There is no better method of driving traffic to your site than through Instagram marketing. The fact that Instagram users are constantly posting pictures means that every picture posted is potential advertising for your product. Whether you are looking to gain more followers, snag leads or successfully sell products, running an Instagram competition is without question the ideal way to accomplish all of those things when it comes to Instagram marketing bar none. However, before you run a competition, it’s important that you learn a few things about Instagram and how running an Instagram competition can actually work to benefit you and your business.

In order to maximize the power of Instagram, it’s important that you keep in mind the basic rules of internet marketing first. Of course, you already know that you should try free Instagram marketing methods like video promotion; the trick is that you should try them in tandem with paid Instagram marketing methods (i.e., photo contests.) With video promotion, you can also include the URL of your website or blog in your tags to further drive traffic to it. However, the key to gaining the most benefit out of this is to make sure that you have a compelling offer ready to give away in the form of a video.

When it comes down to it, the real power of Instagram video marketing lies within the ability to build a community around your product. By taking the time to craft high quality images that accurately represent your product, you will be able to build a large following who will in turn share the image with their friends. But the fact that you’ve built a community doesn’t mean that it’s going to automatically follow you into purchasing. That said, you still need to work hard at promoting your Instagram videos to gain the most exposure possible. One way in which to do so is to make sure that your Instagram videos are sharable. By allowing users to make snazzy thumbnails on Instagram, you are ensuring that everyone who wants to has the chance to view your video (assuming the video isn’t full-length).

The Instagram hashtavor competition is also a great Instagram marketing method that allows you to push the boat out a bit. While there is really no limit to how many images and videos you can upload on any given day, the easiest way for you to gain the most exposure for your images is to make use of the Instagram hashtag contest. All you have to do is make use of the Instagram hash tag whenever you post an image with the #instagramhashtag.

Finally, when it comes down to it, you can use Instagram video ads to promote your site. Whether or not you are selling something tangible (i.e., a product) or you are providing some sort of information, Instagram marketing can be quite effective when used appropriately. All you have to do is create an account, upload some images, and then start posting.

So in essence, by making use of these four different techniques, you can ensure that you get the most out of your Instagram videos. As long as you keep these four techniques in mind, you will be able to generate engagement and traffic to your Instagram content. Just remember that the most important thing is to have great tasting photographs and content, and have fun doing so. If you follow this advice, you will be able to generate engagement in a way that only social network can.