I adore searching the Internet and I usually notice that people have so many questions about websites. What’s wrong with my website’s name? How to boost my site’s ranking? How to earn money with my site? This list is really everlasting.

Probably, they still can’t find valuable content that could solve their site’s issues. We want to help readers all over the world improve their websites by exploring target ebooks. Of course, you can disregard the power of these electronic goods, but does it make sense, if your site’s problems are still unsolved?

We prepared for you 6 absolutely free ebooks that will bring you desired peace of mind and will help you to set your site as a top one.

Finding the Perfect Website Name [Free eBook]

This ebook will show you the website name’s importance in human words. See common mistakes that people ignore and learn how to avoid them professionally. There is a thing that I absolutely adore about this guide – examples are cool and simple. That makes it easy to read and understand. Stop puzzling over and create a catchy name for your future site with this guide.

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A Guide to On-Page SEO [Free ebook]


If you’re dreaming about a top place in Google search, this guide is your goal. Learn everything about SEO-friendly URLS in simple words. Discover how to get more traffic to your website with well-done keywords, titles, images, and UI elements. Curious? Download this guide right now.

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How to Earn $1000/Month with Your Niche Blog? [Free eBook]

Hurry up to get this ebook, if you still do not know how to make good money with your blog! Learn how to choose perfect hosting, look, and plugins for your future blog. This ebook is about your content promotion and traffic monetization. Add a good income to your hobby with this tutorial!


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Everything You Need to Know About Long Tail Keywords


Still can’t find the way to make keywords work for you? There is no need to cry someone a river anymore! Grab this ebook and discover the power of well-integrated keywords. This guide will help you to make your online business successful without driving you nuts!


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Getting Started with Google Analytics: Free Ebook


Google Analytics is a powerful tool that helps you monitor your site’s activity in details. This tool allows you to understand your visitors, their tastes about your content, and, of course, it helps to convert your potential customers into real ones. Sounds cool, but how to use Google Analytics for goodness? Download this tutorial to discover!


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How to Attract the First 1000 Visitors to My New Website: Free Ebook


All that you need to start your website’s promotion is traffic. This guide will show you how to gain it correctly and how to make potential visitors click on your site’s link. No stupid longreads, only real marketer’s experience showcase. Download this ebook and prepare for the popularity stream!


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As you noticed, it’s pretty easy to solve any website issue. All you need is a right and professional tutorial. Build top websites and never drop improving them with cool free ebooks tips! Become a real ebook nut with our collection:)