The more websites came up on the web, the more web design mistakes are here to discuss. And the biggest fish out of the water here is that the red cross button is pushed in a matter of 10 seconds of the first impression. Not only because of bad look, but also thanks to a poor functionality and a complicated navigation.

However, it is too late to cry over spilt milk. It’s better to start moving and updating your website for a high performance and user experience. Thus, we collected 10 website don’ts that will doom your business to failure for you to learn them by heart and to avoid them in your own web project.

#1 Using a Free Website Builder

Unfortunately, using something free and expecting professional results from it is a bad humans habit just like smoking. Free software can not give you a valuable product for your business use, and that is why it is, actually, free. When you use a free stuff for building your website, you sacrifice its speed, performance, and even more. If your budget is limited, it is better to get website builder templates that will fit your business niche and contain everything you need for a bug-free website.

#2 Defiance of the Responsive Design

Among all web design mistakes, this one is the most common. People search for something on the web when going to work, cooking dinner, drinking coffee with friends, and even when sitting in the toilet. Surely, they do not have PCs and laptops by their side. Mostly, users do the bulk of web searches from their tablets and mobile devices. And it’s a pity when your website is perfect for the user’s request but he leaves it because it doesn’t work properly. Notice, website responsiveness is not an innovation anymore, on the contrary, it is a must!

#3 Everlasting Page Load

Life is too short to wait, isn’t it? That is why no one will wait for your site’s pages to load. Honestly saying, people are impatient, especially, on the web. The web development industry is always in a massive dynamics. That is why everybody expects high speed & quality doing any movement online. Despite the fact that it is so important, slow page load still is one of web design mistakes.

#4 Lack of Information

You might have a fast & easy-to-use website with a pleasant design but if it doesn’t clarify what you do, it sucks. When the user reaches your site, he should understand what kind of business you do, what services you have, how to contact you, whatever, at a glance. If not, he will leave your website immediately. People always hurry up, so, there is no sense to waste time scrolling inappropriate website.

Human brain and colorful question mark

#5 Poor Content

High-quality content is your key not only to a good site’s ranking but also to the number of your visitors. Try to focus on your business niche as much as possible, to follow trends, and to devote enough time for creating a valuable content for your online project. If there is a deep silence under your site’s blog posts or the interaction with your website comes to zero, it is the right time to reconsider the term of a proper content and to check your web design mistakes.

#6 Neglecting Reader-friendly Fonts and Their Size

Now the whole web world is screaming because of Comic Sans MS font. People try to avoid it while making their sites just because there were too many projects with this font. However, Comic Sans is pretty much better than a variety of dross fonts on the image below. They are like sand in your eyes. They are terrible. They are disgusting. Imagine where the user sends you after looking at inappropriate fonts on your website. Therefore, make sure your website doesn’t look like the following example.


#7 Automatically Running Audio and Video Content

We think that this part is so annoying and terrifying among all web design mistakes and, so, it deserves to be mentioned in a separate paragraph of this article. If you are fond of your own business, if you want it to grow thanks to the online promotion, please, never allow music and video files run automatically! Doing this on your site, you automatically increase bounce rates and the aggression level in the world.



#8 Overwhelmed Contact Form

If your website is good, the visitor gets informed without any additional help. So, remember, if the user needs to contact you, mostly, he has an urgent case. So, he doesn’t have time to fill in the date of birth, address, hobbies and interests, and tons of other inappropriate fields. Reduce the number of fields leaving only necessary ones like name, email, phone, and message. It will save your client’s time and will make your website’s look more presentable.


#9 Posting Too Many Advertisements

Of course, if you own a website, posting there various advertisements is a good way to earn extra money. However, advertising also can distract users from your site’s content and make them close it on the fly. Thus, advertise wisely to reduce the number of web design mistakes, and your business website will get only benefits, not expenses.


#10 Brazen Popups

Popups are good to suggest something to your visitor. But they are definitely not good when appearing right after the user entered your website. It really annoys and distracts from your website and, also, increases the desire to close it right away. Make sure the number of your popups is wise and their appearance on the surface is pertinent.


As you can see, there are many web design mistakes that kill conversions. Despite the fact that so many articles come up to solve this problem, unfortunately, they still exist. However, we are optimists and so believe that our post will help you to avoid or fix these common web design mistakes as soon as you can.

Do not neglect to test your website and to analyze what is wrong and what should be added there. Stay tuned to website design updates and break a leg!