Best Resources for WP Developers

WordPress is an amazing thing. It’s one of the leading content management system or CMS and using it you can create awesome templates for any kind of internet activity. In the very beginning, it was developed rather for blogging but now, with unlimited customizing decisions you can do a real magic with the help of WP.  Online-shop, gallery, blog – anything you want. This CMS has a huge creative potential, what can actually get a bit complicated in case you have superficial knowledge in this field. With scalability and customization comes complexity and you will probably need a good professional to help you out here.

So if you want to learn something new about WordPress but sick from the tasteless theory and want to see a real thing, or if you are experienced developer/designer seeking for some inspiration this list is for you. Top best resources for WP developers carefully picked for your pleasure and self-development.


WP Codex

it’s the very foundation of everything connected with this CMS, if you want – bible of WordPress. All the essentials – here. From a basic steps to pretty serious stuff. This resource will help you to clear some questions in case you have some and you know, it’s always good to go back to the roots. Following detailed instructions, you can turn from a newbie into real master of WP.

WordPress TV

Ok, theory is important and obligatory but watching somebody giving a presentation on important for you topic can be even more productive. WordPress TV offers huge variety of videos on every subject related to WP or development in general. It’s packed with video tutorials from experienced WordPress users, covering practically every subject you want to know more about. Learning can’t be boring with the resource like this one. Plus navigation is very intuitive so prepare to have some fun during following lessons of WordPress TV.


WPKube is more than you think about it at first. It’s an amazing WP resource page, where you can find all the necessary knowledge on the topic. WordPress related questions, cool tools, plugins, tutorials, and more. This site will be useful for intermediate level developers, in search for curated information on plugins and templates.




One of the leading companies at the template market. If you are looking for something different from usual themes, look no further. It’s a great example how templates should be done. On the website of TM you will find not only professional WordPress Themes and a great Service Center. It may be interesting for you if you are struggling with your WP theme bugs and could need a hand. Within 24 h your website will become a real thing. There is definitely something to learn here.



Very detailed guide for every WordPress beginner. Using this resource will help to find answers on questions which can appear in the very beginning. Wpbeginner can be successfully used not only by newbies, experienced developers may find here fresh and easy decisions for their work as well. This website is intended to provide the visitors with quality tips, clever tricks, hacks and other useful WordPress resources that enable WordPress beginners to upgrade their web pages.

Post Status

Never miss important WordPress news again. As you’ve already guessed, Post Status is dedicated WordPress news site. Where you can find literally everything. Podcasts, interviews, guides, releases, tutorials, and manuals. That all and even more, time to time you can check the open job positions in the world of WP development. A brand new world is waiting for you to discover.

Another WP news site. If you are eager to become a member of WordPress community this page is a real musthave. Weekly newsletters are all about news, releases, tutorials, and etc. Only fresh and important stuff.



Now some treats for designers. Speckyboy is an online designer magazine, amazing graphic blog and just useful resource for everyone interested in WP. Join 35,000+ subscriber creative community newsletter and discover the latest web design, UX and freelance designer resources, tips and deals by yourself. Sounds like lots of fun.

Advanced WordPress

If you can confident call yourself a professional, this resource would be a real paradise for you. Join the community of advanced WP developers to meet, share experience and knowledge about WP and related topics. Morover, a huge database with all the answers made by members of the community might be very helpful. Teach, learn, share, ask. Feel like home.

Matt Report

If you are into WP, you probably have heard of this man and his amazing podcasts and interviews with famous developers and designers. This resource will be especially interesting for those who want to have a business based on WordPress. Tips, tricks, articles on WP related topics and a lot of inspiration from person, who really loves his work. Matt Report can change your attitude to developing and WP, there is much more to know as you expected.


One of the most fascinating and complicated parts of the whole WordPress thing is coding. And some extra knowledge will never do any harm. Codeacademy is a perfect place to start or nail your skills. It offers free coding classes in languages such as PHP and JavaScript. Join over 25 million learners from around the globe and profit from that very soon. If you suddenly will need some motivation, there you can find many stories about people, who went from not knowing a thing about the code to creating their own stunning websites. You can easily become one of them.


WP Mayor

WP Mayor is a good mix of content for beginners and experienced developers. This resource is mostly about WordPress plugin, theme and service reviews, but you’ll also see there bunch of different how-tos, tips, hucks, news and opinion pieces from time to time. Young professional team of WP Mayor will be your loyal help on your way to WP success.