iMedica is probably the most comprehensive & feature rich WordPress theme that’s made for medical organizations. Responsive code, retina ready graphics, lightweight framework and very flexible structure makes it outstanding.

Core Features

Friendly Admin Panel

iMedica comes with a well designed and categorized admin panel. With this level of simplicity, making customizations was never easier.

100% Responsive Design

Website that works everywhere! That’s right, iMedica’s well structured responsive code renders well across desktops, tabs & mobiles as well.

Full Width, Boxed & Fluid Layouts

Stretch your website to full width or fit it like a boxed. Or maybe go fluid? iMedica makes it all possible.

Build for Speed

Who likes a bloated, slow website? We have given special attention to speed and iMedica follows recommendations by Google.

Header Options

Headers are important as they make first impression of your website. We have provided several inbuilt header option and customizing them is fun..

SEO Friendly Code

Excellent SEO markup is one of the core value we have put in iMedica. Get iMedica for your website tell Google that you are coming.

Unlimited Everything!

Unlimited Design Options

Need a landing page? Or a simple one page layout? May be squeeze page? You can count on our flexible framework. Almost everything is possible ;)

Unlimited Font Icons

Yes – Unlimited Font Icons. Integration of Font Awesome, Entypo, Linecons or literally any font library you wish is easy as pie.

Unlimited Sidebars

Forget the old bad days to stick with few static sidebars. With iMedica, you can create any number of sidebars, dynamically!

CSS3 Animations

Our innovative Animation Block feature can animate virtually ANYTHING in Visual Composer. 75+ types effects, in any direction, at any speed.

100% Retina Ready

Unlike many other themes, iMedica is truly Retina Ready. Just upload the @2x image copy and rest will be managed, automatically.

Sidebar Manager

iMedica allows you to create sidebars dynamically and assign them individually on pages, posts or on certain groups with our Sidebar manager tool.

Easy Customizations

Website Width Control

Now donâ??t worry if your project is large or small, you have enough content or not, iMedicaâ??s width control settings will prove to be a great asset.

Revolution Slider

iMedica comes with the popular Revolution Slider so you wonâ??t have to purchase it separately.
You Save $17 🙂

Visual Composer

Unleash the real power of Visual Composer with iMedica. The drag & drop page builder comes inbuilt with many extended features. Save $27

600+ Google Fonts

Need some font freedom? Integrate Google fonts in theme structure globally; or use them on your pages, posts, Visual Composer elements as you like.

Mega Menu

Get ready to be creative with your boring menus as iMedica has built in Mega Menu feature. You can add cool icons with your menu items too!

Before After Slider

Want to showcase your before / after case studies creatively? Our popular Before After comes with iMedica at no additional costs. Save $16

Lots of Goodies

Dummy Data Importer

Want to get started with reference of demo site? Not a problem! Create replica of what you see on our demo for yourself in a click or two.

Update Notifications

Get an update notification right in your WordPress dashboard. No more FTP or other complicated procedures.

Translation Ready

English isnâ??t your primary language? Not a problem! .po / .mo files are available for you to translate.

Parallax & Video Backgrounds

Creative backgrounds do truly set the tone for your website and we understand this. Find the extensive parallax & video background features in iMedica.

Timetable Showcase

Now, make your schedule available to the world with Responsive Timetable plugin that comes inbuilt. Save $18

PSD Files

Need to refer original PSD files and make tweaks in the design? Weâ??ve got you covered!


August 06, 2016 – Version 3.1.8

# Improvement: Added option to make the sticky header of same width as box width.
# Improvement: Social icons in top header now supports 4 custom icons and a full list of FontAwesome icons.
# Improvement: FontAwesome updated to latest version 4.6.3.
# Fix: Instagram option in social media options not working.
# Fix: code before </head> tag was being added after opening of body tag.

June 23, 2016 – Version 3.1.7

# Improvement: Added Read more link to Blog medium layout.
# Fix: Updated the Facebook share link in post share box.
# Updated Brainstorm Updater

June 10, 2016 – Version 3.1.5

# Fix: Accordion title getting cropped if the title is large.
# Fix: Updated Retina JS to latest v1.4.0 to fix retina related issues.
# Fix: Blog Grid layout 3 had broken layout on search page when there are no results to display.
# Updated brainstorm updater to latest version.

