How To Enable/Disable Comments with WordPress Blogging Themes from Template Monster

Many of the ready made themes by TemplateMonster offer an easy way to enable and disable the comments below your posts. The video above will show you the easiest way to disable the comments in templates made by TemplateMonster.

We advise you to use the option below if you bought a template from an other supplier than TemplateMonster. The second options will use a plugin that will disable the comments for you.

First off go to the admin panel from your wordpress website. You can find the admin panel by typing /wp-admin after your domain name. For example http://yourdomain/wp-admin


Now download the Disable Comment plugin from the WordPress store. This plugin is free to use and can be downloaded trough the wordpress plugin store or as a zip file. Next install the plugin and active the plugin. Now you will be able to decide where you allow the comments and where not.