Even before the birth of the web, people still used print media which is a form of content marketing. It is the best way to tell people more about the products and services that you have. Today, internet is the main platform that every digital marketer is taking advantage of. This is coming at a time when almost every person can access the web either through their home computer or mobile phones. The demand for online information has led to the need for a website and other digital marketing strategies. Therefore, SEO becomes a mandatory need for all website owners. For the strategy to succeed, there are those types of content that work best.

Guide and Tips

According to service pro agency experts, majority of the people who visit the web are always looking for guides on various things. If your website has a blog that provides guide and tips in your niche, then you are likely to receive a high traffic. Factual and practical guides that are easy to follow are usually the most preferred. They may take time to prepare but their effects are great.

Attractive Videos

By now, most digital marketers know the secret of attractive videos in boosting the SEO of a website. Apart from attracting a high traffic flow to the website, videos are recognized by Google as superior content with a positive effect in ranking. Google would want each website to have authentic videos but ones that are relevant to the written content. It, therefore, means that one has to create majority of the videos they post using a high-quality camera.

Product Review

Before buying any product, a buyer is likely to search for the review. Such content describes the features of a product, the uses and gives a lot more information. If you have ever met a product review website, they even compare a variety of similar products with a verdict of what they think is the best. As the traffic flow to a website, Google will consequently rank it higher.


Use of podcasts is easy and effective at all times. People would rather listen to an audio file if it contains the same content than read a full blog page. It is up to the digital marketer to create a podcast that will attract people to download and listen to it. It the heavy use of mobile phones to browse, compatible podcasts can really enhance the SEO of any website within a short time.

Viral Content

You will agree with me that not everything that goes viral. But there is something unique with all content that spread online like wild fire; they are short, capturing and hilarious. Some digital marketers are experts in creating memes that contain marketing information, yet they are incredibly hilarious. Some a viral content are quickly shared online through the social media platforms and watched on video streaming platforms.

It is crucial to understand how the digital world works so that you can get what it has to offer. Use the same concept to enhance your website’s SEO through content marketing.