Who doesn’t like a good bit of fun? We all need to take breaks from work and just have a little rest. Be it movies, nightclubs or amusements parks, everyone loves to have a good time. And if you’re a businessman making money off people having fun, we have just the right thing for you! And that “thing” is a bunch of website templates. You know, if you start running a website, your business will get more attention and customers. So, today we present to you 20 Premium WordPress Themes suited for all sorts of entertainment websites. All of those templates have been provided by by TemplateMonster. Don’t know who they are? Well, they are a crew of geeks selling website templates. But that is far from all of the things they do. They also make tons of useful tutorials (which we recommend you check out if you’re a rookie programmer) and have an awesome affiliate program. That program is an awesome way of getting that extra cash off your website. And if you know nothing about coding or simply don’t have the time or willpower to work on your website, you can always rely on the a Service center. Just tell those guys what is needed to be done and your very own website will be built and ready to go online in no time.

All the templates featured in today’s list are powered by WordPress. Don’t know what that is either? We’ll help you out! WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems out there. Nearly every fourth website on the Internet is powered by it. Why is it so popular? Simple: it is free and open-source. Absolutely anyone with a working computer can download this software and start working with it. And customizing / improving it to their own taste. This has proven to be a great strategy as the system has evolved greatly over the years. Not only its functionality has grown, but it also has become even easier to use. Also, thousands of custom plug-ins have been built for it and are available for you to download and use.

Buying a premium template might seem a little costly, considering you can get a free one or build one from scratch. But free ones simply lack the quality and are probably full of bugs that need lots of time to be fixed. And building one from scratch is a very, very time-consuming process. So, a premium website template would save you a lot of time and will look great no matter the coding skill you possess. You will also get 24/7 support from a team of professionals always willing to help you with any problems you might encounter while working on your project.

So yeah, feel free to look through the templates in the list below! We really hope you will find something fitting for a website of your own! And be sure to download the free eBook available at the end of this article and leave any feedback you have in the comment section. Bye!

Eplannr WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme for Event Planner

This theme for event planner has a festive design. It is retina ready and will perform and look awesome even on displays with high pixel density. The feature will help you keep the site up to date for years to come. The theme is equipped with MegaMenu. It is a powerful tool for creating a better look and professional navigation easily without technical knowledge. It allows to organize your categories, subcategories easily with different content showing-off.

Amusement Park Responsive WordPress Theme

Responsive WordPress Theme for Amusement Park

The template has a very cheerful design. It is 100% responsive. The theme is fully editable. You can make adjustments to the slideshow, sidebar position, typography and other design elements. Custom post types and post formats allow you lay out your content the way you like. The theme is multilingual ready, so your website will be accessible internationally.


Holiday Events Planner WordPress Theme

The theme is designed in purple colors, which creates a holiday mood on the web page. It is equipped with drag-and-drop Page Builder. The feature enables you build pages easily without messing with code. The theme also offers more than 25+ modules and library of presets. With such an advanced set of configuration options you can easily customize the design of your theme.

Online Movies WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme for Online Movies Site

The theme is designed specifically for showcasing videos online. It is equipped with lazy load effect, so your visitors will be amazed with your site’s lightning speed. The theme can be installed in 2 steps only. Multiple color options allow you to change the color scheme of the theme in a few clicks. Filterable portfolio will help your site visitors find the video they want to watch quickly and easily.


WordPress Theme for Online Cinema

Today it’s impossible to miss a film or video you would like to watch as it’s probably available on the Internet. If you want to launch such kind of business, this theme will turn out to be helpful. Creating an online cinema with its help, you’ll be able to convince people that it offers motion pictures of the top quality. This feel will stir their desire to watch films on your resource while its convenient layout will inspire them to return there every now and again. Use this theme to convince movie fans that they’ll be able to find anything on your site to spend a free evening with pleasure.


Memorable Events Planner WordPress Theme

Event Service Company WordPress Theme

This theme is packed with everything an event planning website might need. It includes an informative “About Us” section with easily accessible contact data, galleries and user testimonials. It is fully responsive and SEO optimized. It is also WPML ready and crossbrowser compatible. You will get a buch of custom page templates and a set of Google Web Fonts to play around with, too.


Night Club WordPress Theme

WP Template for a Night Club

This theme both looks great and has good functionality. It’s design is up-to-date with the latest trends. You will find a full screen slider in the header section. The theme also features parallax effect, and viewers love that stuff. Thanks to Cherry Framework and Bootstrap the template is easily customizable, so you are absolutely free to adjust the theme to fit your dream website idea quickly.

Event Planner WordPress Theme

Festive Event Planner WordPress Theme

This baby is some serious eye candy. You can be sure this beauty will make your customers think you’re the right guy for the job. The design is very bright and the content is spaced out just perfectly for comfortable browsing. The template features a slider which showcases all the upcoming events in a rather space-conserving manner. It also features pack of custom widgets, Google Web Fonts and is SEO optimized. Things like Bootstrap and Cherry Framework make sure this theme is comfortable to work with.

