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Best Social Media and Internet Application Apps for Businesses

Social media is quickly becoming one of the biggest trends for businesses to tap into and for marketers to benefit from. Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are only a few of the top websites in regards to popularity. However, with so many people involved with these different websites, how can a business use them to its advantage? We will take a look at some of the best uses for these websites for small businesses and what businesses should be aware of before jumping right in.

Businesses that have not signed up for an account may seem old and useless, but this is simply not true. While there are many benefits to getting started with social media, the fact is that many companies are losing money because they are simply not reaching out to their target market or giving them a reason to stay connected. Before getting started, businesses should do some research on which social networking sites are most relevant to their industry and then get set up with accounts that are already linked with their company. Twitter is a great place to start as it has millions of followers and offers the ability to get in touch with customers as well as providing a platform for businesses to promote themselves and their products.

Hootsuite is another great option for businesses looking to get their foot in the door with social media. Like Twitter, Hootsuite allows businesses to manage their accounts through their mobile devices, allowing them to update posts, respond to tweets and search for blogs and new blog posts related to their industry. This makes it easy to stay connected with customers and gain new followers without having to leave their desk. Like Twitter, Hootsuite is free to sign up for and has a few different ways to gain more followers and build relationships with other users.

If you aren’t already familiar with Hootsuite, it is a new app that lets consumers search the web and track their favorite social media sites with one easy application. For marketers, Hootsuite offers an easy way to manage several accounts, both personal and business. It’s incredibly easy to add an Instagram account, Facebook page, and other accounts that are associated with your brand. All of these accounts are listed in one central location, which makes it easy to update your status and search for content. In addition to being easy to use, Hootsuite has a few tools that can help you optimize your profile and increase your online presence.

For small businesses just starting out, Twitter may be the platform of choice. It is far less formal than most of the other social media sites and allows small businesses to interact with their customers in a more casual manner. Large companies often use a dedicated Twitter account and post up updates on their products and company newsroom. While it is good for branding purposes, Twitter may not be a great way for new businesses to attract followers. Smaller businesses have the ability to set up a Twitter account within minutes and send out updates from their company without having to wait for their followers to actually respond.

If you’re looking for an iPhone application that allows businesses to manage all of their social media accounts, iOS might be the right one for you. iOS offers a simple way to manage an iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch through one centralized location. Like Facebook, it allows users to post short videos and images from their devices directly to their profiles. The app provides a quick way to share images and videos with friends on the go and helps users save time when browsing the web.