Saturday, March 23, 2019

How To Install WordPress Plugins and Themes

WordPress is by far the most favorite website system in the world. Millions of website uses WordPress as their main system. After installing WordPress you start off with a basic wordpress...

Review of TemplateMonster

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How To Start A Profitable Blog Step By Step For Beginners 2017

Lately, I get bombarded with questions like: “How do I start a blog?” “Which platform should I use?” “What’s the best hosting company?” “How do I make money from my blog?”...

How to display full post at WordPress Blogging themes.

A blog is a great way to communicate with your visitors. Therfore a blog is an important part in your online marketing and branding of your website. A good blog has...

How to disable comments at posts and pages

First of it is important that you know where you bought your wordpress template. We recommend you to follow this tutorial if you bought the template from TemplateMonster. If not you...

How To Create A WordPress Child Theme

A child theme is ideal when you add custom CSS to your website. Most of the time when a developer updates the templates your css will be gone. To solve this issu...

How To Enable/Disable Comments with WordPress Blogging Themes from Template Monster

Many of the ready made themes by TemplateMonster offer an easy way to enable and disable the comments below your posts. The video above will show you the easiest way to disable...

How to add a Contact Form at WordPress

Contact forms are vital for all websites. It is one of the best ways to make it easy for visitors to contact you or to contact the person that you will...


Politico: Responsive Political Campaign WP Theme

Download The premier political theme on Theme Forest! Politico is ideal for political campaign sites. The slideshow is great for drawing attention to important issues...