Good on page S.E.O. is essential if you would like your site to rank highly. The below information might help you develop some effective on page S.E.O.: 

The META descriptions tag 

This tag gets inserted to the headline space of one’s web site, following a title tag. Meta description tags can help you rank high with the various search engines. With a well constructed Meta description tag, web surfers may click on these and get to your website. 


The META keywords tag 

META key word tags are where you’ll list your key words you wish to focus on for a particular page. The key words you use in your keyword tag ought to be related to your site’s page. The various search engines depend on many facets to determine site rankings. The utilization of good Meta keyword tags is but one factor which you need to use. Cumulative efforts might help improve your placing in the various search engines. 


The code for the META Title Tag is: 

<META NAME=”Title” CONTENT=”Page Title Here”> 


Some believe that using this tag in your pages provides you with a lift in the various search engine results pages (SERP’s). However, based on my trials, although both MSN and Yahoo indexed this tag, the outcomes are not entirely clear. And therefore, it’s not possible to conclusively verify the impact of Meta Title Tags on an algorithm. 

The Title Tag (<title></title>) however, not just displays towards the top of the browser window, but additionally appears as linked text when potential prospects review results from the search. It’s indexed by the big three engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing). To Google, the Title Tag is of average importance when it comes to SEO, but of high importance regarding obtaining the click. 

The recommendation is, therefore, to make use of this tag. Your website’s title has to garner attention, inspire curiosity, and provoke emotion to obtain its clicks. Don’t just resort to making use of your website or company’s name. 




Interlinking is links to your other pages including navigation links, breadcrumb links, individual page links and subject links. Interlinking helps the internet search engine spiders navigate your site and evaluate it in an authentic manner, based on the keywords and key phrases you utilize as anchor texts. Used 

strategically, you are able to enhance your keyword density as well as your rankings in the various search engines. 


Navigation links 

You should use your navigation links to produce the best keyword density by utilizing appropriate anchor text. In the event that you connect to your online designing services page, for instance, by utilizing: ‘Web Designing Services’ this can work nicely. 


Breadcrumb links 

Breadcrumb links are navigation links that appear towards the top of the page as your visitor first clicks in a category, a sub-category and then a hyperlink. 

All of the expressions used should contain relevant key words. Subject area links 

Content sites having info on varied subjects may use those subject names as anchor text and increase link-based S.E.O. relevance. 


Individual page links 

They are the most crucial links when it comes to interlinking simply because they directly connect to the pages. These will be your main navigation pages being linked to from your own inner pages, or some support pages that don’t require a position in the navigation’s scheme but give small snippets of info when needed.