It’s no secret: Social media has become a huge success and a necessity for businesses to survive. At first glance, it might seem like a bunch of teenagers having fun posting pictures and videos. But those aren’t the only uses for social media. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have become powerful tools for businesses to advertise themselves and their products. Many businesses view these sites as a convenient way to interact with their customers. They want to get the word out about their products and services without having to spend hours on an expensive media buying campaign.

Unfortunately, many small businesses fail because they think content marketing isn’t powerful enough. They fail to see how powerful these sites are for advertising. The problem with this thinking is that most people use Facebook primarily for social interaction, which requires businesses to place online ads on their wall. If small businesses use social marketing strategies but fail to place ads on their walls, then they have no presence!

So, what should small businesses do to be seen? Using Facebook is important, but so is placing ads on other sites. The reason why ads are so important is because it allows small businesses to advertise at a much lower cost than if they used content marketing alone. If a business can’t afford to buy ads on other sites like Facebook, then they need to start looking to other ways to generate revenue.

The problem with Content Marketing is that it takes a long time to build up an audience, meaning it can take a lot of money and effort before a business is actually seen. On the flip side, business marketing on Facebook instantly generates an audience because it allows businesses to target their audience quickly. Small businesses need to have an audience ready to go, ready to make a purchase immediately. This is where Facebook’s instant audience comes in. Once a business has an audience, then they can start marketing to it.

The final key takeaway from this short lesson on Facebook is to create Facebook pages. When people begin to notice your page, it gives them a taste of what they can expect to get from you. This also gives them the chance to show their friends what they have to offer. Having a page makes customers feel comfortable offering their contact information. It also puts their mind at ease when they come to make a purchase. For most businesses, creating a page is a great first step in engaging customers in your business.


Businesses need to think carefully about how they are using Social Media Marketing, or any method of advertising, to promote their business. If they choose the wrong approach, then they might miss out on a large chunk of potential customers. There are many forms of advertising and marketing that small businesses can use, but none are quite as effective as Social Media Marketing. Businesses that don’t take advantage of these tools might lose out on an entire section of potential customers. This is why taking the time to learn how to effectively market on Facebook can be one of the best moves any business can make.