Lobo is a new portfolio concept for creative agencies and freelancers. Graphic designers, illustrators, photographers or any kind of creative is now able to create a quick & easy portfolio to showcase their work with a distinctive and creative touch.

Lobo is modular, this means that your contents will be created in the basis of a custom module builder that will allow you to compose and create your own layouts in seconds.

Compose with any background color, text, images, background images, sliders, videos, tracks… just with some few clicks and settings.

Fully responsive, icons retina ready… You can implement features like parallax or Lobo´s exclusive immersive sticky header. This new menu concept will allow you to access to some actions and menu options in any part of the page.

Two different menus to choose from with submenus will make different your site from others.

Customize the whole site via the native WordPress customizer, you will check your changes in real time. With this feature, you can set up your customized site in minutes!

You will love Lobo as much as we do.

Complete features list

  • Responsive, of course
  • Two different navigations
  • Unique modular content layouts. You can create unique and very creative layouts to display your projects in a very easy way.
  • Unique and custom page/module builder
  • Premium Royal Slider included.
  • WordPress native customizer ready
  • Isotope & masonry layouts
  • Infinite scroll
  • Cool sticky submenu feature that will allow you to have access to some secondary functions within your site. This option can be disabled, of course. You will have in this way a more normal scroll experience…
  • Cool filtering method for your project items
  • Multiple portfolio pages
  • Custom fullscreen backgrounds for each project and section.
  • Parallax backgrounds and videos. You can disable it as well.
  • Fullscreen hero videos from Yotube & Vimeo.
  • Self hosted soundtracks/music (mp3/ogg). With a custom player fully integrated with the theme´s concept.
  • Google fonts library
  • Font-awesome icons retina ready
  • Select the portfolio columns choosing from 1 to 4 columns.
  • Adjust the sizes for your text, fonts, color. Combinations are unlimited.
  • Localization ready
  • WooCommerce integration (e-commercer/shop features) support
  • WPML support
  • iOS/Mobile Ready
  • Touch gestures and keyboard support for sliders
  • XML to import dummy content to have an easy and fast start with your new theme.

Do you need support?

Dashboard and ticksy are checked regularly during business hours (9:00h-18:00h UTC+1). We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24-48 hours. While be sure your query was not asked before in any thread and remember you to take a look to the FAQs.

Support tasks are the questions and doubts about the theme itself. Support tasks don´t cover customizations or particular needs. Before purchasing the theme, make sure it covers your needs and if you could have any doubt before, do not hesitate to contact. We will try to help with it.

Raised by “wolverines”


Jaclyn Hudson
Parade Studio
Hey Alliance
Ohana Mae
Kimy Alvarez
Emmanuelle Bories
Harold Perrin
Mr. Matthews


We are Motto
Vetsch Frei
Nociones Unidas
Modul 4
GFX Bucket
Jeremy Snowsill
Olmo y Almo
Cross Eyes
Ink and Giants

Product & Places

All Essentials
Born & Draised
Ricks Cafe Kensington

Some of the sites displayed here were awarded in different & important showcase websites like awwwards.com or mindsparklemag.com
Congrats a lot, dear wolverines!

These websites might feature some custom work in them, done by the user or a third party web developer. We do not offer assistance in achieving the customizations that you might see in some of these examples – the original theme consists only in what you can see in the theme’s online preview.

Please, respect the privacy of these site owners or developers. Do not contact with them in order to ask questions about the theme. Any related doubt, you must to do it here, to our team. We will let you know about any related detail. Thanks.


A special big THANK YOU for those great artists and creatives that provide us with some of their amazing pieces to illustrate Lobo Premium Portfolio WordPress Theme.

Images used to illustrate the demo are copyrighted by its owners. The illustrators & designers mentioned above. In no way, any of these images are included on the final package you download from Themeforest. They are only used for demonstration proposals.

Do you need support?

Dashboard and ticksy are checked regularly during business hours (9:00h-18:00h UTC+1). We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24-48 hours. While be sure your query was not asked before in any thread and remember you to take a look to the FAQs.

Support tasks are the questions and doubts about the theme itself. Support tasks don´t cover customizations or particular needs. Before purchasing the theme, make sure it covers your needs and if you could have any doubt before, do not hesitate to contact. We will try to help with it.

