Guy Ritchie has always been a filmmaker who creates cool criminal comedies. Well, alright… That’s what I think of him, but it will be fair to admit that he is a man of varied attainments. For example, his latest movie is about King Arthur and despite the fact that it looked pretty controversial for a regular cinema attendee, any true fan of Guy Ritchie may have liked it. To me, Guy Ritchie is a director of three or four amazing movies of one particular genre and I’m totally okay with that. Have you ever noticed that no one else can create a criminal drama like Ritchie? The next person who can give a very similar feeling with his criminal movies is Tarantino, but we will talk about Quentin later. Today we are going to imagine what kind of templates Guy Ritchie would select for his movie websites and see what kind of themes would fit his needs.

King Arthur

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Of course, we will start with the King Arthur, since this is the latest project he worked on. The movie itself has a few flaws, including the stone-faced David Beckham, but I cannot agree with those who called it a bad movie.

If Guy Ritchie would search for a perfect template in order to create the King Arthur website, he would definitely take a look at the Medieval Dinner Theatre Drupal Template . It has the needed touch of the knights’ aesthetics and an unusual layout that will help to promote the King Arthur’s story.


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This is the movie that has such a great color palette that is not actually typical for Guy Ritchie. Most of the times he has a completely different approach to the colors used in the movies, but not this time. While choosing a template for this movie website, Guy would filter out all the gray and dull colored templates and look for something bright. The Presstige – Digital Printing Company Responsive WordPress Theme would be a great fit. The colorful look and drag-n-drop builder would help Ritchie to express himself and his thoughts in the most efficient way.

Gid Jewelry Website Template

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Snatch is a perfect movie that doesn’t really have other alternatives. This story about the stolen diamond is a truly unique masterpiece that I re-watch every year. This movie has so many quotes that have been taken out and used in the regular life by everyone who watched it more than two times. Since the story is about the stolen diamond, Guy would choose this Gid Jewelry Website Template and create a fake jewelry store website. Then he would tell the story of the robbery and chase from the movie using unusual ways of showcasing this parts of the story on the website itself.


Lock, Stock, Two smoking barrels

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You would think that it would be right to use a poker template for this movie, but you are not completely right this time, my dear reader. Guy would choose an antique template in order to highlight the fact that the whole story runs around those two guns stolen from the home of the antique collector by two morons from the north.


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This movie is about a junkie who wants to become a true rock-n-rolla, live young and die fast. That’s the creed of all the rock stars, I believe and this character is no different. For this movie, Guy would select the HardRock Joomla Template and connect it with the main character’s story.


Sherlock Holmes

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Sherlock Holmes is no policeman, I know that! The reason why Guy would choose this template is not connected to the police officers in any way, trust me. So no worries, you can hide your Sherlock Holmes books and chill. This Police Department Joomla Template has the parallax effect and a cool set of UI elements that would help Ritchie to create a great Sherlock website. Basically, this is the basic set of elements that you need to create something similar. But please, don’t forget to change the illustrations. Otherwise, Mister Holmes will not be happy about it.


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Revolver is a pretty tough movie. This is the one that hasn’t been created for the mass market and looks like a weird indie movie. Of course, the fact that Jason Statham plays there doesn’t make it look like an indie one, but the overall concept and plot is pretty damn weird, yet interesting. The chess game is an important part of the movie, so the Chess Responsive Joomla Template would work great, but Guy would have to make a few necessary changes to make it work for the movie website but come one, it’s Guy, he would make it look astonishing.


I’m Going to Tell You a Secret

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This is the chronicle movie about one of Madonna’s tours. Do you actually remember who was Madonna’s husband for 8 years since 2000? Yeah, it was Guy. So the idea behind this movie is pretty obvious and understandable. The template that Guy would choose would definitely look pretty similar to the graphical materials connected with this movie. Music Portal Responsive Joomla Template looks like the one that would fit the movie’s overall style and work great for Guy’s documentary about his great wife.


Wrapping things up

Directors have very unusual personalities and minds. It’s really hard to say what kind of a template each of them would choose for any of their movies, but we believe that we know for sure what our clients would choose and why. So, Guy, in case you need anything, make sure you shoot us an e-mail and we will help you out and see what we have for your next movie! Not sure whether you are a newbie-director or simply want to create a movie website and you are looking for the inspiration among our templates, but I would definitely recommend you checking out our whole catalog of the best WordPress themes for business on the web.