Marketing is about creating and advancing relationships with the consumer. Marketing is profitable only with the anticipation of paying for a product or service that will be used, or at the very least, an expectation of being used. Marketing is a skill, a development of skills over time, and a culmination of many years of experience. Marketing is not a single factor; it is not a “one size fits all.” Marketing is not a “get rich quick” program.


What does marketing mean to you? If you have been involved in marketing, you know it includes more than just hitting the pavement, getting your message out, and hoping that something sticks. Marketing is the art of telling compelling stories so compellingly that individuals lose sight of their wallets, and/or, their expectations. Marketing may include; Television commercials, radio ads, advertising in print (such as magazines), out of home (graphic design), out of doors (marketers), out of water (scary commercials), in the mall, retail, and/or food service marketing.

Marketing is not limited to reaching consumers. Marketing is also about communicating the message or the product(s) to the appropriate audience. Marketing is a communication process between and among individuals, whether they be managers salespeople, consumers, government planners, consultants, or shareholders. Marketing is a way of understanding and communicating with your intended audience. Marketing is about understanding your target audience and their preferences and needs. This includes personal values, objectives, goals, and how you communicate the messages you wish to communicate.

The Marketing concept incorporates a four Ps. The four Ps. are: Positioning, Personal Value, Persuasion, and Persuasive. These play a very important role in your selling techniques. They allow you to position yourself and/or your product or service for success.

Positioning: In marketing you must first identify your market. From there you can start to communicate the advantages and/or disadvantages to using your marketing concept. Persuasion: Knowing how people think will give you the ability to persuade your consumer to buy your products. Lastly, communication will play a big role in your selling strategy. By communicating the benefits to the prospective client; as well as, the negative of the product, you are communicating your marketing approach.

Conducting market research plays an integral part in your marketing strategy. In conducting market research you are taking time to understand, and gain insight into your potential customers. As a result of your research, you will be able to fine tune the services and/or products you wish to offer to consumers. And, you can improve on your selling approach by understanding more about your potential clients.