Change log

v2.5.1 // updated: 04/07/17

  • Added support for WooCommerce 3.0
  • Improved mobile navigation on Android

v2.5.0 // updated: 02/08/17

  • Improved performance and support for latest versions of WordPress

v2.4.9 // updated: 07/26/16

  • Fixed an issue with WooCommerce checkout page
  • Fixed a bug related to the unlimited portfolio settings

v2.4.8 // updated: 07/13/16

  • Added support for the new Google Maps API

v2.4.7 // updated: 06/17/16

  • Added support for WooCommerce 2.6.1
  • Updated Font Awesome library to 4.6.3

v2.4.6 // updated: 05/05/16

  • Fixed layout issue in cart ‘apply coupon’ area (mobile) WooCommerce 2.5.2

v2.4.5 // updated: 03/11/16

  • Added support for WooCommerce 2.5.2

v2.4.4 // updated: 01/31/16

  • Added support for WooCommerce 2.5.0
  • Improved checkout UX
  • Added ‘Work Sans’ Google Font to the theme´s font library
  • Updated Font Awesome library to 4.5.0

v2.4.3 // updated: 12/12/15

  • Fixed a pagination related issue in WP 4.4

v2.4.2 // updated: 11/11/15

  • Fixed an issue with WooCommerce variation images

v2.4.1 // updated: 10/20/15

  • Improved support for WooCommerce 2.4.7

v2.4 // updated: 08/18/15

  • Added support for WooCommerce 2.4

v2.3.8 // updated: 08/13/15

  • Fixed the mute option for Vimeo videos
  • Fixed the WooCommerce double images issue

v2.3.6 // updated: 05/27/15

  • Improved YouTube player to support the new API (v3) and allow more videos per page
  • Fixed IE9 loading issues

v2.3.5 // updated: 05/06/15

  • Fixed WooCommerce user forms

v2.3.4 // updated: 04/28/15

  • Fixed broken cart page in WooCommerce 2.3.8
  • Removed register buttons from WooCommerce, when the option is disabled

v2.3.3 // updated: 04/20/15

  • Fixed a bug caused by last update

v2.3.2 // updated: 04/20/15

  • Fixed some video related issues
  • Added support for the WooCommerce product shortcode
  • Fixed a bug in WooCommerce v2.3.6

v2.3.1 // updated: 02/26/15

  • Added support for WooCommerce grouped projects
  • Fixed alternate portfolio filtering
  • Fixed an issue with WooCommerce checkout

v2.3 // updated: 02/13/15

  • Added support for WooCommerce 2.3
  • Added social meta tags in the header
  • Added a new “related projects” module
  • Added a “please update message” for IE8 users
  • Updated Font Awesome to v4.3 (Lobo Shortcodes update)
  • Fixed a minor localization issue
  • Fixed an error related to WooCommerce products with no description

v2.2.2 // updated: 01/22/15

  • Fixed a bug related to self hosted videos with WP 4.1

v2.2.1 // updated: 01/13/15

  • Full theme ready for WP 4.1
  • Fixed a bug related to portfolio & touch devices
  • Fixed an issue with lightbox design on retina displays

v2.2 // updated: 12/12/14

  • Added an optional URL field for image modules
  • Improved the gallery module
  • Fixed blog grid numbering
  • Fixed a few WooCommerce related details

v2.1 // updated: 11/26/14

  • Added custom lightbox option for portfolio items
  • Added image option as a fallback/poster for video heroes on mobile devices
  • Added change log view in the backend
  • Fixed the fade option for the modular slider

v2.0.9 // updated: 10/25/14

  • Added an option to disable unlimited portfolios
  • Added support for WooCommerce categories grid
  • Fixed some other minor issues

v2.0.8 // updated: 10/06/14

  • Updated Font Awesome to v4.2 (Lobo Shortcodes update)
  • Fixed WPEngine module builder conflict
  • Fixed thin fonts issue

v2.0.7 // updated: 09/27/14

  • Fixed a bug related to WooCommerce variations
  • Fixed a bug related to logo force detection

v2.0.6 // updated: 09/22/14

  • Fixed issue related with e-commerce functionalities due to the last update

v2.0.5 // updated: 09/21/14

  • Added support for WooCommerce 2.2.x
  • Added templating system for the Module Builder
  • Added _target option for the social shortcode
  • Fixed self hosted video headers with auto height
  • Fixed WooCommerce variation images issues
  • Updated the language files

