Social Block

V1.4 – 30 June, 2014

New feature - Search Widget in Header
New portfolio grid options - set a category as the default filter, manipulate the 'All' keyword with ease(move, translate, hide)
Updated plugins to Latest Versions
Updated Theme Options
Updated FontAwesome Icon Font library
Enabled default Visual Composer Buttons
Enabled Revisions for Projects
Added Behance, SoundCloud, Xing, VK to social block
Added Instagram, Pinterest to team members
Added more thumbnail options for team members: it can now be set to open a custom link
Disabled PrettyPhoto hashtags
Responsive Layout option revised
Revised process of building templates
Child Theme revised(if you are using a child theme, check out the new one and add your changes into it)

V1.3.1 – 21 April, 2014

Updated plugins to latest versions to ensure theme compatibility with WordPress 3.9
Added Envato WordPress Toolkit for theme automatic updates, directly from Wp Dashboard

V1.3 – 03 April, 2014

New Feature - YouTube Video Backgrounds
New Feature - "Text with Icon" VC element
New Header Styles and Options
New Footer style - footer content centered
New Blog Layout - Fullwidth
Added "Portfolio Manager" options for a better grid management
Added more thumbnail options for project thumbnails: now you can open an image gallery or a Video in a lightbox, for every project thumbnail.
Added more thumbnail options for team members
Added option for displaying social icons in header
Reviewed blog posts displaying behavior
Added option for button target
Added option for custom JS
Plugins Updated
Small CSS/JS adjustments

V1.2 – 18 March, 2014

A new, more powerful, solid Theme Options panel - now, based on ReduxFramework
Improved the website preloader to display the website faster
Improved the child theme
Twitter feed support shortcode for non-latin languages
Updated RevolutionSlider to Latest Version
Small CSS adjustments
Small JS adjustments

V1.1 – 14 March, 2014

Updated premium plugins(Visual Composer and Revolution Slider) to latest versions
Fixed an "Unexpected T Function" error caused by servers running PHP lower than version 5.3 - some might experienced it as a blank/white screen
Added Enable/Disable option for website`s initial preloader
Small JavaScript adjustments
Small CSS adjustments

V1.0 – 13 March, 2014

Initial release


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