May 10, 2016 – Version 3.1.4

# New: Instagram and Pinterest options in top header social media.
# Fix: PHP errors when theme is updated to a newer version.
# Updated brainstorm updater to a newer version.

May 05, 2016 – Version 3.1.3

# New: New filter in excerpt to hard limit number of words.
# Fix: occasional fatal error in the admin panel, updated brainstorm updater.
# Fix: styling of sticky post.

April 19, 2016 – Version 3.1

# Improvement: PHP7 Compatibility.
# Improvement: WordPress 4.5 Compatibility.
# Improvement: All the functions are now overridable from the child theme.
# Fix: Custom 404-page option now loads all the required from VC and Ultimate Addons.
# Fix: Alignment of search field irrespective of font size.
# Fix: Page title bar displaying "Archive" on categories and tags for custom post type will now show the name of the Category or Tag.
# Fix: Page title bar not displaying any title on some custom post types.
# Fix: Background color was not working in iTitle.
# Fix: Border was not working in CTA style 1.
# Fix: Admin menu management alignment problems
# Fix: Top header text color and hover color not being applied to Custom HTML section.
# Fix: Disabled load more button on the single post.
# Fix: Load more button displayed even when no more posts are available.

March 18, 2016 – Version

# Improvement: Design options for all the Visual Composer elements in iMedica.
# Improvement: Added instagram to social media widget.
# Fix: Brainstorm Updater improvements and bug fixes.
# Fix: Custom social link in top header not visible in mobile menu.
# Fix: Full screen search redirecting to 404 page for iPad and other touch devices.
# Fix: Long titles overflowing in feature box for Firefox.
# Fix: Link-height for the date field.

February 09, 2016 – Version

# Fix: styling issues when lists, strong tags were added in infobox and feature box.
# Fix: Greek letters not properly visible in the excerpt of recent posts element.
# Fix: transparent header text color being persistent even after the transparent header mode was turned off.
# Fix: the logo image overflowing out of the wrapper in firefox, when the logo has large dimensions.
# Fix: search form not properly aligned on 404 page.
# Fix: Image URLs breaking after upgrading ultimate to version 3.15.1

December 29, 2015 – Version

# Fixed bug in showing product list in brainstorm updater.

December 28, 2015 – Version 3.0.4.

# Improvement: Support for Google font subsets for latin, Cyrillic etc.
# Improvement: Only one H1 tag from post title will be available on pages.
# Improvement: Full RTL support.
# Fix: Menu resizing after whole page loads.
# Fix: iMedica image gallery not working inside VC tabs.
# Fix: VC single image not showing circular images properly, And custom sizes not working.
# Fix: Menu column title not visible for mobile devices for mega menus.
# Fix: Normalized styling of some missing input fields.
# Fix: Mobile menu requires two clicks.
# Fix: PHP error when two or more twitter VC elements are used on a page. 
# Fix: Mobile menu requires two clicks on iOS devices.
# Fix: PHP error on some servers appearing because the extensions were loaded improperly.
# Update: updated Font awesome to latest version 4.5

November 06, 2015 – Version 3.0.2

# Improvement: Link can be applied to team member picture.
# Improvement: updated redux framework in iMedica options panel.
# Fix: Single image supports all the new options from visual composer.
# Fix: Padding fix for footer area in boxed layout.
# Fix: color options in Visual Composer tabs.
# Fix: Default options were not working on some Visual Composer elements.
# Fix: Warning messages in info box VC element.
# Fix: Two H1 Tags on the pages.
# Fix: Image style and sizes does not appear in firefox for external link images in VC single image.
# Fix: PHP warning in popular posts VC element.
# Fix: Warnings in twitter vc element.
# Several other minor bug fixes

October 17, 2015 – Version 3.0.1

# Fix: CSS for over the slider class on homepage boxes.
# Fix: Reverted styling for recent posts VC element.
# Fix: broken author URL on single post when author has not entered website in his profile.
# Improvement: used WordPress Http API instead of plain PHP functions to check if retina @2x images exist on server.

