Article writing is a very crucial part of any website as it generates traffic to the site. And one needs to do a lot of work to make it good. However, there are some common mistakes that may ruin the traffic generated by the article. These common mistakes have been categorized into two categories, and they are listed below:

o Subhead. It is obvious that you would not want your readers to read an article if it does not have a good heading or a good introductory paragraph at the beginning.

o Articles with irrelevant keywords. Search engines look at the number of relevant keywords in the article and the number of links in the article itself. If your articles do not contain many keywords then you will not get much traffic. On the other hand, if your articles have lots of relevant keywords then you will get higher rankings and higher search engine placements. So, keep in mind that when creating articles always remember to include relevant keywords in the title and the first paragraph.

o Article directories. In order to create traffic to your website you need to submit articles to high ranked article directories and blog directories. However, some directories only accept articles about the topics related to the category, which they have registered and if the article is about topics which are not related to the category, you will not get accepted into their directory.

o Duplicate article. To be able to increase your page rank for article directories, you have to submit your article to the highest authority article directory first.

Article marketing is a great tool to help you in achieving targeted audience and to promote your business. However, to keep up with competition and to avoid being penalized by search engines, it is essential to follow basic article marketing strategies.

o You should always use your keywords in the articles as these keywords will be the key to the ranking of the articles on the search engines. To optimize your articles, you can hire a SEO company to optimize them for you. They will ensure that the articles are properly optimized by using correct keywords.

o The keywords should be placed in the articles so that readers will be able to find them easily. Place keywords in the first paragraph, at the end of each paragraph, and at the end of every paragraph in the body. The keywords should also appear in the titles and subtitles of the articles. The keywords should appear at the beginning, the end of the paragraphs and the start of the body.

o Density refers to the number of times the keywords appear. Higher density indicates that the article is more powerful and readable to the readers. To maximize the usage of keywords, it is suggested that you use two to three times of keyword in an article.