The number of companies using Instagram for marketing purposes has skyrocketed in recent times. While only a small fraction of U.S. businesses have used the service in the past, more than half will probably do so within the next five years. It is no surprise then that it is the fastest growing social networking platform. In fact, it surpassed Facebook to become the third most popular social media site in the world in terms of daily active users. It is for this reason that businesses around the world are increasingly opting to use the site as their main avenue for reaching out to potential customers.

One of the biggest reasons why companies are using Instagram for marketing purposes is because it is cost-effective and accessible. Since the popularity of the site is increasing, the number of businesses using it to promote products and services has also increased. As a result, Instagram is becoming more affordable to some extent. This is due to the fact that many of the advertisements are set up using pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns which are very affordable. There are many ways through which you can make sure that you get your ad displayed on Instagram as well as pay per click campaigns.

In addition, it is imperative that all business owners ensure that they have the proper marketing plan in place to effectively reach out to the customers. A good example of this is by setting up an official account on the site, which will help to give more visibility to your company. This in turn helps to increase brand awareness in a very cost effective manner.

You should also make good use of videos when it comes to posting your advertisements. If you have a video that is engaging and captivating, people tend to become more interested in viewing it. If you want to maximize the amount of traffic that you receive through Instagram, you should try to create short videos. These videos can be posted on YouTube or sent to your Facebook account.

Another important thing that you should remember when it comes to Instagram marketing is to make use of the profile. If you are able to do this, you are guaranteed to gain the trust of the users. As such, you will also be able to create a great relationship with the users and will gain the attention of a large majority of them. By making use of the profile, you will be able to create a more personal approach to the advertisement.

Remember, if you are able to create a more interesting and engaging product or service on Instagram, you will get better results. This means that you should focus on what makes your company unique and interesting.