WordPress is an open source and free content management platform written in PHP and coupled with a MySQL or Miva database. It is a user-friendly blogging platform that can be used on a PC, laptop, tablet computers and even the Apple iPad. It can be installed on your own website or can be hosted on a server provided by a web designer. There are several benefits of using WordPress and many WordPress users find it easy to use and increase their website traffic. Features include:

A site from WordPress comes with a basic installation of WordPress itself. You do not need to install WordPress hosting separately. WordPress users can install the plug-in tree from their site, or any other WordPress directory. Once installed, the user has complete control over their website.

WordPress features several different options for publishing your content. There are permalinks that allow users to display the contents of their blogs directly. Administrators have administrative tools for controlling and changing various options such as permalinks, theme settings, themes colors and styles. Users can create new blogs using templates or custom themes. The administrator has complete control over all WordPress features such as uploading images, creating, editing and deleting content.

You can customize your site looks by choosing from thousands of free or paid theme files from the WordPress gallery. The theme files represent the overall layout of your site. The theme editor provides tools for applying one or more theme files to your existing website. The theme editor lets you choose colors, logos and fonts for the various page elements. The built-in widgets offer common functions such as updating a blog, showing the time and date, entering a name for a post and creating a new post.

One of the most important parts of a WordPress installation is the WordPress core file. WordPress utilizes the PHP scripting language to publish your content. The PHP script is located in the WordPress root directory and is controlled by the WordPress user directory utilities. The default theme files are bundled with the WordPress operating system and are used to customize the look and feel of the website. These default theme files are typically customized by the WordPress plugin or theme author.

Anytime you install WordPress it will place these extra files at the same location so they can be accessible when editing your themes and creating new ones. Every time you update a theme or plugin, these additional files are removed and the default theme files are utilized. There is no need to re-download all of the additional files just to update your theme. Simply locate the individual files and select the ones you want to update. Many people will add extra files as they see things that they need to customize and make their websites even more attractive.