What is Negative SEO?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, has existed since the Web’s infancy. SEO practices have changed to keep up with shifts in search engine algorithms, with search engines and webmasters locked in a sort of arms race: Search engines want to provide the best, most relevant results to their users, while site owners want their content to rank highly and draw traffic.

SEO has become significantly more complex in the past few years thanks to the intricately designed search algorithms used by Google, the world’s largest search engine. The first major algorithm change, called Google Panda, dramatically changed the way that websites obtained high ranks in searches. Follow-up changes like Penguin and Hummingbird refined the formula.

Basically, before Google Panda, ranking well in the search results was a fairly simple process. A website owner simply needed to optimize his site for specific keywords, and then place content on multiple other websites with links back to their page. The more links pointing to a page, the higher it would rank in search engine results. This process, called backlinking, formed the backbone of SEO for many years.

Unfortunately for users, backlinking and keyword-stuffing also meant that search engine results were often clogged up with spammy, uninformative websites. Google changed its algorithms in order to improve the quality of search results, and in the process, it began to punish sites that used bad SEO practices.

Here are a few things that Google punishes:

— Over-stuffing content with keywords, causing an inflated keyword density
— Having a massive number of backlinks, particularly posted on low-quality websites
— Having content that was not original or copied verbatim from another source



On a practical level, this meant that sites with high-quality and informative content that were linked to from other high-quality sites would rise to the top of search engine results while low-quality pages with spammy backlinks would be penalized. This process however comes with an unintended consequence: It’s now possible to trigger those penalties on a competitor’s website through a process known as negative SEO.

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What Is SEO Reputation Management?

Search reputation management is the process of restoring your website rankings after you have become a victim of a negative SEO Services campaign by an over-zealous competitor. Their attack against your business is designed to lower your website ranking in search results, reduce the traffic that visits your website and ultimately cause your website to lose money.

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