October 13, 2015 – Version 3.0

# New: Layout option - Padded layout.
# New: Now set the page as a footer, So design footer using visual composer.
# New: Demo import options for all the 9 new demos, make sure to update iMedica core plugin to latest Version 3.0 as well.
# New: Option to make scroll to top button rounded.
# New: Option to set the maximum height to the sticky header.
# New: Style in team member element.
# New: Custom small footer options to add custom HTML, social links etc.
# New: Search style for search icon in menu, iMedica options -> Manu -> Search Layout.
# New: Option to set top and bottom margins for box layout.
# New: Added schema tags for blog posts, Good for SEO!
# New: Style options in testimonial element.
# New: Shiny updates and extension installed in Brainstorm Updater.
# Improvement: Transparent header now works in the mobile layout.
# Improvement: Rename Splash area as Hero Section.
# Improvement: Responsive font sizes in the team member element.
# Update: Retina.js to latest version 1.3.0
# Update: FontAwesome to latest version 4.4
# Update: Smoothscroll to latest version 1.4.0
# Fix: Page options now work on the blog page.
# Fix: Custom CSS and Gogole Fonts not working in page Hero Section.
# Fix: Accordion element animation not smooth.
# Fix: Equal top and bottom height in the footer.
# Fix: mailto and tel links to imedica address widget.
# Fix: Mailchimp subscribe form CSS fixes for the newer version.
# Fix: Carosuel icons in arrow fixed.
# Fix: Default values not woring in some VC elements.
# Fix: Many fixes for IE9.

Sept 05, 2015 – Version 2.0.5

# Fix: formatting issues in button element.
# Fix: font from testimonial element not working.
# Fix: margin-bottom issue on popular posts VC element
# Fix: removed spacing before read more on popular posts element.
# Fix: hidden post thumb when the option is selected to hide it.
# Fix: spacing before read more link in recent posts element.
# Fix: iMedica Popular Post - The Post title color is not working in front end.
# Fix: Team member element border issues
# Fix: iMedica feature Box - style 2,style 3- Extra P tag issue.
# Fix: PHP warning displayed in frontend.
# Fix: iMedica Info Box - Style 1 -  Not displaying at front end.
# Fix: iMedica Feature Box - The default color of the fold is black, changed it to take the darker shade of theme color.
# Fix: accordion custom colors not working.
# Fix: Hover colors not working in feature box.
# Fix: icon hover color not working in VC Tour element.

Aug 23, 2015 – v2.0.4.1

# Fix: WordPress 4.3 compatibility fixes for iMedica VC elements.

Aug 20, 2015 – v2.0.4

# Fix: WordPress 4.3 compatibility in iMedica widgets.
# New: New filter to change the word count in default word count in the excerpt.
# Fix: improved structure of breadcrumb on page title.

August 06, 2015 – Version 2.0.3

# Fix: Transparent Header adding empty space below on the page on Firefox.
# Fix: Image uploader in Visual Composer elements custom image size option.
# Fix: Single image element, custom size option now working.
# Fix: Updates to Brainstorm Updater.

Jul 24, 2015 – Version 2.0.2

# Fix: Some translation strings with proper localization
# Fix: minor updates to Brainstorm Updater

July 23, 2015 v2.0.1

# Fix: min-height was not working in style 3 of the feature box.
# Fix: iMedica VC elements fixes for Visual Composer v4.6
- Image Gallery
- Testimonial
- Team Member
- iTitle
- Price List
- Buttons
- Call to action
- Price Tables
- Info Box
- Feature Box

July 10, 2015 – Version 2.0

# New: All new Theme/plugin Updater.
# New: Welcome Screen after installing iMedica.
# New: plugin activation/installation nags.
# New: option to select a custom currency format in iMedica price table.
# New: option to add a custom link to team member element.
# Improvement: Removed all the plugins from theme package.
# Update: bundled plugin iMedica core has been updated.
# Fix: Various multisite compatibility issues.
# Fix: iMedica twitter widget messing up text from greek language.
# Fix: link option in single image element in Visual Composer.
# Fix: Fixed target tag in the imedica button element.