v2.0.4 // updated: 09/06/14

  • Added option for audio players to stop when a new one is triggered
  • Improved the use of animated gif’s for portfolio thumbnails
  • Fixed missing preloader on 404 pages
  • Fixed other minor issues

v2.0.3 // updated: 08/16/14

  • Added high resolution preloaders
  • Improved fading YouTube videos issue
  • Improved embedded videos playback on mobile devices
  • Fixed solid background header issues
  • Fixed links with hashtag not working
  • Fixed other known bugs

v2.0.2 // updated: 08/08/14

  • Style fixes for WooCommerce elements on mobile views
  • Mobile video fallback for videos improved

v2.0.1 // updated: 08/02/14

  • Added option to enable cart display on entire site
  • Added option to hide product “sale” notice
  • Added message for users with javascript disabled
  • Fixed an issue with custom URL’s projects
  • Fixed some issues related to text hero headers
  • Fixed some minor issues related to WooCommerce
  • Fixed closed accordion shortcode issue

v2.0 // updated: 07/30/14

  • Added support for WooCommerce
  • Added support for password protected content
  • Added an accordion shortcode (updated the Lobo Shortcodes plugin to v1.0.3)
  • Added more options for text modules, such as vertical alignment of text and another wrapping option
  • Added support for self hosted videos (HTML5)
  • Improved video support on mobile devices
  • Fixed white stripes issue in Safari
  • Fixed issues with contact form button
  • Fixed other bugs

v1.2 // updated: 07/11/14

  • Added slider speed option for hero sliders
  • Added custom height options for all hero headers
  • Added manual “detection” of hero background per page
  • Improved the text hero with new options for background images and vertical alignment
  • Improved styling for custom forms
  • Fixed an error with text hero and infinite loading portfolio
  • Fixed other small bugs

v1.1.4 // updated: 06/19/14

  • Added option for custom URL’s in the portfolio grid
  • Fixed some bugs related to text module
  • Improved fonts handling and added more Google Fonts
  • Fixed some other minor details

v1.1.3 // updated: 06/06/14

  • Fixed issues related to the contact form, included the highlight validation.

v1.1.2 // updated: 06/05/14

  • Added fade options for sliders
  • Added more typography options in the text editor. Handle sizes and colors directly from the editor for each module.
  • Fixed some resizing issues
  • Improved IE compatibility

v1.1.1 // updated: 05/30/14

  • Fixed fonts issue
  • Fixed an issue with the gallery module related to Firefox
  • Fixed other minor issues
  • Improved separator styling

v1.1 // updated: 05/29/14

  • Added a new module for fullscreen galleries
  • Added new modules for latest portfolio / posts
  • Added a separator module
  • Added a “back to portfolio” action
  • Added “auto height” option for the image module
  • Added a new “tabs” style for the content slider shortcode (updated Lobo Shortcodes plugin to v1.0.2)
  • Tweaked contact form’s design in order to make it more responsive
  • Improved modules resizing
  • Optimized JS and fixed other small bugs

v1.0.3 // updated: 05/26/14

  • Added new options for sticky actions. Now you will be able to choose if actions use a subtle stroke to highlight from the background more or choose if using a solid color when the sticky actions are enabled. Try the Customizer > Header option to see them in action.
  • Added autoplay option for hero sliders
  • Added loop slide at the end option for hero sliders
  • Improved custom 404 page header
  • Improved module builder (text modules & tinyMCE handling)
  • Updated language files and added German translation
  • Fixed all issues related to sliders (custom cursors and logo detection)
  • Fixed invisible “submit comment” button in Safari
  • Fixed some “lazy loading pages” issues
  • Fixed other small style related details

v1.0.2 // updated: 05/22/14

  • Fixed hero slider resizing issue
  • Fixed blank portfolio page issue
  • Fixed automatic updates engine

v1.0.1 // updated: 05/21/14

  • Added an option to enable looping on the hero slider
  • Added an option to hyperlink slides in the hero slider
  • Made the theme widget-ready by creating a shortcode which inserts custom widget areas in text modules (updated Lobo Shortcodes plugin to v1.0.1)
  • Fixed comment dates issue

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