Is there a difference between and ? Yes ! There is a large difference between these WordPress platforms. Many of the newbies to WordPress (including myself) do not know the difference between these platforms. This can cost you a lot of time and money as they are completly different. In this article we will explain the difference between these to platforms and the pros and cons assosiated with them.


What is ? is a free to use blogging platform. You can make your own website in minutes. This platform is therefore ideal when you want to build a low budget blogging website. You will have to pay however for more features like your own domainname or an advertisement free website. This can get expensive fast as charges a per month fee for premium features. Make sure that you are satisfied with the limited options as it is not possible to add WordPress templates or plugin’s as these are all build for the version. should be used when you have no technical backgroud and you just want a low budget website that is up and running in minutes.


The pros and cons of

+ Cheap

+ Easy to use

+ Free

+ No technical knowledge required

– Limited options

– No WordPress themes

– Low customization options

What is is the WordPress version most of us know from YouTube video’s and tutorials. This version gives you almost unlimited options and features. It takes a lot more technical knowledge and time to build your own website with compared to the version. can be downloaded for free, however you will need some hosting before you can start your own WordPress website. Start off by comparing some of the hosting providers out there and make sure that you understand the differences between shared hosting and other hosting options.


Make sure to have a look at our tutorial page if you need some help with WordPress.


The pros and cons of

+ A lot of customization options

+ WordPress themes

+ WordPress Plugin’s

+ WooCommerce (Shop)

+ Unlimited options

– More expensive than

– Technical knowledge is required