25 website features that will generate online leads

25 website features that will generate online leads

If you work in marketing or run a business, you will no doubt have tried for some time to build an effective website and overall marketing strategy that generates online leads. You will have tried different methods regarding content, or website features to try and increase your leads but if you would like to learn which 25 features will do this for you, then take a look at this infographic.

Displaying the 25 features every online business must have in 2017, the infographic from James at ukwebhostreview.com can be used to improve the content and layout of your website to increase the rate of conversions that your website generates. It has been developed through researching the effectiveness of many different websites and the positioning of content. So the great thing is, you don’t have to spend any more time trialing new methods as you can utilise these pointers to guarantee better outcomes.

It goes without saying that your website needs to have easy navigation but do you know exactly where the best place to display the navigation options is? Is your logo positioned in the right place to advertise your brand without taking up too much room on your web page? What content should be displayed before the fold and what can go after the fold? If you are uncertain on any of these crucial features, then fortunately you can use the infographic as a template to define your website content and positioning.

Digital marketers who have followed this template to the letter have seen high rates of success, so you can take advantage of this great opportunity to ensure that your website is built for maximum effect. By applying these features to your website, you will be well on the way to digital success.

25 website features that will generate online leads


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