Achieving primacy and prosperity has never been an ultimate goal for an experienced leader. The main challenge has always been in keeping a pace of rapidly changing world, satisfying more and more sophisticated and picky client’s requirements and being aware and ready to meet modern tendencies and novelties in your sphere of activity. Moreover if you desire to be constantly up front and successful in what you are involved in, it means that you always need to be at least one step ahead of everybody else. This principle is applicable overall to different business spheres. And the web design industry is undoubtedly not an exception, it completely falls within the scope of the present topic.

Understanding and utilizing web design trends is critical for every professional web developer and entrepreneur. There are a lot of trends reports floating online but in the following material we want to highlight the ones that are expected by Template Monster professional analytical group to be the most useful to get in conversion for your businesses’ websites or your clients’ websites.

We are ready to overview the new born web design flows that are being seen for the very first times as well as some of the trends which are now just becoming more widespread and some are new uses for old well-known trends.

The next trend is a really long-awaited discovery which is going to be a huge breakthrough in web design sphere.


         Age Responsive Design

It has always been a controversial issue of likes and dislikes of people belonging to different generations. Since throughout year 2016 a full-responsive design was widely used based on the different devices’ screens and having already available data which is able to define user’s age based on the cookies that you get when you visit a new website for the first time. Eventually a disputable question of a website able to satisfy needs of people of different ages has been exhausted. There was developed an amazing opportunity to create a website which would be intuitive and able to understand and satisfy needs of older people, so they wouldn’t feel uncomfortable and limited any more.

It is expected that year 2017 would make everyone able to get an age responsive design website which would easily define users’ ages and would correspondingly adapt its features and style to them. We can just assume that supposedly websites would have larger font sizes and spaces in text for older users, more saturated and frankly alarming shades of colors for younger users and teens. Also simplified navigation or site maps would be available for older users. Moreover there is also expected another smart peculiarity. Older users oriented variants of websites would be geared towards filling it mostly with textual content while younger users would get video-oriented designs of websites. So now a huge web design interested audience anxiously awaiting for a complete reveal of all pleasant surprises of the Age Responsive Design.



Personalized and Smart Content

2017 web sites tend to be highly specific and oriented on targeted users which are guaranteed to be treated attentively and smartly. Users need to get the content that they want to all the time and everything is needed to be very personalized to their experience. There are special tools that can be used to make it possible and efficient. Visitors would honestly appreciate if landing page of your website would welcome them using their personal name or company name and Thank You page can also address visitors by their name. Information from previous form submissions of leads and customers can be used to fulfill it. That would create the effect of intimacy and personal sincere attention to each website user.

Responsive website

In 2017 responsive design of websites is still predicted to hold the position steadily and confidently. Although responsive design is not something new and is already being used for a few years it is not expected to melt into thin air. Moreover this approach in web design is going to gain wider implementation in coming year. For those web users who don’t feel sure about what we mean by responsive design we are ready to light up this topic briefly. Responsive web design supposes a well-known approach to building a website using CSS media queries and flexible layouts to create a single dynamic website able to adjust to any screen size, starting from a desktop computer screen to a tablet and smart phone screen.

Skeleton Screens

Everybody should definitely have sometimes had a frustrating experience of using an extremely slow website. When time seems to stand still while you are glazing over the empty screen waiting desperately until the necessary page would load properly to the end. And then one second you just feel no patience to stand it anymore so you just bounce this website and jump to another one. The new coming year promises to treat web users with so called Skeleton Screen effect. Skeleton Screen means a modern approach in web development when the web page components are loaded progressively one by one. Gradual rendering of the content by stages makes users feel that website works quicker and the wait is shorter and not so exhausting.


Video Oriented Design

It’s long been known that video content brings information to people in a very direct way and allows fulfilling instantaneous communication effect with the viewer. Although implementing video materials in web design is far not a new practice still earlier it was not so widely used and web developers preferred flat design and traditional photography in web sites. 2017th websites are predicted to be filled with animation, moving images and of course video content. While static imagery is motionless and boringly predictable, videos combine sound and movement which altogether draws a harmonious and dynamic picture and undoubtedly holds visitors’ attention for longer. And all above said means lower bounce rates and accordingly it leads to higher conversion and more customers or leads.


Haptic Feedback

Recently revealed technique of tactile feedback is a modern trend in web developing sphere which continues gaining unbelievable popularity. It was previously implemented mostly to smart phones, now it rapidly progresses in spreading out to other devices with touch screen possibilities.  This feature allows engaging web users into close interaction through a touch. As nowadays development of technologies makes them more accessible, the usage of haptic feedback becomes a trend in web site design. It confidently increases its presence on sites’ interfaces and becomes more sophisticated in its features. Soon it can become possible to add a sense of texture on the page using subtle pulses. And all this tricks are always done for users’ delight and involvement.


Engagement Robots

And finally 2017 is going to become the winning year for the small and medium size businesses which use E-Commerce websites. Most of the 2017th selling websites are predicted to be fitted with engagement robots.  Using bots is the smartest and most effective way to follow your customers’ needs and preferences not involving the employees in this process.  Big retail apparel companies are already using so called chat bots for a few years. Unfortunately such function was not so widely accessible for smaller businesses but the upcoming year promises to fix it. Those chat bots are asking visitors about their general style preferences, and then offer them to make a choice between some options of the outlook and eventually visitors can get a custom-made selection of clothing based on their answers. Such chat bots are becoming indispensable in conditions of rapidly developing market and persistent demand from customers to receive an individual approach to their needs.

So that was my list of web design trends of 2017 which I hope you enjoyed. This list was compiled based on the 2016 th web design developments and undoubtedly it can be reviewed and added. If you always want to be aware of the most faddish trends and hottest innovations in web design sphere, then don’t hesitate and visit Template Monster site  where you can find the best web templates performed by means of the latest techniques in web development world. You can always get a round-the-clock professional assistance from technical support specialists on upgrading and customizing already purchased template. Also subscribe on our constantly updated YouTube Сhannel ТemplateMonsterCo to get the most informative tutorials on website rolling and the most up-to-date web design news.