Design trends are not all bad. If used properly, these trends can inspire and guide your own work. Great designers don’t ignore design trends; they study them and implement them to their projects. Trends aren’t meant to be copied – they should be used as inspiration and push designers outside of their comfort zones. Read on for tips on how to incorporate design trends into your work. Here are three common mistakes to avoid when incorporating design trends:

– The use of retro aesthetics. This trend has made a comeback in the world of music. Artists such as Lorde and St. Vincent played around with psychedelic motifs on their albums, while A24’s Zola poster featured a retro typeface called Motter Ombra. Food brands have also jumped on board. Baskin Robbins Korea adopted the retro look with its trippy swirls. Burger King reverted to their classic logo and focused on sustainability.

Use of rainbow-inspired colors. Designers are breaking the traditional rule of using two colors in a design project. They are also going beyond the two-color rule by using as many colors as possible. Some designers are embracing three-dimensional design projects. These projects may look like still-life representations of real objects or staged elements. If you’re using psychedelic-style icons, they will be easy to spot on social media and convey your brand’s message.

Using a socially conscious design approach is another way to create connections. By combining graphic elements and images with genuine content, users are more likely to be receptive to a message. Socially conscious design can help reduce anxiety and promote a sense of peace. People who have to work for long hours in front of a screen may benefit from color therapy. Stay away from the usual grays and browns. Instead, try out an understated orange or teal scheme for a brighter atmosphere.

Three-dimensional designs are still an ongoing trend, and many designers are experimenting with new ways to incorporate them into their projects. They can be combined with 2D elements or paper-cutouts. This trend is applicable to all types of design and can help create an entirely new look for your brand. This trend is especially popular in the field of app design. If you’re trying to create an app, consider adding 3D elements to it. You’ll love the versatility of this new design trend.

Another digital trend is using real-life communications to capture audience sentiment. While the easiest way to experiment with this trend is to manipulate real-life images. Try using the Facetune2 app to blend out parts of an image. Other apps like Over will let you add new layers of text. And the Unfold and Storyluxe apps will give you a paper-like feel. They’re the best tools for creating wavy text. A socially conscious design trend is one of the most popular in the digital age.

Some of the most popular graphic design trends of the moment are vintage-inspired styles and techniques. While some of them are simply fads, others are significant reveals of ideas and styles of the moment. They can be a fascinating read. For example, the use of liquid metal chrometypes and chiseled fonts was a rebel against minimalism, and it was intended to inject personality into flat 2D illustrations. Yet, some critics criticized these trends as lack of creativity.

Another trend in graphic design this year is a shift in colour schemes. From monochromatic to bold, saturated colours – more people are gravitating toward the six or seven-colour palette. This allows for blending and gradients. This was evident in the BEHAVE Candy website, designed by Brooklyn studio Gander. A contrasting palette of pastel and fluorescent colours is a bold, vibrant choice. These trends will continue throughout 2019, so make sure to stay up to date.

Contrasting with monochromatic color schemes is the anti-design trend. This style is meant to counter utilitarian design. Instead, it aims for brutalism-inspired design and discards traditional design principles. The anti-design movement is all about rebellion and making a bold statement. If you’re in the market for an anti-design look, this trend is probably right for you. Take a look at what the experts have to say and decide for yourself which style will best suit your home and your needs.