Modern day media highly relies on the Internet. Even most prominent TV channels and magazines interact with social media and blog about various information. It is important because for many users the Internet is much easier to use and allow them to search for specific information they want to know. This are great news for those who dream about work in the information sphere or wish to gather a community of like-minded people. Nowadays, you can develop a blog, podcast or personal website with a gallery.

One of the most popular online media types is a podcast. It allows you to broadcast interviews, explain issues and inform users about the latest news. Of course, there are many platforms suitable for streaming like Twitch or YouTube, yet if you want to be free from someone else’s rules you need a website. It is important because:

  • Every platform has rules and they can limit your opportunities to express thoughts or limit e-commerce activities
  • Website provide you with various additional features
  • Your community will have a place devoted only to your content

Moreover, the website allows you to create a multifunctional media portal with a gallery, videos, blog, portfolio, and many other useful features. Yet, you need a professionally developed website with valid code. And we can help you find the perfect website template for your podcast. Previously we already posted a list of Top 9 themes for podcasters and now we present your new products in Top 5 Podcast WordPress Themes. Why WordPress Themes? Because it is a free and open-source content management system and it provides both developers and users with many tools for creating a perfect website and maintain it.


Game Portal WordPress Theme

Gaming is one of the biggest elementor themes on podcasts. And if you love games and have knowledge in gamdev or invite cyber athletes then your podcast will be successful. Keep in mind that gamers like to listen about game industry no less than play games. And Game Portal is a perfect tool to create your own game media. It has:

  • blog
  • social options
  • specially developed design
  • intuitive navigation and many more.

See the template



BitNews – Blog Magazine & News Portal WordPress Theme

Even the biggest media go online nowadays. And you can challenge their influence with your own news website. Just download BitNews WordPress Theme and create a fully responsive and multifunctional news portal. It is:

  • Fast
  • Developed with clean code
  • And highly attractive

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Cartoons Blog WordPress Theme

Cartoons are a type of art that has numerous audience. And if you are into cartoons and have a desire for discussion or wish to share your thoughts then Cartoons Bob WordPress Theme is definitely what you need.

  • You can create a website for a community of people interested in cartoons
  • You can blog or launch a stream
  • Designers made it highly attractive
  • And many media features can help you to advertise your podcast

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If you have an art podcast than it will be a good idea to have your own website. It is especially important for podcasts devoted to illustration arts. And Salvatoro contains so many useful features it will be even more than enough.

  • An attractive and well-structured website for illustration arts
  • Blog with various layouts and formats
  • Clean, yet eye-catchy design
  • Simple installation
  • Simple editing

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It is a bright WordPress theme with professionally made designed full of features and customization options. Developed for media websites 33 Chanel has all you need:

  • You can simply drag and drop elements
  • Advanced Admin Panel
  • Blog
  • Social options
  • Valid code

You can check the product page for more details.

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To Sum Up

Made by a team of professionals these WordPress themes have design and structure suitable specially for media websites. It is easy to install and maintain. And when it comes to design you can edit and decorate it as you wish. It has a full pack of social features to and you can be sure it works without issues due to clean coding. These themes are top-notch products and we guarantee that you will be glad you have a website made with Podcast WordPress theme. Moreover, if you have some questions contact us via customer service or let us know what you think comments below. We will be happy to help you find a perfect solution together.