The inception of WordPress in 2003 heralded an era of accessible online presence. Evolving from a simple blogging platform to an advanced content management system, WordPress has become a household name in the world of digital innovations.

Indeed, the meteoric rise to fame of this CMS is for the books and there are just few companies that can match the level of influence wielded by the website building platform. We will, therefore, be focusing on five different points that describes the position attained by WordPress in the online environment today.

WordPress Is Virtually Just a Click Away

WordPress is designed and widely known for its ease of use and free service. The fact that installing WordPress is extremely quick is an endearing factor for many users.

WordPress features a five minute install that works well in allowing users to get started building their sites in record time.

It Has over 100 Developers with over 430,000 Lines of Code

Since the beginning, WordPress grew as an open source network has been a major factor of its advancement. The CMS, at the time of the writing, works with 430,000 lines of codes, while the active developers are over 100 and hail from all corners of the world.

WordPress is Older than Facebook and Gets as Many Visitors as Twitter Does

WordPress was created in 2003, which makes it older than Facebook and Twitter. Statistics show that the platform gets about 150 million unique visits per month. This is almost the same as Twitter’s 152 million.

Statistics also point out that over 400 million people view more than 22 billion WordPress pages monthly. is not the same as

Though both are representation of the platform, they differ on several accounts. is a hosted platform particularly used for blogging. People can create accounts there and start blogging right away. Currently, over 60 million people use it to share their thoughts with the world., on the other hand, is the software upon which the CMS is based. The application is free to use, but webmasters must set up a working website hosting, preferably Linux, and install it there.

WordPress is Particular about User’s Right and Privacy

It is no news that WordPress is in close partnerships with various governmental sectors, businesses, and top brands. Statistics show that as of June 2018, WordPress had denied up to 65% of requests for government-based information.

According to the platform, it generally sidesteps issues whereby the blog or site owner’s “right to freedom of expression is at stake.”

WordPress Runs About 32% of the Entire Internet

Given its reputation as the fastest growing web publishing platform, WordPress currently runs over 32% of the entire internet, along with 34% of the top 10,000 websites across the globe. Featuring buckets of plugins and themes, WordPress also dominates the e-commerce sector.

With its easy to use interface, it is a typical choice to for beginners, who want to build up and establish an online presence, while playing the field with other larger brands.