WordPress is a popular free Content Management System (CMS) that you can now use to create an online website. It’s currently used by over 30% of all websites (source), and powers many websites as many as the New York Times, small business websites, personal blogs, or social networking sites. You don’t even have to know a lot about PHP or HTML code to get started! WordPress makes it really easy to start a site in minutes. In addition to being user-friendly, WordPress offers a number of tools and features to help you develop your site. The ability to easily add new features and customize your site is just one of the many reasons that people choose to build their own websites with WordPress.

WordPress can be used for just about any type of site, be it a blog, a business website, a social networking site, or personal site. There are many free themes for WordPress, so there’s always a theme for your needs. You don’t have to be a computer geek to create a site with WordPress. Using a basic web browser, you can create your first WordPress website in a few short minutes. Once created, you can then customize your site in numerous ways. For instance, you can create different login pages, change the homepage and add new widgets to your site. You can also add features like blogs, forums and search engines to your site.

If you’re looking to build a personal site with WordPress, you will need to select a topic or niche first. Once you’ve chosen your topic or niche, you’ll want to choose a theme. The WordPress theme is the single most important aspect of your website, so be sure you pick a good theme to go with your chosen topic. Once you’ve selected a theme, you’ll then want to install WordPress onto your website using your chosen web browser. This will enable you to start building your site and setting it up. You’ll soon find that WordPress makes it simple to create a site that looks professional and keeps visitors coming back for more.