Movie Responsive WordPress Theme


Online Movie Theater Responsive WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

This theme is fully responsive and is just great for movie website. It is fully customizable and has a bunch of custom post types. The bundle also includes a bunch of custom widgets and cool sliders. The theme also features Google Web Fonts support and SEO optimization.

Circus Tent WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme for a Circus

This template fits its purpose perfectly. The design is colorful and eye-catching and is also integreted with video, which will let you intrigue your visitors with teasers of your best performers. The footer and header feature a rhombic pattern while the main body of the front page is built with full-width images and clean blocks. There is also an awesome countdown you can set to show how much time is left until your next show. When it comes to customizing, the theme shines as well, thanks to the MotoPress Editor.


Theater Responsive WordPress Theme


Fancy Theater Responsive WordPress Theme

This template is designed for a Theater blog website. The design is attractive and will look great in combination with pictures of your own plays. It is fully responsive and features Bootstrap and Cherry Framework. It also has a few custom page templates and grants you access to the Google Web Fonts library for your own use. This template is SEO friendly and WPML ready.

Cartoons Blog WordPress Theme

Cartoons WordPress Theme

Your younger audience will surely love the design of this template. It uses tile-based content structure to organize your content all on one page without overloading it with text. The theme is powered by Cherry Framework 4.0, is fully responsive and can boast lots of utility features available to anyone, regardless of how good they are at coding. Things like social sharing options, Google maps, contact details, commenting system, sortable gallery, tooltips, tag cloud along with other options are also integrated into the template.

Movie Responsive WordPress Theme

Online Movies Responsive WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

If you host a movie website, this is the theme just for you. It has sleek design and all the features you would ever need. Full customization is simple thanks to much loved Bootstrap and Cherry Framework features. The template is fully responsive, SEO friendly as well as WMPL and Ecwid ready. The bundle also includes a set of custom widgets, page templates and over 600 Google Web Fonts.

Online Casino Responsive WordPress Theme

Responsive WordPress Theme for an Online Casino

This fully responsive template is a great choice if you run an online casino. It has a good-looking design and decent functionality. The bundle includes lots of shortcodes, custom widgets and font types. The template is SEO optimized and WPML ready. It also features a built-in theme customizer and countless color options.

Night Club Euphoria WordPress Theme

Popular Night Club WordPress Theme

This theme’s design is very impressive and the functionality does not fall behind. It is built using Cherry Framework so you can be sure working with it is a real pleasure. It is fully responsive, so all your visitors will be just fine using any device. It also features lots of things like audio/video options, 4 gallery scripts, custom post types, social media integration etc. The template is packed with detailed instructions, so you won’t get confused or overwhelmed with code if you’re just a novice.


Musicians Club WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

If you’re in a band and would like to show it off on the Internet, this is the template just for you. It includes a bunch of custom widgets like pricing tables, animated counters and image slider, which will surely help your website look much more fresh. Power page builder is included which will make customization as simple as ever. The template also features the live search option and some really cool Projects functionality. Background video options, calendar, Google maps and easy-to-use web forms come in this bundle as well.

Art Gallery Responsive WordPress Theme

Responsive WordPress Theme for an Art Gallery

This explosive template is designed just perfectly to showcase your works of art. It is fully responsive and retina ready, so all those beautiful pictures of yours will look great on any screen size. It also features the Parallax effect, which will make your website more engaging for viewers. The template is built using Cherry Framework and features the MotoPress editor plug-in, so customization is really easy with this one. And like most modern themes, it is SEO optimized and WPML ready.

Dance Studio WordPress Theme

This fully responsive template is a great ready-made solution for starting up a website of your dance studio. It includes multiple blog layouts and some neat typography along with support of the Power page builder. There are Timetable plug-in options and an appointment manager for all your customer’s needs. The theme’s code is clean and easily understandable and is SEO optimized. Multiple pre-built layouts and custom widgets are included in the package, too.


Theater Responsive WordPress Theme

Responsive WordPress Theme for a Theater

This theme’s look will surely be a pleasant sight to your visitors. It is fully responsive, crossbrowser compatible, SEO optimized and WPML ready. It also features 80+ shortcodes, a few custom page templates and access to the Google Font library. The installation and customization of the template is quick and simple. Stock photos are also included in this bundle.


NightLife WordPress Theme

Night Club WordPress Theme

The design of this beast looks exactly what a design of a night club website template should look like. The color scheme is mainly dark blue, which is exactly what it is like in your club at 3AM. The template features really trendy design elements like ghost buttons, bold fonts and full width images. Of course, it is fully responsive, SEO optimized and WPML ready. It also features animation effects like Parallax and Lazy Load.


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