June 18, 2015 – Version 1.4.1

# New: option to enable/disable comments view in recent posts and popular post VC elements.
# New: option to enable or disable search in default header.
# New: shortcode support inside feature boxes.
# New: option to add border radius to team member image.
# New: post link to featured images on the blog page.
# Update bundled plugin - Visual Composer to latest version v4.5.3
# Update bundled Plugin - Revolution slider to latest version - 4.6.93
# Update bundled plugin - Ultimate Addons to latest version - v 3.12.0
# Fix: sound hound player in the audio post will be visible in blog/archive pages.
# Fix: comments from sometimes having a smaller width.
# Fix: php notice in recent posts and popular posts VC elements.
# Fix: iPad friendly menus.
# Fix: Path of slick.gif loader 404 on all pages.
# Fix: Enable page title bar on blog home page.
# Fix: black color appearing on a sticky header on the blog page.

May 27, 2015 – Version 1.4

# Removed import functionality from theme and shifted it to "iMedica Core" plugin.
# Improvements in dummy data import functionality.
# Improvement in VC single image shortcode. Now uses new image param.
# Added New landing page and a slider in demo data.
# Update bundled plugin - Ultimate Addons to latest version - v 3.11.1
# Update bundled plugin - Visual Composer to latest version v4.5.2
# Update bundled plugin - iMedica core to latest version v2.0
# Fix: Translation issues with backend and frontend.
# Fix: Menu overflowing out of page wrapper in box layout.
# Fix: Removed autocapitalization in menu.
# Fix: plus and minus icons in accordion element.

May 29, 2015 – Version 1.3.2

# Update bundled plugin - Timetable Responsive Schedule For WordPress - v 3.3
# Update bundled plugin - Visual Composer to latest version v4.5.1
# Update bundled Plugin - Revolution slider to latest version - 4.6.92
# Updated imedica child theme to v1.1
# Fix: Bug with modern style page title bar, enable or disable from page options

May 22, 2015 – Version 1.3.1

- Update Redux Framework to v3.5.4.
# Update TGM plugin activation class to v2.4.1.
# Update bundled plugin Visual Composer to latest version v4.4.4.
# Update FontAwesome to latest version v4.3.0.
# Improved retina mode, retina @2x images will be automatically generated.
# Moved function to defer parsing JavaScript to child theme.
# Fix: Some iMedica options not saving in admin panel.
# Fix: Height of sticky header.
# Fix: Links opening in new tab for some Visual Composer elements.
# Fix: Custom header not working on blog posts.

Apr 9, 2015 – Version 1.3.0

# Performance optimization, reduced memory consumption by removing LESS compiler.
# New: options to choose breadcrumb and title to be displayed or not on title bar.
# New: option in sticky header to select different logo, background, text color.
# New: option to select whether to load the CSS in head or in separate files.
# Fix: Front Editor bug in team member element.
# Fix: height calculation of sticky menu.
# fix: errors while loading CSS files on some servers .
# fix: CSS fixes in mega menu, iMedica gallery.
# Update bundled Plugins

Mar 20, 2015 – Version 1.2.0

# Improved dummy data functionality
# Added typography options for call to action element.
# Fix: CSS not loading on some servers.
# Fix: Sticky header option in iMedica options not working.
# Fix: CSS applied to #page fixed.
# Fix: links now working in team member element.

Feb 20, 2015 – Version 1.1.0

# Update bundled plugin - One-Page Navigation
# Update bundled plugin - Ultimate Addons to latest version v3.9.4
# Update bundled plugin - Visual Composer to latest version v4.4.3
# Update dummy data to latest demo site
# Fix: error - Cannot use object of type WP_Error
# FIX: related posts showing same date
# Fix: default capitalization in element iTitle
# FIX: Widget - iMedica menu, current menu item style bug
# Fix: transparent header on single pages affecting archive pages
# Fix - Allow HTML in footer credits
# Fix: custom scripts option
# FIX: sub-menu current menu font color
# Fix: Top header email address link fix
# Fix: Fix 404-page search form

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